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Hello! I was wondering if you could give me either your advice or what you think is best to do. I usually get home at around 3:30pm and i am very tired since i am usually at school by 6:15am. I usually just push through when i get at home as in i will just go study till 1am or so. But i feel like it's taking a toll on my health psychically and mentally. I love it bcs i got the highest grades in the past 4 exams that were made. 12 schools made the exam. 4 ppl got the highest grades including me.

honestly, i think you need to chill the fuck out and let yourself get some rest.

Aikatsu Stars discourse starters

1. opinion on Yume

2. is Dancing Days a good song

3. is Kirara cute or annoying or just plain evil

4. is Venus Ark a good school

5. opinion on Elza

6. is there a better song than The Wasteland’s Miracle

7. is Subaru any good

8. is it Rola or Laura

9. will Koharu ever perform

10. would you be able to withstand another performance of STARDOM!

Tag Game!

I was tagged by the beautiful human being known as @icameheretowinry Thank you, my friend!

Rules: answer these 30 questions about yourself, then tag 20 (I probably won’t get to 20 but details) blogs you’d like to get to know.

1) Nicknames - Sierra is my name, but I don’t really have nicknames. My little brothers call me “sis” and “sissy” though

2.) Gender - Female

3.) Star sign - Aquarius, but sometimes Pieces, depending on the source

4.) Height - 5′4" and a half

5.) Time – 8:00 (I’m in school)

6.) Birthday - February 18th

7.) Favourite band – Panic! At the Disco

8.) Favourite solo artist – I really don’t have one. I listen to a lot of rock and they tend to come in bands

9.) Song stuck in my head – Paper Crown

10.) Last movie you watched – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 2 (I LOVE that movie)

11.) Last show you watched – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (I’m slowly getting my parents to watch it and I’m so proud)

12.) When did I create my blog – June 2017

13.) What do I post – 90% FMA stuff, 10% other random shit

14) Last thing I googled – My school website (Fuck school)

15.) Do you have other blogs – Nope. Just this one

17.) Why did you choose your url – My name is Mother of the Universe, which kinda became my nickname because I wanted to act as everyone’s mother

18.) Following - A lot

19.) Followers – 50-something (thanks guys!)

20.) Favourite colours – White (it has so much potential! A blank space can become an entire world and I love it)

21.) Average hours of sleep – Too little for a kid my age

22.) Lucky number(s) – 5, 10, and 15

23.) Instruments I played – I play the piano, and I want to learn guitar and drums at some point

24.) What am I wearing – My school uniform (unfortunately)

25.) How many blankets I sleep with – 2 or three

26.) Dream job – Psychiatrist

27.) Dream trip(s) – Tokyo, London, and space

28.) Favourite food - Ice cream (don’t judge me) and Cereal

29.) Nationality – American (unfortunately. I hate this country)

30.) Favourite song – Emperors New Clothes by Panic! At the Disco. The song is seriously so fun!

And I tag @theidiotwithnoname @theishvalanalchemist @lieutenantriza and @rockbellautomail

I’m not tagging more cause I’m finishing this in the bathroom and I need to go to class

  • Me: *writes one line in a supposedly 6 page essay*
  • Me: "yep that's good enough, I've worked hard. I deserve chocolate, a scroll through tumblr and a read through a new fan fiction"
Romance Anime <3

We all deserve it! Feel free to add. I really would love some recs!

Ouran High School Host Club 

Maid Sama!

 No. 6

Spice and Wolf 

Say “I Love You”

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi


Love Stage!!

Eden of the East 

Kamisama Hajimemashita 

The Future Diary 

Mawaru Pengindrum 


Junjo Romantica 

PLEASE!!! Add on to this and tell me some other great romances! I haven’t seen a Yuri yet so that would be a great thing to recommend, but any love is fine with me! 

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> </b> *gets into new thing*<p/><b>Me:</b> I can't imagine my life without it.<p/><b>Brain:</b> You literally spent YEARS without it.<p/><b>Me:</b> I CAN'T IMAGINE MY LIFE WITHOUT IT.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Starry Trans Keith Icons requested by Anonymous

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