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The Moments That Made Us

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 Prompt: “You’ve been pouting ever since I went out on that date, what’s up?”

 Pairing: Jordan x reader

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You and Jordan had been best friends since he moved from Alabama to Virginia in first grade. You spilled paint all over your new sweater and started crying. Jordan saw how upset you were, so he put a big stripe of red paint on his Spider-Man t-shirt. In that moment, you knew he was going to be your best friend. From there on out you two were inseparable; you did everything together. You went trick or treating together, you two went to prom together—your parents even let you two pick out your first cars together.  

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Our very first time swaying to STACEY’s silken voice was more than two years ago when she made an appearance on a talent studded song named Then it Just Goes which also involved Alissa Ricci of ON AN ON and John Mullane of In-Flight Safety. She now blesses us  with a heavenly pop single with gooey synths and an aureate elegance. It’ll Be Alright drips rivulets of synthwavey nostalgia and flutters with plumed grace. The breathtaking single is available from iTunes, here. Those down in Los Angeles can catch STACEY when she plays School Night at the Bardot on July 17th or the Hotel Cafe on July 26th. An EP entitled First Move is set to release on September 15th. 

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Pages of Florencio Zavala’s sketchbook – Flo’s teaching an illustration workshop this weekend at Summer School starting today, our semi-biannual art-making-while-imbibing situation at Ace Palm Springs. School Night Los Angeles is bringing down a bunch of great people to give workshops by the pool. All of this is going down during AfterFest, our concomitant nightly fête running throughout the Palm Springs International Film Festival. Making things is really fun, and so is watching things – it all begins this evening. Let us join together in holy lounging.