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you look like my polish friend from school who's in the hospital because she doesn't eat enough, I thought this was her posting on Tumblr I was really confused

im not polish but i definitely don’t eat enough

Please get out and vote on Thursday. Theresa May and the Tories are counting on you to just not be bothered and stay home instead. No vote is a vote for the Tories in this election. It’s a vote for cuts to schools and hospitals and a cut to the taxes of the wealthiest people in society while the poor, sick and disabled are left to freeze and starve. No vote is a vote to take food away from children to give tax breaks to the rich.

Prove them wrong on Thursday. Make them regret their arrogance. Do something radical and VOTE.

Oh those early hospital mornings. 

With smell of fresh coffee from coffee machine, which occasionally tastes better than dirty water and has a tiny bit of caffeine in it. 

With waiting rooms already full of patients. 

With empty stomach and no breakfast in sight .. until lunch time.. if it´s your lucky day. 

With doctors and nurses in hurry. 

With google patients questioning your knowledge, skills and diagnoses.

With demand of top performance after night shift when you have barely slept. NOBODY CARES!

With you still liking your job. 

Harry Potter and the Dissertations of Phenomenal Curiosity

Neither Harry Potter nor JK Rowling need any kind of introduction, much less here on Tumblr, so we can pretty much rush ahead. Suffice to say, Rowling’s is a series of books so magical and transportive that when it was adapted for the silver screen, Duke Humfrey’s Library at the Old Bodleian was enlisted to play the reading room and the Divinity School became Hogwarts’ hospital wing. 

Today marks twenty years since the first publication of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the book that started both a literary phenomenon and pop culture tidal wave. By way of wishing The Boy Who Lived a happy birthday, we decided to take a look at the Bodleian Libraries’ archives, collections and catalogues for all things Potter. Maybe the most amazing thing we found was the volume of dissertations that Harry Potter has inspired or influenced in just two decades.

Bodleian readers have access right now to over 165 different dissertations that name Harry Potter in their titles, and over 4,000 more that reference the Potter books or films as part of their arguments.

Here are just a few of these dissertations titles, chosen almost at random, to give you a hint of how many academic thoughts Potter has become entangled with along the way.

  • The Hero’s Journey Through Adolescence: A Jungian Archetypal Analysis of Harry Potter.
  • “All was well”: Harry Potter in the medievalist tradition.
  • Harry Potter and the moral spectrum of care: Using feminist care ethics to analyze morality.
  • Boarding a train: An exploration of the afterlife in Harry Potter.
  • Transfiguration maxima!: Harry Potter and the complexities of filmic adaptation.
  • A flawed father: downplaying fatherhood through the character of James Potter in Harry Potter.

By comparison, the same search for Star Wars yields only 31 dissertations, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer only 22.

When it comes to casting entrancing enchantments on the brightest and the best, it seems like the boy wizard is in a class of his own.

It occurred to me recently that your average hospital is filled with so many great people, that it’s often hard to tell them apart. So here’s a handy guide to some of the people you’ll meet in hospital.

Today’s team is…more assorted cool people that you might meet on the ward, and awesome behind-the-scenes helpers.

I’d of course like to write much more about what these amazing people do, and how great they are, but my comic is wordy enough as it is. Needless to say, hospital wouldn’t be the same without them. I’m still working on more people to include, so it’s not an exhuastive list…

People who clean for a living deserve more recognition. No matter if you clean public toilets, in a supermarket, in a school, in a hospital or anywhere else, no matter you’re a cleaning lady, man or nonbinary person, you do important work. It’s not a easy job and it’s not a “less worthy” occupation than other jobs!

You rock, thankyou for your work! <3 

Just some fic recs...

I’ve read a lot of really good fic this year and I just thought the best of the best deserved some recognition.  I tried to weed out the super popular fics, but some still show up because I love them that much.  Also, the ships are numerous and varied.

Running on Air–eleventy7; Drarry
Draco Malfoy has been missing for three years. Harry is assigned the cold case and finds himself slowly falling in love with the memories he collects.
*I would murder people to protect this fic.  It’s beautifully written, well-plotted, original, and it reuses certain sentences, making them more poignant the later in the story they’re used.  Like, fuck me up*

the ghost of you–kissmesexybatman; Klance
When Keith goes missing without a trace, all his family and friends are able to do is move on with their lives. When he shows back up after a year, they have to convince him they still want him back.
*I may be slightly biased because the coolest person in the world wrote this, but let me tell you, it’s emotionally heartwrenching, wonderfully written, and gives you a happy ending without sacrificing the needs of the characters*

My soul is an empty carousel at sunset.–dawnstruck; Otayuri
Yuri grows up and grows older and grows into himself. Otabek helps. It just takes a while to get there.
*I’m demi and this fic described exactly what that experience has been like for me, as it features a demi!Yuri.  Beyond that, it was sweet and genuine and I adored it*

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Folks, my hospital is a big hospital

*ring ring*
Nurse BolusCoffeeStat: “SICU this (Nurse BCS’s real name).”
Family Member on the Phone: Hi, my mother is in the ICU and I was wondering how she was doing. (says nothing else, no name, no injury/illness, nothing).
Nurse BolusCoffeeStat:  and your mother is?

Family Member (now getting annoyed):
Nurse BolusCoffeeStat: Jane …? What’s her last name?
Family Member: Jane X. 

(Nurse BolusCoffeeStat rifles through the unit census, seeing nothing. Oh wait, that’s because the patient is in another, completely different ICU halfway across the hospital). 

PSA: everyone has a mother, father, brother, sister, etc. And you’re talking to a nurse at a 500+ bed hospital with 7 ICUs. pls be more specific and don’t get snotty at me for not knowing exactly who you’re talking about. UGH.