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Charging Sigils

This is from sigilathenaeum’s page and I in no way claim it as my own. 

Earth: grounding, centering, nature, growth, life, creation, birth, fertility, health, the physical body, prosperity, money, savings, career, job, employment, business, maturity, age, boundaries, protection, home, family, trust, stability, reliability, practicality, strength, calm,

Air: voice, speech, eloquence, communication, intellect, memory, knowledge, information, education, school, song, music, youth, freedom, astral travel, mental power, divination, spirituality, finding lost things, happiness, joy, laughter, fairies, fae,

Fire: passion, desire, love, sex, sexuality, romance, protection (but with a kick), banishing, energy, inspiration, motivation, competition, athleticism, strength, empowerment,  ego, success, leadership, courage, bravery, anger, power, destruction, purification,

Water: fluidity, flexibility, change, adaptability, intuition, maturity, rebirth, renewal, mental health, emotions, sadness, dreams, sleep, psychic powers, travel, cleansing, beauty, appearance, healing, menstruation,

Sunlight: clarity, understanding, finding, truth, sight, vision, learning, school, education divination, confidence, happiness, mental health, anti-depressant, beauty, clear skin, perfection, talent, glory, prosperity, friendship,

Moonlight: dreams, sleep, astral travel, clairvoyance, potential, prophecy, mystery, secrets, love, menstruation,

Music: musical instruments, singing, dance, art, emotions, creativity, mix and match! (match the music to the intent: lullabies for sleep and dreams, love songs for relationships, etc.)

Personal Energy: confidence, anti-anxiety, self-love, self-harm, personal characteristics, anything personal,

Daniella Covate, USF School of Architecture + Community Design, Class of 2015 “An Architecture Informed by Context // A Vernacular Revival”, Masters Project: Professor Daniel Powers, Spring 2015.

Abstract constructs used to explore tangible relationships between vernacular archetypes and their adjacent contemporary counterparts. 

What Ivy League Admissions Recruiters Really Want To See

On February 28th, I attended the “Opening the Ivory Tower: Admissions Officers on Defining and Recruiting First-Generation Students” panel at Brown University’s 1vyG Conference.

Dartmouth, Yale, Harvard, and Brown recruiters told the crowd exactly what to wish to see in student applications. And although the panel focused on the subject of first-generation, their tips for applying to an Ivy League university were universal and applicable to any student interested in a top 50 school. I’ve listed them below. 

Admission recruiters names changed to their representative school names, for privacy and ease of reading.

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trigger warning: choir

this is a short comic i made to illustrate to people the trauma i went through during high school. i hope my experience can educate and inform the choir community about what NOT to do to transgender students. this comic is for all the singers who came before me in the hopes that this never has to happen to anyone again


Thurs. 29-10-2015; 02:01AM// • My v motivational lock screen for today • My desk when I started my readings (8:40PM) • My desk now (even the light has gone dimmer for some unknown reason). • The lectures today were extremely interesting, and the readings too, which is why I didn’t mind staying up so late. • in other news, I’m flying home tomorrow!!!!! I will finally see my family and friends again after 2+ months! I’m so excited! • this was day 18 of my #21DaysChallenge and I have a very bad pain in my stomach (I should see a doctor tbh) BUT I’m happy to feel so productive after 160 pages of readings! YOU CAN ALL DO THIS YOU’RE ALL A BUNCH OF GLENN COCOs Y'ALL GO!


Have what it takes to take your leadership skills to the next level? Then come out and join South Harmon’s newest club, The National Honor Society! Here in NHS students will be modeling these four characteristics ;ᴸᵉᵃᵈᵉʳˢʰᶦᵖ ˢᶜʰᵒˡᵃʳˢʰᶦᵖ ᴬᶜᵃᵈᵉᵐᶦᶜˢ ˢᵉʳᵛᶦᶜᵉ and ᶜʰᵃʳᵃᶜᵗᵉʳ 

Not only through school, but within students’ communities as well. More information will soon be posted as well as applications to apply. For any concerns, commentary, or questions don’t hesitate to contact your President ( @cynvscin ) or your VP ( @lvnbttrcp ). Best of luck to all of you!


Here are the profiles of Division 2 and 3 Officers + Hasuike Kaede. You may not like these guys for certain reasons, even though all they did was following Misako’s orders, but this is not an apologist post. What I mean to say is that they have pretty interesting stuff in their profiles. They kind of have potentially good backstories implied here for the characters who barely had any lines in the series.

Bellow you’ll find the following profiles:  

[Division 2]


  • Hasuike Kaede (Division 1)
  • Yamatoya Akira
  • Hatano Kouichi (Division 3)

[Division 3]


  • Doumoto Shuuichirou
  • Suzuki Moe


  • Haga Takayuki
  • Shinjou Kaname
  • Hyoudou Tetsuya
  • Aikawa Tsubaki

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X-men Roleplay

X-men Roleplay
Welcome to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters Roleplay Community, please search tag xavier’s school rules and xavier’s character list for information before applying to Xavier’s School Roleplay community. Thank you!

Anyone can join just follow the rules listed here: Rules
and choose a character that isn’t taken or reserved here: Characters



The Peer Advocates are a group of high school students who are trained by health educators at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles to serve as resources for sexual and reproductive health information in their schools and communities.

We asked the Peer Advocates about the most common misconceptions of teens and what they would like people to know about them. Here is what they said!


My fellow college students and school faculty of the Philadelphia area: please be aware. I received an emergency text from my school warning us of a threat against a university near Philadelphia tomorrow October 5th, 2015. Due to the increase in school shootings, take this very seriously for your own safety. Be aware of your surroundings tomorrow and stay close to any emergency exits or hiding places. Stay close to your peers and report any suspicious activity you may witness. I hope you are all safe tomorrow

LGBTQ* Gallop Polls (You May Have Missed)

2012’s Gallup Poll: 

“Do you, personally, identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender?”

3.4% of those you participated said “Yes”

On the Poll’s Wording:

Being ignored and not finding your representation is not empowering and can lead to many voices not being recorded. No one should be erased. Sadly, many people believe LGBT(Q*) is the most inclusive way to ask everyone who does not identify as cis- and heterosexual. We need a more inclusive way to ask these questions and properly document and record our neighbors. Do you have any recommendations on better wording? 

Note: I, Rebecca, am knee deep in statistics for an upcoming KNOWhomo (Kh) project. If you have participated in any Campus, University , School, or Community Polls, similar to this, feel free to send me information. And as always:  Keep On, Keeping On!



Thanks to Dana Skwirut for these great pics! 

1. L: Business Librarian, Bank of Montreal Business Research Group Chicago, IL

R: Assistant Branch Manager, Chesterfield County Public Library Richmond, VA

2. Librarian, San Jose Public Library San Jose, CA

3. Acting Director of Library Services Naugatuck Valley Community College Waterbury, CT

4. Materials Management & Acquisitions Librarian Teachers College, Columbia University New York, NY

5. PALS Operations Training Manager, Suffolk Cooperative Library System Bellport, NY

6.Student, Rutgers University School of Communication and Information New Brunswick, NJ