school photo

Students at the Gangraho village school in rural Bihar.

Literacy rates are lower in Bihar than in any other state in India, according to 2011 Indian Census data. Experts draw a connection between level of schooling and high fertility.

“Look at what education does to people’s lives,” says Subha Sri, a doctor in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. “When you’re literate,” she says, “you are automatically exposed to a lot more information.” She continues: “And I think that plays a role in actually deciding how many children you want, at what age you want them.”

Image and caption by Sarah Weiser, via Instagram. India, 2014.

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anonymous asked:

"you start seeing them in a whole new light :’D" You mean the light of complete and utter nerds? c:


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-constantly fell off his horse
-sulked off like a child when he wasn’t invited to meetings and had to be dragged back by Loghain
-this freaking excerpt from the Calling:

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