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Anatomy of a Cactus illustration. Cacti are the only plant that I don’t straight up murder by accident. So I had two great models in my apartment.

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Finally finished my plant anatomy series. These three art make a great gift for any botanist or gardening enthusiast. check out the deal for all three at my shop:

To Reach Out to Deaf Boy, Whole Class Learns to Sign

When Mirzana Coralic asked the primary school in her Sarajevo neighborhood whether they would enroll her deaf son, teacher Sanela Ljumanovic volunteered. Then September came and 6-year-old Zejd was there, silently sitting on a bench, his eyes wide. No one at the school, not even Zejd, knew sign language. “We have to come up with something here,” Ljumanovic remembers thinking. She tried to develop her own tricks to communicate with Zejd but a parent proposed that the whole class learn sign language with him. Three months later, the first-graders of class 1-2 at Osman Nakas primary school have mastered the basics of sign language to communicate with their classmate.

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Some sketches for the Figure Invention class I’m taking at CDA, mostly from refs provided in-class.

Please note that none of these drawings are intended to be used as reference—they’re just byproducts of my own learning process. imo it’s always better to draw from the real thing, not from the fallible attempts of a fellow student!


Ʌ School Is Cool - Black Dog Panting (Vuurwerk Remix) Ʌ

A Belgian band and a Belgian electronic artist combined and you get this! A slightly more dark song but in my opinion it should have gotten way more attention! This song reminds me a bit of Oscar & The Wolf, enjoy :)
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