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- Look, Charles! - I yelled, chasing the little cat who was under a car. He followed me. - He’s so beautiful! - I tol my boyfriend, taking the animal between my arms.

- Honey, let him go. We don’t know where he came from, or if he has any disease, or…

- We have to keep him.

- What?

- Look at him! He’s just a little kitten alone on these cold streets. We have to take him to the school and take care of him.

- Darling, we don’t know if he has an owner…

- He doesn’t have a collar, and he’s so skinny. I think he is from the street. Please, Charles. I’ll take care of him. I promise you.

My boyfriend sighed. - Okay, we’ll keep him.

- Yes! He can be the school’s pet.

- You don’t want that, I can bet. I remind you we have Peter Maximoff over there.


Next proyect! Cute Hogwarts pet House in process (Sorry for the bad quality)

I hope do you like it! 🐼🐍

Currently volunteering a 3hr shift to the Pet Loss Support Hotline at MSU CVM. I am a firm believer that our ‘pets’ are a part of our family and if you are grieving, struggling to cope with their loss, then there should be someone there to help you. Tonight, that might be me!

If you or anyone you know is struggling with the loss of a pet and feels like they need someone to talk to, there are options!

  • The Listening Ear 24-hour Crisis Hotline: (517) 337-1717
  • The Iams Pet Loss Support Resource Center: (888) 332 7738 [M-F 8-5]
  • WSU Hotline: (886) 266-8635 
  • Until April 20th, 2017 MSU Pet Loss Support Hotline: (517) 432-2696
    6:30 pm - 9:30 pm EST [T,W,Th]


Hello. I decided that I want to create a challenge for all the future polyglots here on tumblr. So choose a language and get read for it :)

1. Watch a youtube video in your language of choice
2. Read a book in your language of choice
3. Write a message to someone in your l.o.c
4. Make a list of 30 new words in l.o.c and learn the words.
5. Try to describe any image with your l.o.c
6. Watch a movie w/subtitles in your language of choice
7. Watch a movie in which your language of choice is used
8. Find a penpal from the country where your l.o.c is spoken and try not to use any other language.
9. Describe words - family, relationship, school, pet & dinner with your l.o.c
10. Write an essay (200w) in your l.o.c on the topic - Learning languages.

Feel free to tag people and make a post where you tag me so I can see your improvement :)

~ lena

shoutout to everyone going through a rough time right now
if it’s to do with school, family, academics, friends, pets, people, the world or even yourself, it’s okay. it will be okay. 
you will be okay.
remember this is only temporary. you will come through. you can do this. 
i believe in you. 

I’m in my first year of vet science and this question is something that I will always remember. When the lecturer asked this question, I started to compare the amount of small and large breed dogs to get an average life span. My classmates threw out answers from 8 to 14. 

The answer had less to do with the potential lifespan of a dog, or the diseases that could prevent them from reaching their senior years. It has almost nothing to do with dogs at all. 

The answer is 3. That is the average age that dogs (in Australia) live. This means for every 17, 18, 19, 20 year old dog that we see, there are many more who do not even make it to their first birthday. 

People are the reason for this. People who get a puppy but do not know how to care for it. People who think they want a dog but hate that they dig, bark and chew. People who don’t know how to handle dogs. Or chose a breed unsuitable to their lifestyle. Or are just selfish. These dogs get euthanised when they are still young.

During my first dog dissection prac, I looked around the lab and noticed that every dog was a large breed, the kind that you see for sale on facebook, and none of them looked any older than 2 years old. Those dogs had all been surrendered and euthanised at the pound. And there are many, many more who are dumped every day. 

Having worked with surrendered dogs (fostering them and doing behavioural work) I know that most dogs are not surrendered because they are aggressive but because they display undesirable behaviours. By that I mean, they act like a normal dog. If the owner had taken them to puppy pre-school and continued to work with them, the problem could have been fixed (the problem being the humans who did not bother to learn anything about their role as a puppy owner).

If the owners had done their research and realised that they were not in a position to take on that particular dog at that particular time, the problem could have been avoided. If you are considering getting a dog, please stop and think about it first. Do you have the time, knowledge and money to take them on right now? 

I know that puppies are cute, but please remember that dogs deserve to be cared and loved for a lifetime - and that their lifetime should be far more than 3 years.

Zodiac Signs as High School Clichés

Aries: Detention kid always getting into trouble

Taurus: Random kid who’s friends with everybody

Gemini: Social butterfly

Cancer: Teacher’s pet

Leo: Drama Club president everyone likes

Virgo: Shy kid with good grades

Libra: Flirt who’s always in a relationship

Scorpio: Weird loner who nobody likes

Sagittarius: Popular jock

Capricorn: Quiet nerd no one talks to

Aquarius: Hipster

Pisces: Anime Club member

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Did you have any pets when you were in vet school? Would you recommend a vet student have an animal?

I had the family pets back home, but I didn’t acquire a pet in vet school. I mean, sort of.

Vet school makes you very time poor. It’s hard to find time for any social activities, and keeping a pet on top of that can be a significant time commitment. Between traveling back home each weekend it wasn’t something I had time for, and they weren’t allowed in the on-campus accommodation anyway.

Some students that rented a house together ended up with a cat, but these cats were acquired ‘accidentally’ from people who didn’t want them, and vet students had a hard time saying no.

I wouldn’t go out of your way to look for a pet in vet school. If it’s going to happen, the pet will find you.

Vet clinics have a semi-steady supply of animals that for whatever reason need a home, if only they could find one. A vet student with no current pets is a prime candidate, and it’s not uncommon to see vet students adopt the abandoned whatever to get it the treatment it needs. Also things like the goldfish used to teach ornamental aquarium management need homes after the practical classes, so someone inevitably ends up with more goldfish than they ever planned for because if vet students have a weakness, it’s animals.

One year on an internal medicine rotation I accidentally ended up with a stray kitten, because the medicine nurse told us it would be put to sleep if we couldn’t find a home for it. So I took it to find it a home, even though I was living on campus and not allowed any pets.

I only had him there for a fortnight, but he was our Big SecretTM and the warden’s weren’t to know about him until I could smuggle him back home to find a real owner for him. My friends and I named him Evidence.

As in “The warden’s are coming. Quick! Hide the Evidence!”

these days my interests have been changing. don’t get me wrong i still love my original fandoms and plan to continue following my favorite blogs/mutuals associated with them but that being said…


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Hi! I saw you did sone recommendations and im still new to shoujo and you seem like the perfect person to come to! I realllyyyyy love kamisama kiss, maid sama, yona of the dawn, snow white with read hair and kamigami no asobi, do you have any recommendations along these lines, or anything different that its just generally good?? thanks love x


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Kimi Ni Todoke

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Your Lie in April

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Golden Time

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Wolf Girl Black Prince

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Ouran High School Host Club

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Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

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The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

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Lovely Complex

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Here’s a few that I think you’ll really like! Let me know which one you decide to watch and if you like it! Also if you want a summary of each one you can always go on MAL and read the descriptions! Enjoy love ❤️❤️❤️

*Edit - I didn’t mention Kamisama Kiss, Maid Sama, Yona of the Dawn or Snow White with the Red Hair because the anon said they already watched them but those are allllll amazing anime as well!!