school is kinda boring


These one are, too, from schwarzbrots au

Picture one: Damn. I’m so dangerous. watch out.

The second picture is basically me trying to get a satisfying result with selftimer on cam. Well as you can see I ended up clinging to the handrail.

Pic three is only in here because it shows the outfit. My whole face/pose is what the fuck do i do here especially what the holy frickle frackle do i do with my arms.

Last one: can i please stab someone already


A small comic of Jax and Lily (Characters belongs to Awesomeasusual and Hotapplestrider

Jax drools when he is focused on something (a terrible drawn butterfly in this case) and I was thinking that Lily is maybe disgusted when he slurp up his slobber. Oh well… 

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Where and how did you and your girlfriend meet? You don't have to answer, you guys just seem like you have such an awesome relationship. I'm ace too like she is and I can only hope to someday maybe find something like what you guys have :) being romantic asexual is hard!

Haha, it was kinda boring, though, we met in high school. We were friends-of-friends and then had a class together and were instant BFFs. Then at the time she had a boyfriend, and he and I actually wound up being pretty good friends, but a couple years later he discovered alcohol and morphed into a gigantic asshole.

I figured out that I liked her “romantic stylez” probably about a year before her boyfriend turned into a dick but just didn’t say anything. Then Dickhead Supreme figured it out and got jealous of me (why??? They were still dating at the time? And if she liked me better it was only his own fault, LOL) and then after they broke up, he blackmailed me into telling her (an “if you don’t tell her I will” situation)

Which turned out kind of funny because I basically blurted out “You know how I’ve been acting really weird, well, I like you romantic stylez” and Amanda said “Oh. Okay.” and then I don’t remember what exactly but it was something very not traumatizing, like, “So, are we still going to go catch a movie?”

Then I graduated college a year before her and drove back to our college town every other weekend to spend with her and when she graduated we got an apartment together and lived happily ever after, ~not the end~

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"Toma.... when gives father me the talk?" The little Saiyajin boy tugged on Toma's armor, kinda bored and well the kids in his school sometimes talked about it.

Toma glanced down at the young boy. “Er…. that might….. come a little later on, kid…” He ruffled his hair. “Don’t worry though…. he’ll tell you at the right time.”


Haruka arrives late and everyone is just so horrified (”Goodness gracious me! Didn’t you know this was a fancy school????”).

Except Kirara. Whose immediate reaction is that little smirk. Like heck yeah, slightest sign of trouble, time for me to get my popcorn.

Kirara has had less than a minute of screentime and somehow she is still so far ahead of the competition for favorite character right now.

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How do you like CSUN?

It’s alright all my professors have been pretty good. They do a really good job at preparing you for your career at least in my major they do. In the past I would just go to school and go home so it was kinda boring, but the key is to be social. I think this semester is the one that I’ve made the most friends (:

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what do you wear to school? sorry kinda boring but ur perfect👼

I live in Canada so it’s always extremely cold and I have to walk outside quite a lot so I wear my aa high waisted jeans 90% of the time with a crop top, docs and I steal my brothers jackets lol but when the weather is decent I love wearing my lulu or tennis skirts with black knee socks (I post pics of a lot of my outfits on insta @ katyaxco)