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hi, to all my straight followers, please don’t ever

-use the term gay as a straight woman/female alighted nb because “gay means you like guys” and you like guys. that’s not what that means and you know it. and don’t say “gay means happy and im happy because i like guys!!” you know that’s not what you meant

-use the term lesbian (and especially not dyke) as a straight man/male aligned nb because “lesbian (dyke) means you like girls” and you like girls. that’s definitely not what that means and you know it. there are literally no other senses of those words

stop it right now and immediately or, alternatively, unfollow me. thanks

psa from your local lesbian bee

Man in Van Dyck Dress
John Sell Cotman (British; 1782–1842)
Graphite with watercolor
The British Museum, London | © Trustees of the British Museum


Sometimes I enjoy looking manly a little bit too much.

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Coming out

So this is the story of how I came out as lesbian to one of my friends at school. Let’s call him Sam so as not to reveal his identity.
We’re waiting for our parents outside and this golf cart thing drives past driven by a guy surrounded by girls wearing short (possibly field hockey) skirts.
Sam: oh my god I wish I was that dude right now
Me: yeah… Me too
Sam: but surrounded by guys right?
Me: nope. Girls
Sam: so you’re… lesbian?
Me: pretty much
Sam: nawww
Me: yep. Pretty much everyone knows except my mum.
Sam: so your dad knows?
Me: yeah
Sam: how did he take it?
Me: pretty well given that he’s a pastor.

We proceed to have a conversation about me coming out to my dad until he picks me up from school.

Remember that coming out doesn’t have to be difficult and stressful, it can be an entirely casual thing woven into a regular conversation.

This has been a psa from me :)

Facts about homosexuality

-Approximately 1 million children in the U.S. are being raised by same-sex couples.

-An estimated 1 million lesbians and gays are military veterans.

-Gay people tend to be left-handed much more often than heterosexuals.

-Most of the LGBT community discourages the use of the term “sexual preference” because it implies that sexuality is the result of conscious choice

-The first gay marriage was in The Netherlands in 2001.

-There are more bisexual girls than bisexual boys.

-Australia is one of the most gay friendly country.

-If one identical twin is gay, the other has about a 20-50% chance of being gay

-36% of lesbian gay and bisexual youth report hearing homophobic remarks from faculty or school staff.

-LGBT youth are more than four times as likely to skip whole days of school out of fear.

-Over 90% of LGBT youth report that they sometimes or frequently hear homophobic remarks in their school (words such as “faggot”, “dyke”, or “queer”).