school lunches

high school!patater
  • it’s lunch break, and they’re sitting on the school’s shitty soccer field. the sun is warm and golden. kent is pulling up handfuls of grass, wondering how much clover seeds would cost on amazon. alexei tucks daisies and dandelions into Kent’s fluffy mess of hair, pressing kisses to his temple between the flowers.
  • it’s a work block in kent’s english class and he’s folded over his desk, head pillowed on folded arms, eyes closed. the class is comfortably noisy, chipping away slowly at grammar worksheets that aren’t for marks while gossip and poorly folded paper airplanes fly around over kent’s head. the teacher’s in the photocopying room. alexei walks past the open classroom door, then backtracks and peeks in. when kent wakes up, alexei’s letterman is draped over his shoulders.
  • it’s 7 pm, and the sun is loitering low over the jagged horizon of the suburbs bordering the soccer field. kent has his clover seeds from amazon (that only cost $5) tucked into the pocket of his robotics hoodie and he’s laughing against alexei’s chest, telling him what he wants to do with them. alexei laughs right back and helps him spread the seeds in the shape of 5-foot-long dick in the middle of the field. 
  • it’s alexei’s spare and kent’s physics block, and the classroom’s too fucking warm. kent gets up every three minutes to stick his head out of the window, hoping to catch a bit of a non-existent breeze. his friends have sprawled themselves out dramatically over the lab benches in varying states of undress. they’re caught in a competition of who can produce the most ridiculous death-rattle (sex noise? who knows), and kent snapchats this to alexei, who doesn’t reply but does shows up at the door of the classroom ten minutes later with an extra-large slushy, a handful of straws, and a receipt from the gas station down the block. it’s too hot for hugs, but kent’s eager to collect a handful of blue-tinged kisses.
  • it’s the evening before alexei’s graduation ceremony and they’re on the field again. the sun’s still hangin’ around, setting later and later as the summer creeps closer, and alexei’s arm is around kent’s shoulders, kent’s lips pressed against alexei’s pulse. the dick-shaped clover patch in the centre of the field is alive and well. alexei tucks a late-blooming daisy behind kent’s ear and kent snuggles in closer. they’re happy. 

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Can we just imagine in the school AU, at lunch everybody is in a group at a seperate lunch table, and hAMILTON'S IS THE LOUDEST BECAUSE OF HERCULES BANGING AND SLAMMING HIS HANDS ON THE TABLE SCREAMING

Ham and Laurens however are the kids that yell sexual comments at each other we they see one another in the halls

More stuff that y'all need to know? Idk? Ehehhhh




On Wednesday..which is November 2…

I got my sixth…panic attack..


At this point, idek if my parents are taking me seriously or they just think I’m faking it.

Idk, who knows? But I do know they care when I get one…

At least that’s what I think…


Lemme explain and answer the simple questions.

Why, when and how.

So, at school, after lunch break, idk how or why.

But- I was feeling really depressed, I don’t remember how or why.

But what I do remember is the people who I think that they think that they’re the reason for why my panic attack started.

hONESTLY- *sigh* Its kinda true.

I don’t want to seem like I’m a douchebag and a horrible friend.


Well, we had this roleplay for “the sound of music” and I’m maria, the soon-to-be stepmother and-

I didn’t want to be maria, cause..she’s a stepmom…

OKAI LOOK- I know there’s amazing step mothers out there who are really kind and loving.

No offense, okai?

But, Oreo kept calling me “step mom” and I was really uncomfortable.

Cause first of all, I have a half brother, a stepbrother and a step mom.

((I still have my real mom with me so cHILL))

I don’t know what to really call them cause they’re basically my other family.

If you’re arab and muslim then you’ll understand. ((I hope I do not offend anyone here…))

So when Oreo kept calling me stepmom, I got really sad.

Idk why, its really silly, stupid and so dumb that I got upset over that.

But then Olly came and kept telling me-

“Ay, you smoke.”

Its not even a question, its just a fricken statement.

And well, I really like safe health and keeping your body healthy which means no smoking, I don’t like smoking but I do know it kind of relieves some people? Like stress relief but anyways-

I was very offended and upset AND uncomfortable cause he kept telling me that I smoke….


And Oreo kept calling me step mom, I know he’s prolly kidding around but dude.

I was so uncomfortable.

Then later on the day, lilly and Mary didn’t talk to me.

I know, Its dumb, its really is stupid and silly.

But..I’m that kind of person who just needs someone by their side always cause I’m too self-conscious, low self esteem, very shy, I don’t like being silent for a full minute, I don’t like being alone; although sometimes I like some me time.

But I thought I did something to them cause when they come near me, they don’t talk to me or look at me so my very self conscious SELf thought.

Did I hurt them? Why aren’t they talking to me? Did I say something wrong? Am I annoying them? Why are they sitting far away from me? What did I do wrong?

I am very aware of my words and actions around my friends, cause I don’t want to hurt them and…that’s just me, I worry too much for others but I never worry myself.

This is why my friends always worry about me, cause I..don’t think about myself very often…and…look guys, this is coming from my heart and idk…

I’m gonna be honest with you all cause you deserve to know what has been going on..

For the past 4 months…

Almost 5 actaully…

I had a boyfriend, not gonna tell his real name, just gonna use his stage name, like I do with all my friends name here.

His name is Noah.

He is a month older than me, I’m on may, he’s on march.

And how we start off was a bit..I don’t have words to describe for it actually.

He started off as a secret admirer, kept sending me letters at school, I get all blushy and stuff.

Typical sweetheart, cute soon-to-be couple.

I, right away knew it was Noah, cause I already heard a rumor that he liked me.

So it was obvious.

After I confronted him, he asked me to be his girl, I said why not, let’s see if this works out.

And it did..he gave me teddy bears on valentines day..and one in our monthsary, so it was all good, kisses on the cheek and holding hands, he buys me food and chocolate, he never allows me to do the same for him but I do it anyway.

Its all good.

But since he’s now expelled because of a big fight that literally got him expelled.

And I felt very guilty cause that big fight was because of me.

And that fight was against one of my ex’s that I was forced to be in a relationship cause he was my bully since fourth grade and all along, he was playing with my feelings-



Before the summer break, he usually comes after school’s day is done, he meets up with me but..he rarely does that, cause he’s always with his friends chatting up and stuff but that’s cool to me bruh, I don’t wanna be that kind of girlfriend that’s like.

“oh my goi, you don’t even have time for me like you always hang out with your frens like why are you even my boyfren huhhhhhhh-”


So whenever he apologizes to me because he didn’t chat up with me cause he was hanging out with his buddies, I was like.

“Boi, its fine, they’re your friends, hang out with them, bitch do it, you made an effort to talk to me and mention that you miss me and stuff and you walk me home, Its all fine babe, go with your friends.”

And it was all good.

Until after summer break…

Well…that’s for another story!

Back to my panic attack story..

So the thing with lilly, mary, olly and Oreo, after all that shenanigans, the bell rang for the 8th period.

I started tearing up cause I fucking knew my panic attack was coming.

I was so stressed and depressed ((like my emo self would)) that day and I finally broke down.

So when I’m in my panic attack mode, I don’t want to be alone, it gives me more anxiety and its just no, its the worst, your chest tightens, your ear rings, you can barely breathe, and if it was a big one, you’d faint and loose conscious.

Then maybe you can’t walk because its so sudden and just drains your energy out.


Its like someone ripping your soul and heart and just put them back together and then rip them out again and then repeat.

Then your mind goes blank, like, completely blank.

I called Oreo and told him to quickly call nilly, my boo, my bae, my only girl crush, my waifu, I literally proposed to her to be my waifu and now we have black flower rings that I actually bought for us both, literally I got on my knees and proposed to her “you’re my bacon to my pancake, be my waifu?”.

She’s too good and innocent for this world bruh.

So nilly came dashing to my seat and I just held her, I was holding on to her like my life depends on her hold.

I started tearing up, my mind went blank, I started going through my panic attack, I couldn’t bREATHE-

I kept mumbling the words like sorry, I didn’t want to hurt them, I don’t like being left out, I’m so sorry, please forgive me, did I hurt them? And words like that…

Nilly told to Tenath to take everybody down to the playground since it was games period, so he did so and understood what I was going through.

But he didn’t left with out a few questions he asked but nilly shouted at him and told him later.

Lilly and Mary saw me and they were trying to talk to me but I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t speak, I just…can’t..

And that’s really scary…that’s why I stutter a lot, I don’t have a disease with stuttering but I stutter a lot when I’m either anxious, nervous or excited.

But at that time, I can’t really talk, its like I’m stuck.

Nilly kept saying to me that I have to calm down, I need to calm down, I need to breathe, she kept helping me how to breathe, cause sometimes when I’m having a panic attack. I either can’t breathe or idk how to breathe because of the sudden situation I’m going through.

That…really terrifies me still…

But I try to don’t think about it all the time…

Nilly almost sobbed and broke down because I swear, even if I have bits of what happened to me when I was going through my panic attack.

Her sob stucked in my head and the words “Please breathe, I don’t want to lose you.”

Nilly..I can’t really say what really effected her when she was very young but…she has very big determination to keep me grounded and to want and need me alive, she keeps me sane actually…

I calmed down, olly, being the worried person he is, went down and called the nurse.

I was just stuck holding nilly in my arms, I didn’t want to let her go, when she moved just an inch, I was almost about to go through my second panic attack.

So she just stayed, while my mind was trying to process what just happened and how did it happened.

I was numb…I couldn’t walk for a moment and just ugh.

I really, really tried so hard to control my panic attack, and it really worked cause it wasn’t a big one..

I…I can’t even begin to explain what I felt.

Its like…a mixture of…so many negative emotions and it comes crashing down your soul and wanting to tear your heart into pieces…

The nurse came and told my friends to help me come down.

Mary and lilly held my arms around their shoulders and tried to help me walk down the stairs.

They tried making puns, and sang “It’s over isn’t it: underfell version” and they tried telling me happy stuff that makes me happy like the llama song and Mitch grassi and even Marshmellow and that one time where we talked in Skype for a full hour and a half…

They were the happy stuff that makes me happy…but I started crying…because…

I honestly don’t know why I cried, but I know I felt bad when I started to cry, idk why, they were trying to make smile or laugh at least.

We then reached the clinic, the nurse called my mom and informed her about what happened to me, my talked to me and stuff, nilly then called two of my amigos, Naomi and zee.

Now before I get into this.

Zee is the most amazing person I know, she’s amazing at giving advice and her opinions can really open your mind, she’s just wow…i actually had a crush on her before but eh…

I guess I just “fell” for her personality(? Eyyy…no? Bad timing?…ya..that’s a bad joke)

Naomi, she’s my best friend for 5 ((maybe 4 and ½??)) years, I met her on her birthday in third grade and she was crying that day because some stupid kid punched her.

I didn’t know what to do so I went and talked to her.

I told her that she was so brave and strong that she was able to take a hit from a boy, cause I know I can’t.

And I told her happy birthday.

So on that day onwards, me and naomi are beat friends and forever will be, we’re planning on going to Philippines together and go to college together there, its kind of our dream…and my dream is also wanting to meet marshmellow one day so may those two dreams live on to be a reality!

So nilly called them, they came in looking worried as fUCK.

Naomi knew how to handle me in this situations do she got started on my breathing exercise.

I whispered to them quietly what happened, they helped me to go up back in my class and on the way, zee gave me so many inspirational advice and she just…talked to me, she told me that negative stuff will come running into me and I need to show that negativity that it won’t affect me and I won’t let it.

When we reached to my class, nilly was already there helping me towards my seat, naomi tried helping me to get my medicine cause I couldn’t wALK.

Lilly and mary came in, zee wanted to talk to me privately and well…she’s really overprotective on me and the amigos, like if anyone hurts me or the amigos, they’ll have a bruise heart filled with hurtful words the next day from Zee.

Zee hates violence but she can use her words like wow.

So Mary and Zee got into a fight because Mary wanted to stay.

But Zee wanted to talk to me privately.

And I don’t like fights when I’m in still my panic attack daze, so nilly and Naomi told them to stop, Lilly too. Mary just looked at Zee and went stomping off out of class. See..the thing about Mary is…she wants things to be okay in an instant, like the click of a finger. But..I tried telling her that it can’t be like that because the wounds are still bitter and in pain. Yes, I know she’s trying to make it better but really, she needs to give those wounds some time to heal before it can be okay. And when I explained it to her, she ends up saying like “I’m bad, I’m wrong.” And stuff like that and in the end idk what to say to her cause I was just so surprised and shock at her words. Idk if she is cautious of her use of words cause I always feel guilty whenever she says that. Like that one time, I spent an entire day with Jacob and Nilly and Oreo cause I haven’t talked to them in a while and I’m always with Lilly and Mary but they’re like stuck together by hip so whenever I’m with them, they’re talking to each other about some topic and I only join in to give my opinion and stuff. And sometimes when Mary is in another class and Lilly is with me in class and I’m hanging with Jacob, she’ll say “See, you always leave me whenever this (subject) comes and you go sit with him.” I know its in a joking matter but.. Ugh, it just…idk…I feel like a bad friend whenever I TRY to hang with Jacob or Nilly or Oreo or Lilly and Mary. Sometimes I just decide to be alone at times and work on my fanfictions or study cause either way, I’ll feel bad in the end! Back to the point… Zee talked to me and she is just amazing, I really am lucky to have her. She’s just very wise and stuff, she’s just amazing..I really love her man ((no homo lol)) she’s incredible. And so everyone came back to class, Naomi and Zee went back to their class, Mary and Lilly came back to class.. They didn’t look at me, they just sat down far away from me and…just sit there. Oreo and Olly came to me and apologized, I said its fine, Jacob sat next to me to make sure I’m stable and stuff cause Nilly is minding the class since she’s the monitor along with Tenath. When I asked Oreo to call Lilly, I asked Jacob to sit in front of me while I talk to her. I swear to god, Lilly is so sweet I can’t even- She cried on my shoulder and says she’s sorry. I was so surprised and confused on why she’s crying. She said that “I’m the reason my friend is going through a panic attack. I should have no friends”, she keeps saying that. She went through experiences where her closest friends back stabbed her… So I understand her. I said no, Shut up, hug me, and I forgive you, you innocent not innocent flower. I told her that she should never think like that. She deserved endless of friends. Heck even boys fall for her cause she’s that amazing. I told her that I’m proud that I’m her friend and I’m had to go through that today, I never meant for you to feel like that. I’m sorry that I went through a panic attack… So I told her to call Mary so I can talk with her. Mary can and sat next to me. She said that she’s not good for me, that whatever Zee told about her is true, I shouldn’t be friends with a “monster”. I literally had to slap her because of what she said. I hugged her and said. You dummy, you’re not a monster. Stop calling yourself that, ((my brother sees you as a princess and wants to treat you like a queen… I did not tell her that cHILL)) I said to her that its fine. I’m sorry, please don’t cry, I’m sorry, I really am. You’re an amazing person, please forgive me. I’m sorry. I think lilly and Mary said sorry..? I don’t…remember…because I was still in the daze…so… But yea… It was very embarrassing for me because my classmates LITERALLY had to take turns to ask if I’m okay. So yea.. Welp, going through my sixth panic attack was SHIOT. that’s actually a problem…the third time I got my panic attack, I went to the hospital and I had to stay there for at least 3 hours cause I was being treated and stuff, and this needle…/shivers/ was in the back of my right hand and then this liquid thing. The I.V, yup that one, I had to take two if those because I couldn’t walk and I slept on those hospitals bed… At least my mom got me cookies… I was tired so- Anyways, the doctor asked me how many times I got my panic attack, I wanted to say three but I said two instead, just in case. He said that if I got my third one, I should be going to theraphy. …. BOI I GOT SIX PANIC ATTACKS SO- Idk…anymore man. I want to get help…cause I can’t sleep, I’m always anxious, I always get short breaths or sometimes I can’t breathe, I’m always tired and sometimes I get a but depressed but I’m okay now..I guess? Eh… Idk.. I try to not let it get to me cause its not worth it… But.. Ehebdjwbdkwbdj IDK JUST HERE. THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO GET OFF MY CHEST. I HOPE. I DONT. BOTHER YOU.
Conversation with my 4yr old while making her lunch for school this morning
  • Me: Do you want to watch Nick Jr. or Disney Jr. while I'm making your lunch?
  • Her: Um...(taps her finger on her chin in deep contemplation) How about Pride and Prejudice?
  • Me: You want to watch Pride and Prejudice? Before school?
  • Her: Yeah! Just one episode. Please!? I love Lizzy and Mr. Darcy!

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Omg okay so when I came out my friend had asked me if she could talk to me at lunch at school because it was really important and I was super anxious and thought she like didn't want to be friends anymore or something because I have paranoia issues and we sat down and she was like 'I've figured out I'm bisexual I hope this doesn't change anything blah blah blah' and I was like 'wait me too!!' And she looked confused and I was like 'I'm bi too! I was really scared to tell you' (1/2)

And so apparently we were both SUPER anxious about telling each other because we’ve been friends since 3rd grade (like 10 years at the time). And then we were both sitting there at lunch hugging each other and trying not to cry. It was super cute and then we were like “HOLD ON I KNOW ALL OF YOUR MAN CRUSHES WHO ARE YOUR GIRL CRUSHES” and we talked about cute girls for like 20 minutes it was rad 👌🏼 were still super close and this has only made us closer (2/2)

kjbvsodfsrf this is so frickin cute omg its so great its so nice to have someone to talk about girls with and its even better if theyre bi too  this made me smile so much ily


Did you know that on a typical day, 32 million children in the U.S. eat cafeteria food? Or that most of these students consume over half of their daily calories at school?

Facts like these motivate us to connect kids to real food, and teach them how to make healthy choices through our sweetgreen in schools program. School cafeterias are one of the biggest areas of opportunity that exist in the battle against childhood obesity. 

Recently there has been discussion about what constitutes a quality lunch, so we took a look at examples of typical school meals around the world, and how our own country stacks up. These representations are not intended to critique any existing programs, but instead are intended to show the possibilities of well-balanced meals around the world, and how much opportunity exists in our own backyard.  To create this series, we looked at photos that real students had taken of their meals and shared online, as well as research done about other school lunch programs

If you’re interested in even more information, please check out the article and website below:

Surprised at what you see above? You can help us make an impact and change the way future generations eat! Help support our sweetgreen in schools program by donating to FoodCorps to connect kids to real food.


Local fish on a bed of arugula, pasta with tomato sauce, caprese salad, baguette and some grapes


Pea soup, beet salad, carrot salad, bread and pannakkau       (dessert pancake) with fresh berries 


Steak, carrots, green beans, cheese and fresh fruit


Pork with mixed veggies, black beans and rice, salad, bread and baked plantains

South Korea

Fish soup, tofu over rice, kimchi and fresh veggies


Baked chicken over orzo, stuffed grape leaves, tomato and cucumber salad, fresh oranges, and greek yogurt with pomegranate seeds


Mashed potatoes with sausage, borscht, cabbage and syrniki (a dessert pancake)


Sautéed shrimp over brown rice and vegetables, gazpacho, fresh peppers, bread and an orange


Fried ‘popcorn’ chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, fruit cup and a chocolate chip cookie

Note: These images are not intended to be exact representations of school lunches, but instead, are meant to portray different types of foods found in cafeterias around the world. To create this series, we evaluated government standards for school lunch programs, regional cuisine and food culture, and photos that real students had taken of their meals and shared online. Have photos of the food you or your kids are eating at school? Share them with us @sweetgreen!

This post was updated on 2/28/15. Photography by sweetgreen.


Great news for schools and kids is bad news at Fox. Schools in high-poverty areas can now offer free school lunches to all students. This will help alleviate child hunger, improve academic achievement and saves the school money by decreasing administrative costs. 

But Fox News hears this and thinks that it’s somehow bad news. We’ll let the guest explain their reasoning: 

The problem we have … [with] poor children right now is obesity, and not the fact that they’re not getting enough calories. 

Many students at an Iowa elementary school had overdue lunch balances and were in danger of going hungry until a local man paid them off. Hotel owner Jerry Fenton found it ‘unfathomable’ that a child might have to go hungry at school, so he donated enough money to make all the accounts current and left over $200 to pay off their future balances. Source


School Lunches from Around the World

1. Japan. Fried fish, dried seaweed, tomatoes, miso soup with potatoes, rice in a metal container, served with milk.

2. Israel. Falafel, pitta chips, yoghurt and cucumber sauce, with green leaves.

3.Finland. Salad, chicken curry and pudding, string beans and carrots, served with milk.

4. Czech Republic. Semolina and vegetable soup, beef with garlic, spinach and potato dumplings, an orange.

5. Brazil. Meat in BBQ sauce, rice, green salad, pudding, and a strawberry juice.

6. Barcelona, Spain. Tomato fusilli, deep fried fish, salad, bread, and an apple.

7. France.Fries and nuggets with broccoli, bread, pasta salad, and a slice of cake.

8. South Korea. Pickled sesame leaves, kimchi, doenjang (a soybean paste) stew served with rice and a side of grapes.

9. Austin, Texas. Turkey taco salad, mashed potatoes, peach cobbler, and iced tea.

10. Sweden. Potatoes, cabbage, and beans, served with a cracker, Lingon Berry juice to drink.

Who else wants to run late to school with a piece of delicious fucking toast sticking out of their mouth? I know I sure do. But I don’t want just any toast. No, I want to make some home made shit, you know, the stuff that makes your kitchen smell delicious as fuck for like hours. 

We’re gonna make bread, and then we’re gonna make toast out of that bread, so throw away your pre-sliced Wonder Bread trash and get out your cooking tools mother fucker, we gon’ make some anime food. 


Japanese Milk Bread (aka Anime Toast, yo)
(serving: eat the loaf just eat the entire fucking loaf you piece of shit)
adapted from: x

Ingredients for bread-

  • 2 ½ cups of bread flour
  • 2 tsp active dry yeast
  • 4 Tbsp sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • ½ cup of milk
  • 3 Tbsp unsalted butter, room temp
  • ½ cup of tangzhong*

*tangzhong is a roux made of water (½ cup) and flour (2 ½ Tbsp) that will make the bread softer than your Maki Natsuo body pillow (you have one don’t even lie to me)


  • First, make the tangzhong. Blend flour and water in a small saucepan and heat over medium while stirring with a whisk. Once the mixture is thick enough to to look like really thick vanilla pudding, take that shit off the heat and let it cool down.
  • Combine the  egg, butter, milk and tangzhong in one bowl, and combine the bread flour, sugar, salt, in another bowl. 
  • pour the dry ingredients on top of the wet ingredients and combine them until it’s a lump of sticky dough.
  • place flour all over your hands and the counter and knead the bread for about 30 minutes. While kneading, think of various headcanons for your favorite Love Lab! characters. Maki x Riko might not be canon IRL, but it can still be canon in your heart, friend.
  • Take a large bowl and place the kneaded dough in it. Cover the entire thing with a big towel and let the dough rise for about an hour in a warm location. 
  • When the dough is ready, divide it into four pieces. Flatten each piece into ovals with a rolling pin (use a little bit of flour if it starts to stick to the pin). 
  • Fold the long edges of the oval pieces inward in thirds. Flip over and flatten with the rolling pin again. Then flip it over once more.
  • Roll the pieces up like lil sleeping bags and place the lil rolls side by side in a regular bread loaf pan. Let the dough rest for 30 more minutes so it can rise more. During this time, preheat the oven to 335 F.
  • Bake the bread for 30 minutes, and then allow it to cool for AT LEAST 5 minutes before doing shit to it.
  • Remove the loaf from the pan and place it on a wire rack to cool completely.

Procedure for making some delicious fucking toast out of your home made anime bread-

  • Cut a slice of the bread
  • toast that shit in a toaster till it’s brown
  • put whatever shit you want on top of it
  • be late to school
  • place toast in mouth
  • run like an adorable anime girl



Have fun doing your thang, nerds.