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Art School AU: Part 12

“Don’t look—don’t look at the—”

Don’t look at the board. Don’t look at the pictures. Don’t look at me, don’t see how broken I really am. Because if you do you’ll be like everyone else. Pitying the broken doll with the cracks in her china face. Cracks in her heart.

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hannlace  asked:

How about #20 for Butterfly Bog (in the AU of your choice)? :)

things you said that i wasn’t meant to hear (Art School AU fluff)

Marianne loved her dad.

Marianne squeezed her phone and reminded herself again that she loved her dad and that if she just had patience he would eventually understand that her relationship with Bog was serious. He would understand that his daughter was an adult capable of making informed, rational choices.

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Things You Said Too Quietly

@ankewehner prompted this for Kinda Subtle (aka Stuff and Thang). It ended up being in Art School AU and they are therefore named Steph and Thane.

Thank you for this prompt, I’ve never really written these two and I had a lot of fun!


Thane shook his head, thinking he might have heard something. It was probably Bog and he had probably been calling for awhile now. Thane wondered if he pretended to be oblivious and just continued working Bog would give up. With unsteady fingers, Thane lined up another nail to hammer into the wall frame he was working on.

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Art School AU Xmas

out of continuity fluff that takes place some time after Bog and Marianne start dating. I wanted to write something nice for you guys but all I could come up with was some fluffy garbage. Sorry

“Marry me, Bog.”

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