school is in 2 weeks

Have some doodles I did based off things that have happened in Tomodachi Life.

~PART 2:

It was the night before school opens and you laid there in bed tossing and turning. So many thoughts running through your head. This is so fucking unfair. They promised that Daegu was just a vacation stop but now they changed their fucking minds and decided to move here again. You were so against the idea that you didn’t even go with them to enroll in your new school. Your mom said it is a performing Arts school, which wasn’t that bad of an idea considering that you were pretty talented. But still, you felt pissed at them for some reason. In fact, you didn’t even bother visiting the school not until 2 weeks ago. The school is huge as fuck, but you were kind of glad for that. You wouldn’t have to see the same faces or make friends. You were starting to dislike Daegu, especially now that Yoongi and you were no longer talking or fucking anymore. You hated his guts, but you didn’t want to admit that you still had feelings.

Staring at the ceiling you began thinking about him again. You’ve been thinking of him ever since he broke your heart, exactly a month ago. Shutting your eyes you recalled the last time you met. You felt pain in your chest.


He had texted you to meet him. It had been a week since he last texted you- the longest he’s ever lasted without being inside of you. You wondered if he was still mad about that incident. Once you met up you saw he was acting very strange but you could tell he was trying hard to hide it. “Hey” he said hugging you a little longer than usual. “Hi Yoongi. What’s wrong?” you asked cheerfully embracing his tight grip and cologne. He didn’t say anything, instead he kissed you but the kiss felt different than usual. It was more passionate, as if he was saying goodbye. He didn’t add his tongue, this wasn’t a lustful kiss. It made your heart flutter a lot “Yoongi, what are you doing?” you asked weakly in between the kiss, trying to hide your bursting emotions. “We need to….um” he trailed off looking away from your eyes. Your hands rose to his head touching his hair softly “Baby what’s wrong?” you said suddenly worried. You’ve never seen this side of Yoongi…was he…sad? Stepping closer your lips landed on his neck, slowly biting and sucking his soft skin “Don’t” he says stepping away causing you to scrunch up your eyebrows “I have…” he trailed off again “Y/N what are we doing? We don’t even know anything about each other why are we acting as if we do?” he said causing you to shoot him a confused expression. You knew he hated when you marked him.

He warned you many times but this time you had a feeling he wasn’t talking about you giving him a hickey. He was almost speaking in riddles. You couldn’t tell if he was simply playing one of his fantasy roles or if he was serious. “What are you talking about?” you ask moving closer to him “Is this about the hickey I gave you last week? You were so fucking mad- such a turn on” you said coming face to face with him. “You know how mad I was and yet you still haven’t fucking learned your lesson” he said pissed. Was he really that mad at you for marking him? “Let me guess your parents saw your hickey and now you’re grounded?” you asked tilting your head. You knew that couldn’t be the case. “I told you many times don’t fucking mark me, and how much I hate when you mark me. Yet you still act like a bratty bitch and do whatever you want” he said pissed “Did you really text me to come and lecture me about this?” you ask trying not to let his words offend you. He just hissed as if he couldn’t let out what he wanted to tell you “Why don’t you like me marking you? It’s not a big deal. And you give me hickies all the time.” You protested not understanding him “Because I said so. Stop asking questions” he demanded

“You’re an ass, I don’t even get you sometimes” you said turning around to walk out but his grip stopped you “You must be VERY lucky Y/N. It’s not everyday girls get to disrespect me like you do” he said with clenched teeth while tightening his grip around your wrist. You couldn’t help but get turned on by his tone “Well you’re into weak bitches then, get tf off me Yoongi I want to leave” you attempt to yank your hands away but fail terribly. “Try again” he says stepping closer while his grip still held you. “Get off m-“ your words trailed off once his lips attacked yours “Shut tf up” he says slamming you against the wall. You were so turned on you instantly forgot how to act “Then shut me up” you said staring at him as if he had all the power in the word. His grip moved away from your wrist and against your throat. His body held yours in between his as his grip tightened around your air pipe “I can fucking destroy you without even touching you…just try me again” he warned making you instantly wet.

His tongue licked your lips before he took your bottom lips in between his teeth. Biting them harshly “uhh” you lightly moan causing him to smirk. He thrusted his hips into yours before rubbing his erection on your clothed pussy “Yoongi please” you moaned causing him to stop “Weak bitch” he says for your earlier remark. You were feeling so needy for him that you weren’t in the mood to tease him back “Only for you” you whispered touching his clothed dick. He was hard as a rock “You must think I’m stupid” he says pushing your hands off his dick. But you managed to touch it again, this time hard enough to earn a groan from him “We can’t-” he says fighting the urge to push you away. What did he mean by that? You just kept teasing him until he gave in “fuck, I hate you” he said before finally ripping your panties off and bending down. Instead of eating you out, he bit your folds sending electricity through your whole body “Yoongi!” his teeth made sure to sink in just enough to cause you pleasure and a hint of pain “Fuck you really want to eat me don’t you?” you say chuckling. You felt a grin form against your folds. He looked you in the eyes as he continued adding pressure to your folds.

His expression was sexy-yet dangerous, while his eyes were full of lust “You taste so good Y/N” he mumbled. Throwing your head back you felt his tongue press into your hole “UHH!!” fuck he was beyond good. He licked your juice as he devoured your folds. His tongue was bring you so much pleasure “Yoongi I want to feel you” you moan causing him to slip his fingers in and out of your wet hole smoothly before he stood up and undressed himself. His dick looked so sexy- thick, pink tip, and veiny. Your mouth watered “Suck me” he demands as you got on your knees. Your lips wrapped around his thickness as you licked him. His precum was so delicious “Yummy” you comment licking his tip before taking him all in your mouth. You sucked harshly on his dick allowing him to fuck your throat “UH shit… Fuck” he was enjoying it very much. Your head continued to bob back and forth quickly as your tongue ran across his shaft and ball “Fuck! You’re so good Y/N. Your mouth is so tight but not as tight as your gorgeous pussy” he groaned as pulled harshly on your hair. You managed to continue to suck his membrane deeply to the point he was sweating.

You felt him twitch in your mouth which caused you to stroke his balls as you licked his tip “Uhh! Stop I’m gonna cum” he groaned letting go of your hair. You released him with a pop. He pulled you towards him holding his membrane in his hand before he inserted it slowly into your hole. His eyes were filled with hunger for you. You felt him stretch you out making you moan. His thrusts felt so good, the way his membrane was hitting the back of your insides drove you nuts “Ugh!” his slow thrusts were allowing you to feel everything “Yoongi go faster” you said into a moan causing him to slam you across the wall before thrusting harder into you. His hips pounded into your as you held a tight grip holding your waist back “UHH! Mhh” your hands intertwined between his hairs as your eyes shut “fuck! Why are you perfect?” he cursed once you started to tighten around his thickness.

His strong chest felt so manly and good pressed tightly against your breasts. His lips locked with yours as he added his tongue. Everything felt so good for you, you could cum on him right there and then. “Yoongi-ah I love you” you moaned not comprehending anything. His grunts got louder as if he just loved hearing you moan that “Fuck your so sexy baby” his pace quickened and before you knew it you had cummed. Pulling out of you he bent you in front of him as he slammed into you from behind without warning “OH Yoongi!” you moaned at the intense feeling of pleasure. His dick brushed against your ass as he thrusted inside of your pussy “Shit you’re so fucking tight” he groaned. He made you feel so good. Everything about this moment was making your heart rush- the fact that his big muscular hands were tightly holding your small hips, or the fact that his dick was stretching you out so well, or maybe that his sexy groans were filled by your name. “Y/N…uh you’re so fucking sexy.” His thrusts came fast and hard causing your eyes to roll back “Uhhh please Yoongi don’t stop” your legs were getting weaker with his powerful thrusts.

Before you knew it he was filling your inside up with his cum. His load felt so hot and sticky shooting inside of you “Fuck! I’m cumming” he moaned causing you to squirm under him “Uhh uh Yoongi” you moaned as he continued to pound into you stretching you out so much. As you cummed again you felt both of your liquids mix. “You think you can handle another round baby?” he asked groping your boobs. You bite your lips to contain yourself before nodding. Looking at Yoongi he was now out of breath and sweaty. A site that turned you on so much. “Come here beautiful” he demanded softly as he sat down on the floor. You sat on top of his lap feeling his erection “How are you still hard?” you asked causing him to smirk “Says the girl dripping with my cum” he says slapping your ass “uh” you moaned at the sudden sting.

His mouth moved closer to your nipples as he sucked on them “Mhh” you softly moaned as you moved back and forth on his dick “Such a whore. How many times do you want me to make you cum?” he teased as he pinched your nipples. You hit his chest playfully “Ughh, why am I wet again?” he heard you mumble to yourself which made him smirk. Inserting his erection into you he ordered you to move on him “I’ll let you hump me this one time so enjoy it” he says causing you to roll your eyes “Shut up” you said as you started bouncing on his dick. “Regardless of how wet I make you, your always so tight” he groaned enjoying your pussy “Uhh” you moan as you continued to bounce on him. His grip helped you slam down onto him.

You pulled out of him midway before slamming back down harshly on his thickness earning dirty groans from him “fuck baby don’t stop what you’re doing” he said making you dizzy with his deep sexy voice. You were so happy he let you be in control, but that didn’t last long. He flipped you so that he was now on top. “Enough fun” he says pounding into you. Your eyes roll back “Yoongi-ah” your moans filled the room causing him to continue on “Ughh Yoongi slow down I-I can’t” the pleasure was so intense you were shaking. His thrusts brought you ecstasy as you both cummed at the same time. Standing up, he immediately picked you up. Making you wrap your legs around his waist “You’re so good. Your always good…you’re beyond good Y/N” he says making you blush “Mh, I know” You replied out of breath trying to sound cocky.

Why was he acting so weird today? You thought looking deeply into his eyes. He was trying to calm his breathing. Holding your body close to his he leaned in and closed the gap. His lips felt so soft. His kiss felt affectionate again. Why was he suddenly acting like this “Yoongi, do you love me?” you asked regretting it as soon as those words left your mouth. His lips pulled away as he scrunched his eyebrows “What?” he asked confused “Do you like me?” you changed your question scared of his answer “I don’t know” he says looking away, you stayed silent “What makes you think that?” he asked coldly “Because I… love you” you said in a whisper scared to look into his eyes. Your cheeks burned brightly as you waited for him. He remained silent for a long time before he finally said something “I wouldn’t be honest if I said I accept us” his words stung you. The atmosphere was suddenly weird. You pulled away from his grip “I thought you… I don’t know. I feel things around you. Don’t you?” he didn’t reply so you continued “I think I am falling in love with you” you admitted biting your lips.

His stare felt like he was reading through your soul “How? How can you know you love me when you barely know anything about me” he says shooting you a look “I do know you…you’re this guy who tries to act tough but you’re nothing but sweet and soft inside and you try to push people away when you feel something for them. I am like that too. And Yoongi, I don’t need to know everything about you to know that you make my heart flutter and my knees weak.“ you said looking into his eyes. “Would you still feel the same way if I told you I haven’t been completely honest with you? If I told you I take advantage of people. If I told you I treat girls like shit and I feel nothing inside?” he said “Yoongi-“ you began but he cut you off “I am no good for you Y/N! I don’t believe in you and me ever being anything more because I don’t believe in anything but lust” he says stinging you harder than anything has ever “I don’t do relationships or love or any of that shit” he continued. You felt needles in your heart. “Then why TF were you kissing me like that!?” you yelled trying to hold back your tears “That’s how I kiss girls. I am sorry maybe I mislead you” he says making your mouth drop “Girls?” your hands suddenly reached out and slapped him. You shook your head as you tried your hardest to hold back tears. “You fucking tell me this now? When all along you’ve been leading me on. Fuck you Yoongi” you say pissed.

“I never led you on! I told you since day one! Don’t fucking get attached but your dumbass just laughed at me. Not my fault” he says stinging you “You told me many times that you felt something for me but now I see you’re denying it. Fucking pathetic” you said “When did I ever say “Y/N I love you!?” WHEN?” He says raising his voice causing you to flinch. “Many times! When we were swimming and when we…you’re so stupid how can you lie like this?” you were heating up “Are you talking about when we were fucking? That’s just drunk talk” he says causing you to freeze. How dare he “Your disrespectful” you whisper looking down heartbroken.

“See, I told you, you don’t know me. How can you love me yet you can’t even accept who I am?” he asks causing you to shake your head “Accept you?  I will never fucking accept you when you- ugh just fucking forget it!” you screamed getting frustrated “Good thing I am just here for the summer” you blurt out causing him to shoot you a surprised look. ”What?” he asked you “Like it matters to you” you say as you put on your clothes.  He was silent for a while as he observed you put on your clothes. If you didn’t know any better you would have thought he was hurt. He walked towards you “Then let’s stop wasting each other’s time. Let’s not meet anymore” he said making your heart stop “Ok, fine with me” you replied shrugging your shoulders. Right when you thought you could hold it in your tears fell down your cheeks “Fuck off” you mouthed running out.

Flashback ends.

You laid in bed wondering why your cheeks were wet. How can you let anyone treat you like that? You were always the girl guys went after. Fuck him for thinking he could use you.

Another Klance 💜


KLANCE WEEK!! Day 2-Love/Hate

they got into a fight but lance knows how to make up for it

edit: lmao i forgot to color keith’s elbow

remember my love when we’re apart by tiedbows

my ultimate sheith playlist (equal parts tender and emo)

the postal service - such great heights // fall out boy - sugar, we’re going down // the boxer rebellion - if you run // run river north - shiver (cover) // shawn mendes - never be alone // vance joy - fire and the flood // little green cars - the john wayne // ruelle - war of hearts // the cab - intoxicated // dashboard confessional - hands down // no doubt - running // run river north - somewhere // gavin degraw - belief // bon iver - skinny love // howie day - collide // of monsters and men - king and lionheart // snow patrol - set the fire to the third bar // coldplay - in my place // the fray - look after you // relient k - must have done something right // bleachers - i wanna get better // the all-american rejects - there’s a place // daft punk - something about us // angels & airwaves - saturday love // brandon flowers - crossfire // keane - somewhere only we know // rudimental - lay it all on me (feat. ed sheeran) // utada hikaru - hikari // coldplay - violet hill // run river north - seven

23rd december // oh my it has been almost 4 months since i’ve posted my own notes and oh well i’m back at least!! it’s my holidays now and school is starting in 2??3?? weeks and i’m very behind on the work i should have completed so i’m just a little stressed rn but all is fine all will be well :-)))

cityoflostartifices  asked:

Hello ma'am! Been huge fan of your books since middle school, very inspiring stuff. But you have mentioned the 2 week jump between Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows , do we ever find out the conversation after mark says "why lie?". Just wonderin.

Yes, you do. :)