school on a hill in the middle of nowhere

Pooped her leggings on the way down the hill

I was out with friends in the hills above the village, we all lived not too far away from each other and we’d go out regularly after school for hours at a time. No one had ever had an accident cause we were always so close to our houses that we could always go home to use the toilet.. until today. We decided to go up the back, up the hills basically taking us to the middle of nowhere. We took snacks with us for when we got to the top of the hill, and we sat at the top and had them before we went back down. I walked at the back (being the only guy there, I kept everyone in check), enjoying all the jiggling asses and the thighs of the four girls in front. It was then, when we were walking back down the hill that Erica began to slow down. She was just in front of me at the time and I was going to just walk round her, but I realised something was up. I slowed down to stay behind her, and she started to bend over slightly, and had her hands round her stomach. It wasn’t long before I could smell her farts, couldn’t hear them, but I could definitely smell them. They were soon followed by a large wet sounding crackle, as Erica crouched down suddenly, and a massive bulge appeared in her leggings, as they darkened in the crotch as she wet her panties with the shock and relief of letting out such a massive load in her leggings. But she didn’t cry with embarrassment, or cover her face… nothing like that. She pulled down her leggings in front of me, emptied the hot load that she’d let go in her pants, and continued her shit right there on the path, still peeing, and not even caring that it was still going straight into her panties. Once she was done, she pulled up her once white panties, and her black leggings, and continued walking as if nothing had even happened… maybe she forgot I was ever even behind her 😏


shelter from the storm
pairing: allison/stiles

When a storm hits Beacon Hills, Allison gets caught in the middle. With nowhere nearby to turn, she walks to nearby Beacon Hills High School, where she encounters Stiles, working late to wait out the storm so he won’t risk crashing his jeep. They talk for hours while Allison dries off and Stiles absolutely fails to get any more work done, and at the end of the night, they feel something starting between them. Stiles worries that Allison will never want to see him again, but she shows up at the school to ask him on a date. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Royalty | An Isaac Lahey Imagine

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Y/n P.O.V

“Mother can I not possibly go sightseeing?” You asked desperately, as you followed your Mother around the exquisite hotel suite.

She then turned to you with a stern look. “You cannot Y/n. We will be leaving soon as you need to get ready for your dinner with Prince Hans of Norway.”

Furrowing your eyebrows, you replied “That doesn’t mean that I cannot go around for a bit Mother. I do not understand.” With that your Mother sighed before pulling you into a hug.

“My dear, It’s not safe.”

“I can always bring Bernard and Levi.” You interrupted, crossing your arms over your chest.

With a sigh, she gently grasped your shoulders. “Alright Y/n, make sure your bodyguards stick to you like glue.”

Your eyes instantly lit up as you begin to smile. “Oh thank you Mama. We will be back before you know it.”

Being part of the royal family didn’t exactly have its perks. No freedom. You wondered what it was like to roam around the streets without being surrounded by paparazzi. There was also a lot of pressure as you were the heir to the throne. From not only your parents but the whole nation. You didn’t deserve this much pressure at the age of sixteen.

As you sat patiently in the car, there was a sudden halt. “Levi, what on earth was that?” you questioned, leaning forward to see what had happened.

“My lady, I think the tire burst, I will have to go and check on it. Stay here with Bernard.” He replied, before walking out.

You squinted to see through the tinted windows and noticed that you were in the middle of nowhere only trees were visible.

“Um- Bernard, where are we going?”

Your body guard who looked after you since you were younger gave a weak smile before shrugging. “My lady, I do think we are heading for a Beacon Hills high school.”

“A high schoo-” You started but stopped when you heard a manly scream. “B-Bernard what was that? Or who was that?

Bernard had the same shocked expression before taking his pistol out. “My lady, stay in the car. Whatever happens stay in the car? “He ordered. He sighed deeply before him too was out of the car leaving you alone and frightened.

The car door suddenly yanked open making you shriek loudly, which revealed a man with mask. He grabbed you tightly, hurting you as he pulled you out of the car. You began to feel your pulse quicken making you shake with nervousness. ”P-please, let me go.“ You begged as you were being dragged towards a van. "HELP! SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!” You yelled, feeling the warms tears roll down your cheeks.

“Hey, the lady said to let her go.” An unfamiliar voice said, making you look up at a tall figure.

“Look boy. Why don’t you go back- Did you just punch me?” He said as he wiped the blood which poured out of his nose.

The young male laughed, blowing another punch at the kidnapper and knocking him out, completely. Your saviour’s bright blue orbs then stared at you before he walked closer, placing a hand on your shoulder making you flinch slightly at his warm touch. His dirty blonde hair was dishevelled whilst his jaw looked strong and sturdy. His lips were pink almost red from the cold breeze which kissed his skin.

“Are you alright?” He asked, concern written all over his face.

“Who are you?”

I’m Isaac. Isaac Lahey.”


A/n - Sorry this imagine was a tad bit short but i quite liked the idea for this imagine - which i had to admit, this came to me in a dream. I love how it gives a royal vibe. So anyways, Thank you for over 500 followers, i’m amazed! never really thought anyone would read my imagines ever. Also, Exams are finally over! Honestly, the past two weeks have been stressful and i can now post a lot more!

-Isaac Lahey

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-Requests are open

-If you would like a part two let me know!

-Keep an eye out for tomorrows imagines

Yves x

I miss living in Palestine

In our old house, my grandma would sit by the kitchen window and night and throw food out to the cats and dogs, and as a result, around the same time every night, we’d have TONS of cats or dogs just hanging around by that window, waiting for food.

Our neighbor, who’s also a good family friend, was the must stereotypical fala7i/rustic woman. She had a key to our house, and some mornings when I’d wake up, she’d just be sitting there hanging out in the living room or kitchen, usually with bread or jam she’d just made.

I remember one day, she came over with fresh jam, and I noticed that she still had jam on the tops of her feet and at the time I was disgusted and never actually tasted any of it…which was a massive mistake, because it turned out to be SO FREAKING TASTY, to the point where I still ask her to send some with my mom whenever she goes back.

Another thing I absolutely loved was how at night, I’d sleep with the window open, and there was always that nice, super chilly breeze, and the nights were always so still. Sure you’d have the occasional car or people walking late at night, but the nights were STILL, something I haven’t experienced anywhere else.

You’d hear the cats and wild dogs, the bats, the owls. You’d also hear the IDF scum training not too far away, their guns and grenades going off.

I miss waking up in the morning and going across the street for the fresh bread & falafel, seeing guys wrestle with their goats in the middle of the street, the olive harvest where school is out and everyone is picking their olive trees, making olive oil with your own trees

Exploring the hills behind the village & the caves there, coming across individuals in the middle of seemingly nowhere with stories to tell

I miss it all :’(

grandpa-goth  asked:

Hey there! Love your blog so much :) I was wondering if you have any more pack fics? I've read all the ones in your tag atleast three times. Thanks!

oh man you must be an avid reader (i like that)

some other tags you should check out: 

Stilinski’s Home for Wayward Wolves by owlpostagain (1/1 | 35,197 | PG-13)

“At least your puppies knock first,” Stiles snorts. “Here I thought their alpha raised them to be well-mannered.” 

“There’s a sign,” Derek responds stiffly. 

Stiles, whose curiosity outweighs even his hardest of grudges, abandons his chilly façade of nonchalance in a heartbeat. He jumps right up and all but pushes Derek out of the way in his effort to get to the window, and sure enough when he leans outside there’s a laminated strip of cardstock duct taped to the vinyl siding: 

DON’T FORGET TO KNOCK Stiles gets cranky when we scare him

Or, in which Stiles Stilinski moves to Beacon Hills for his junior year of high school and accidentally adopts a pack of teenage werewolves.

between the click of the light and the start of the dream by thepsychicclam (10/10 | 105,192 | NC-17)

A twig snaps, and then Stiles hears breathing and the rustle of leaves. He strains to get a better glimpse into the darkness, but it’s pointless. There’s nothing but a black void.

It’s Stiles’ senior year, and he’s trying to concentrate on normal things - like the lacrosse championship, spring break, prom, graduation (and definitely not Derek) - when he starts having nightmares and waking up in the middle of nowhere. Oh yeah, and he’s being haunted by a hag. Great.

The truth about love (comes at 3 AM) by Finduilas (1/1 | 9,587 | NC-17)

When the pack gets locked in at Derek’s new loft during a snowstorm, they play ‘truth or dare’ to pass the time.

The Great Wall of Derek by ConchyJoe (32/32 | 44,287 | NC-17)

Derek had always hidden behind an emotional wall to protect himself since Kate. And rightly so, look what loving means: he lost his family, was used by the Darach and now has given up his Alpha Spark for Cora. Stiles couldn’t let him go without telling him how he feels for Derek. Both find that their unrequited love isn’t as unrequited as they thought. It is now up to Derek if he is willing to give love another shot. Whatever his decision it sets them off on a new chapter of their lives.

Scarlet by tajita_chan (12/16 | 51,314 | NC-17)

Fed up with being taken for granted and tired of feeling rejected, Stiles starts to pull away from the pack he’s not sure he’s even a part of in the first place. Along the way of building up his self image, he meets some new fabulously flamboyant friends and rediscovers a side of himself he’d forgotten about.

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number 7 with Liam Dunbar please!

Liam Dunbar Imagine : “I find you extremely adorable.”

My high school life just wasn’t going as I had planned. I moved to Beacon Hills over the summer. It was definitely a BIG change to what I was used to back at home. I came from a smaller than small town in the middle of nowhere in Michigan. Now, to be here in Beacon Hills with over 5,000 more people, it’s just a little overwhelming. 

Yes, I’ve met a few people, but not enough. Not enough to where I have something to do every weekend. Not enough to where I have someone to call every night if I needed to talk. 

There was this one guy, though. His name is Liam and he’s my biology partner. Biology…definitely a subject I’m not very good at. 

Liam, he’s very attractive. But I feel as if there’s something  more to him. Something he doesn’t let a lot of people know. 

I grabbed the back of the chair and pulled it backwards, throwing my backpack on the ground and sitting down. Liam was already sitting next to me and his head lifted a little and turned my direction when I set down. 

“Hey.” I smile, deciding I should probably become a little bit more friendly.

The corners of Liam’s mouth turn up and his beautiful bright white teeth are reflecting right back at me. “Hey Y/N.”

I unzipped my backpack and got out my biology book, setting it on the desk. 

“So, what are you doing later?” Liam asked.

My heart skipped a beat. Was he asking me out? I’ve never really been asked out before, nevertheless had a boyfriend.

“Nothing, why?” I asked, breathing in deeply, trying to calm myself.

“I was wondering if you would want to grab a bite to eat?” 

It took me a second to reply. “Me?” I asked, reassuringly.

“Yeah.” Liam laughed. “Why else would I be asking YOU?”

“I don’t know, I guess I’m just in a little bit of shock that someone like you would ask someone like me out.” 

“What do you mean someone like me?” He asked looking at me curiously. 

“I mean, you’re smart, funny and pretty hot.” I laugh. “And me, I’m just…me.” 

“Well, for the record, I find you extremely adorable.” Liam says smiling at me.

“Really?” I asked.

“I’ll see you at seven.” Liam says smirking at himself and opening his biology book.