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growing up i was always afraid of unpacking my lunch at school because people would pick on me for eating food that “smells bad” and the same people who made fun of me are the ones that blog about loving asian food?? u claim loving asian food but as soon as balut, live octopus, 1000 year old egg, etc. come into the equation its suddenly disgusting?

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i went to an all girls secondary school and at lunch time in year 8 we played spin the bottle on the netball courts even though it was v open and p much the whole school was out there??? and no one even noticed tbh

this is so girls school omfg!!!! we used 2 have a competition over who had the biggest boobs and me and my friend were front runners till year 9 and we would parade them around every morning like prize cabbages


It was 11 in the morning and Yixing was still sitting in class, tapping his pen lightly on his notepad and, paying close attention to his teacher as they taught the class. He was one of the smartest students in the class, no doubt since he mostly studied after class and school anyway. During lunch he would just go to the same cafe and study while having lunch. The cafe was very modern and classy, Yixing loved the silent and calm atmosphere in there. 

As his teacher was assigning groups for the project, Yixing hoped it was one of his friends but nope. He was paired up with someone named “Kim Joonmyun.” Yeah Yixing knows the man but had never approached him and vice versa. Everyone stood up and gathered in their little pairs, making Yixing stand up as well and head to his partner’s desk. He shyly approached the male with his notepad, not knowing if the other could read sign language, he wrote down on his notepad, “Hi I’m Zhang Yixing. I’ll be your partner for this project.” 

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2doc for couple thing!!

Who would win tickle wars: murdoc
Who would draw pictures of the other in their sketchbook: 2D would try
Who would holds hands while walking: 2D
Who would gives cheek kisses: murdoc (secretly)
Who would start a snowball fight: 2D
Who would slip the most on a date to go ice skating: FUCKING 2D
Who leaves letter in the others locker: high school au? 2D
Who would bring lunch to school/work for the other: 2D
Who would want cuddle at the movie theater date: murdoc (shh)
Who would buy cheezy cliche gifts for each other on holidays: MURDOC
Who would start an argument about what color curtains they should have at home : pft murdoc
Who would remember their anniversary: murdoc
Who would blurt out how much they love the other in front of people: 2D
Who would offer to wash the others back in the shower: murdoc
Who would post up statuses about the other on facebook: 2D
Who would have the others picture as their phone background: both
Who would take pictures of the other while they’re sleeping: 2D!!!’
Who says I love you: 2D accidentally


Great news for schools and kids is bad news at Fox. Schools in high-poverty areas can now offer free school lunches to all students. This will help alleviate child hunger, improve academic achievement and saves the school money by decreasing administrative costs. 

But Fox News hears this and thinks that it’s somehow bad news. We’ll let the guest explain their reasoning: 

The problem we have … [with] poor children right now is obesity, and not the fact that they’re not getting enough calories. 


School Lunches from Around the World

1. Japan. Fried fish, dried seaweed, tomatoes, miso soup with potatoes, rice in a metal container, served with milk.

2. Israel. Falafel, pitta chips, yoghurt and cucumber sauce, with green leaves.

3.Finland. Salad, chicken curry and pudding, string beans and carrots, served with milk.

4. Czech Republic. Semolina and vegetable soup, beef with garlic, spinach and potato dumplings, an orange.

5. Brazil. Meat in BBQ sauce, rice, green salad, pudding, and a strawberry juice.

6. Barcelona, Spain. Tomato fusilli, deep fried fish, salad, bread, and an apple.

7. France.Fries and nuggets with broccoli, bread, pasta salad, and a slice of cake.

8. South Korea. Pickled sesame leaves, kimchi, doenjang (a soybean paste) stew served with rice and a side of grapes.

9. Austin, Texas. Turkey taco salad, mashed potatoes, peach cobbler, and iced tea.

10. Sweden. Potatoes, cabbage, and beans, served with a cracker, Lingon Berry juice to drink.

The signs as school lunches
  • Aries:Chicken Nuggets
  • Taurus:Ramen Noodles
  • Gemini:Shitty Mac and Cheese
  • Cancer:"Healthy" Salad
  • Leo:Greasy Pizza
  • Virgo:Random Dessert Items
  • Libra:Fake Mexican Burritos
  • Scorpio:A Depressed Sandwich
  • Sagittarius:Scorching Hot Soup
  • Capricorn:Yogurt Parfait
  • Aquarius:Mashed Potatoes
  • Pisces:Pre-made Wraps