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different endings for different universes– or, in Other words, me forcing myself to fit all the prompts for day 4 of gyjo week in one post

Day 4 (May 10th) - Post SBR / Alternate Ending / Injury

“I think Kyoya is very much in love with Tamaki and with Haruhi. He’s very much in love with the both of them. And I think it matures to a point where he would much prefer to see the both of them together than him with either one. Because they make more sense together than he makes with anybody else.”

~ J Michael Tatum

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How about... Villain group chat :D (I love your art btw it's so nice :''o )

Recently i was added to a group chat with an admin that would kick out people and add them again constantly everytime they said something he didn’t like and it gave me an idea to answer this

and a Plus bc i love these two