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As promised, here are some more startorial #BacktoSchool supplies! These are all from UK-based Paper Chase. The designs looks astro-realistic, but I don’t recognize the image.

Backpack (sadly out of stock)

Lunch bag, insulated flask

ID case

Organizer, Notepad, Sketchbook

And my personal favorites (because I am a paper-organizing nerd):

3-ring binder, magazine file

You can find some by searching “galaxy” and even more by searching “wolf gang” (sure!). Watch this space for even more later today!

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So I was taking a look at @studyquill ‘s 30 Day Summer Studyblr Challenge and I thought: Why not make something like that for back to school? So here it is!

If you don’t know what this is, basically you have a prompt for every day for a post centered around a certain theme. (in this case, back to school stuff) 

Most of these posts would be great with pictures, but if you don’t want to, that’s fine! If you don’t like the prompt for a certain day, skip it! Feel free to interpret the prompts however you want. Make this challenge individual to you :)

Remember, it’s okay to skip a day (or five), and tag everything with:

 #Studyblr Back To School Challenge

Day 1: Write down your goals/wishes for the new school year

Day 2: Your 1st day of school outfit

Day 3: Favorite school supplies

Day 4: Your backpack/book bag

Day 5: Favorite school lunch

Day 6: Your agenda/planner system

Day 7: Locker “Emergency Kit”

Day 8: Your fave study spot

Day 9: Studying/productivity playlist

Day 10: Favorite after school snack

Day 11: Funny school-related story

Day 12: Your clubs/extracurricular activities

Day 13: Your pencil case

Day 14: School-related advice

Day 15: Your study method(s)

Day 16: Apps that help you with school

Day 17: Your study session essentials

Day 18: Self-care/what you do in a study break

Day 19: Your afterschool routine

Day 20: What you would tell your younger self about school

Day 21: Photo of your notes

Day 22: Books you’re reading/book recs

Day 23: Favorite studyblrs (spread some love !!)

Day 24: Handwriting tag 

Day 25: Your locker

Day 26: Favorite study snacks

Day 27:Your favorite motivational quote

Day 28: Advice for a subject you’ve already taken

Day 29: Masterpost for a subject you’re currently taking

Day 30: Reflection of how your school year has gone so far

And that’s it! Don’t hesitate to message me with any questions :)

my first day at work was really great. it was supposed to be a couple hours shorter, but i kept saying yes to things and now i’m super tired!! for some reason i expected to have less to do, but there’s a lot and i’m glad. also i planned to eat elementary school kid lunch that i brought and have my coffee but my boss was like, “come with me to this place and let’s talk.” so i did that and now i’m having a giant iced latte at 6pm. welp. 

  • Me:hey my friend is gone can I sit with you at lunch?
  • Boy:*much hesitation* I'm actually going out for lunch today
  • *10 minutes later*
  • Boy:*passes by me, siting with other kids with school lunch in his hands*
  • Me:oh okay. Let's see. I'm pretty. I'm outgoing. I'm nice, you're not, suck my dick and fall off a cliff bye bye.

Great news for schools and kids is bad news at Fox. Schools in high-poverty areas can now offer free school lunches to all students. This will help alleviate child hunger, improve academic achievement and saves the school money by decreasing administrative costs. 

But Fox News hears this and thinks that it’s somehow bad news. We’ll let the guest explain their reasoning: 

The problem we have … [with] poor children right now is obesity, and not the fact that they’re not getting enough calories. 


School Lunches from Around the World

1. Japan. Fried fish, dried seaweed, tomatoes, miso soup with potatoes, rice in a metal container, served with milk.

2. Israel. Falafel, pitta chips, yoghurt and cucumber sauce, with green leaves.

3.Finland. Salad, chicken curry and pudding, string beans and carrots, served with milk.

4. Czech Republic. Semolina and vegetable soup, beef with garlic, spinach and potato dumplings, an orange.

5. Brazil. Meat in BBQ sauce, rice, green salad, pudding, and a strawberry juice.

6. Barcelona, Spain. Tomato fusilli, deep fried fish, salad, bread, and an apple.

7. France.Fries and nuggets with broccoli, bread, pasta salad, and a slice of cake.

8. South Korea. Pickled sesame leaves, kimchi, doenjang (a soybean paste) stew served with rice and a side of grapes.

9. Austin, Texas. Turkey taco salad, mashed potatoes, peach cobbler, and iced tea.

10. Sweden. Potatoes, cabbage, and beans, served with a cracker, Lingon Berry juice to drink.