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i recently watched the get down, finally, so i now headcannon nursey as being super into early hip hop, so he like knows all of the music and how to breakdance, and will go off on a rant about grandmaster flash at any moment

Yessssssss! I just started watching The Get Down and I’m already obsessed!
It’s totally cannon that Nursey loves 90’s hip hop but I can totally see him and his friends hanging out after school with a huge vintage boom box with a broken down cardboard box that they have break dance battles on. So like Nursey is actually really really amazing at dancing. Also he has a closet at home filled with super bright neon windbreakers and geometric jackets and dichromatic baseball caps and A JEAN JACKET WITH THE ARMS CUT OFF that he wouldn’t dare bring to samewell because of the chirping.
And he can sing. Holy shit can he sing. He’s always loved music because the lyrics are like poetry and he feels every emotion in it. Music IS poetry because it portrays the anger and frustration and joy and pain and love of the generation.
People just assume he listens to obscure indie music but he knows every word to every Missy Elliot song ever.