school is kinda boring

Ok so i’ll just go off the blue. I’ll just make a lil wall of text presenting of my side-project that isn’t MagiMonsters

So basically, I was watching JoJo and Heroes, and I was wondering “hey, what if I basically took this concept but add something spicy to the writing?” and so it’s like

The project has a certain pitch in mind: There must be no main characters, no antagonists, no protagonists.

So the series basically revolves around some kinda boring high school in Ohio and basically some weird shit happens and everyone gets a superpower. Then even more weird shit happens and it would merge into a plot? idk

So far, i’ve got like 6 character concepts in mind: a powerless nerd, a “too pure” boy with emotion manipulation ability, an aquaphobic but motivated girl with water manipulation and the ability to merge with water, a wheelchair kid with velocity manipulation powers, a closeted transgender kid with shapeshifting powers, and my absolute fuckin fave, a bratty NB kid with time-related powers.

I will probably make MORE characters because there’s an infinity of powers i want to exploit, but here.

(Also the NB kid has the cutest design i ever wrote ever)

Been spending too many days of holidays in bed. Kinda bored and there isn’t much to do with this weather/health condition (I am almost cured but dont want to go out in the cold and get sick again). I’ll try to get out more the remaining days

Also I seem to have some thing on my left eye, the side is more red than usual

Might watch “The wolf of wall street” because I’ve had it on my computer for ages but its such a long movie that I never gather the strength to start it.

4 out of 5 grades are in. If that last grade is a good one, I will be quite pleased with the results

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1. I chose to write this out at 1am because why the hell not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’ve been watching Noragami and am kinda awake now
2. I’m going to art college in september to do A levels and am very excited because ART but also terrified because i don’t think i’ll know anybody in my classes to start with
3. i have an art blog -> insanityelixir ;) subtly promotes myself
4. i just yawned (??)
5. I’m actually pretty good academically at school as in maths, sciences and stuff but it just kinda bores me y’know? so i end up going to art college instead where the jobs i want will probably be hard to earn from, which sucks but i wanna have a job i enjoy when i’m older rather than grow old complaining about some dull job every night. or maybe i’m just naive
6. yesterday i screamed at a spider that wasn’t even 1cm big :^)

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12 and 22?

oh okay after reading this nobody will think im normal ever again :P 

12. is pretty boring though, we met at school we kinda had the same sense of humour so we were talking more and more and we still talk to this day, we’re still really good friends actually ;)

22. i remember it was a dream when my grandma choked my brother, in this dream he was like 4 and it wasnt my real grandma, it was just my grandma in that dream and my parents went like ‘oh well, what a shame’ and went on with their lives like nothing happened. when i woke up i was like WTF for solid ten minutes lmao

19. 7/7/2015

Dear You, 

How’s it going? having a good time? or being lazy (again)? Wish you are doing well and having fun.

I am actually quite tired now…guess I will sleep earlier tonight. Don’t know why…didn’t do much today. Just surfed on the net this afternoon and then had a dinner with some friends. Ohh maybe it’s because the period thing…but luckily this time I haven’t got much pain. 

Life is in fact kinda boring to me now…no school, no work, and not much friends are free to accompany me as they have to go to work or are finding jobs. Yea I know being alone could also make and do something fun, but it’s another feelings when hanging out and staying with friends…and I think you know what I mean. I guess by this aspect we are quite alike, we want to have privacy and space for our own, but we also need to spend time with friends. Haha maybe we are just somehow being selfish and greedy. And I think you know what I mean by this. 

But then after the dinner with my friends tonight, I soon realise that it’s quite impossible to have the same group of people to walk through the whole life…I mean, friends could forever be friends, but a certain group of friends just couldn’t be the closest in some stages of life. Like…when I and my friends are almost all got married, we wouldn’t put as much efforts or caring to each other as we did before marriage. We would build up our own living circle on our own, and time for meeting friends would be much less, and the topic for chat would also be different from what we have today. Those group of friends, especially for those friends who we met during our childhood or adolescence, would certainly  still be true-heart friends, but they will just not be the “closest” anymore, at least in the physical term. Well…I cannot really explain what I meant well in English, but I guess you’d understand and get what I mean, if you read this.

I don’t really know what I would like to have at this stage of life, maybe a just need and want some new ideas, and some new people and new environment to bring me out from my own comfort zone and my own box. I desire something new, and something unfamiliar to change my present situation. Honestly I am so confused now…and feeling helpless actually. I wonder how much I could gain and how high I could reach with my own ability. I don’t want to walk in the fixed routine like others, I want to create my own path. People may think I am weird, or unrealistic, but who the hell cares. This is my life. 

But frankly I also dream like other girls…always hope there would be someone to show me the world, brighten my life and make me smile everyday. haha to be honest I saw you as the one, just finally it turned out to not a very nice ending…but never mind, I will find someone like you. (yea listening to Adele) I didn’t say it out but I actually so wanted to let you know…you were the whole world to me. You meant the world to me. It was hurt to hear you say…“the world is bigger than me”…I know the world is big, and I know there are much more things waiting for me to discover…I would like to see them, I would like to experience them, with you. It is funny to see the world, but it is funnier to see the world with you. Somehow I lost the opportunity…you are missing in my world now. And memories is all I have now.

Oke, oke, I can’t type any longer…tears are filling my eyes. Already sad enough about losing self-control again of buying two dresses from h&m today. Going to take a quick shower and sleep. Hou van je.


PS. Is it a crime that I still want you…and wanted you to want me too?