school is bad for children

College and school in general

What’s sad about the educational system now is its not about learning anymore, it’s about making the grade. As long as you make the grade that your parents expect from you, it doesn’t seem to matter how much you learn in the process. And that’s what I find sad. Yes you may make a bad grade but it may not be for the reason that your parents or anyone else thinks. It may be that you don’t have enough time to learn and fully understand the material because your professor or teacher is trying to rush through the material to get through the school year. There is something seriously wrong with the educational system today if the grade matters more than understanding the information. But that’s the world today and the world we live in. The world that our children are going to live in. Well okay then. The worlds just more messed up than I thought.

Types of @nti Otayuri people

The Can’t Do Math One: This person insists that Otabek is 4-6 years older than Yuri, or claims that the Otayuri ship is the equivalent of a freshman in high school dating a college student. 

 The Can’t Read One: Ignores everything you say, even if it is correct, sourced, information. Is incapable of accepting anything that weakens their argument, regardless of whether or not it is true. Only cares about laws when it is convenient for them, otherwise “laws aren’t the same thing as morality!” Resorts to insults when they run out of arguments. 

 The Can’t Do Science One: Doesn’t understand what pedophilia is. Will make no effort to understand. Refuses to find legitimate websites to back up their arguments. Knows nothing about human growth and development, and believes that people are mentally and physically mature, fully functioning adults, as soon as they reach the age of majority. Claims that Yuri hasn’t hit puberty yet, despite the fact that he’s almost 16. Thinks of high school students as “children…“ until they turn 18. Then they are grown ass adults who are buying houses and saving for retirement. Probably hasn’t met an actual 18 year old. 

 The Doesn’t Understand How Laws Work One: Will insist that an 18 year old holding hands with a 15 year old is ILLEGAL child abuse. Doesn’t know the consent laws in Russia. Doesn’t know the consent laws in Kazakhstan. Doesn’t even know the consent laws in their own country. Assumes that the entire world revolves around U.S standards (or whatever they think those standards are) 

 The I Had a Bad Experience With an Upperclassmen One: Will talk about their bad dating experiences and their friend’s bad dating experiences, and assume that these apply to everyone and every relationship, at all times. Probably thinks everyone on tumblr went to the same high school too.

The Think of the Children!!! one: Claims that Otayuri is bad because it gives child abusers material to groom children with, since apparently fanfic/fanart is the hot new way for pedos to take advantage of kids. That cute fluff fic you wrote? Some pervert is probably reading it to the kid they’re grooming as a bedtime story. Someone harassed a minor online? That has nothing to with the abundance of trolls on almost every website, or the fact that some people are just assholes. Nope, this person clearly got inspiration from the Otayuri comic you reblogged. Shame on you. 

The People Aren’t Friends With Their Dates One: Otayuri can’t happen because best-friends-to-lovers relationships aren’t a thing. When two people are friends, they s t a y  f r i e n d s. And don’t go on dates. Ever. Also claims that shipping two guys who are friends is inherently “fetishizing” male/male relationships for the sake of “hawt yaoiz.” Because clearly no female can appreciate male/male relationships unless they have a yaoi fetish.

The Broken record: Claims Otayuri is pedophilia. Over and over and over again. Its pedophilia. p e d o p h i l i a I tell you. No, I don’t care what mental health professionals say. No, I don’t care what common sense says. When I say it’s pedophilia, it means it’s goddamn pedophilia, you fucking pedo. Saying something over and over again makes it true, right?


“School has become an abnormal setting for children, and instead of admitting that, we say that the children are abnormal, we need to correct the children rather than correct the space… Our children are more stressed than their parents are, that they would rather have a job like their parents than be going to school. They would be happier with that. Parents are beginning to realize, “Wait, we did away with child labor but we put kids into this situation [mandatory public schooling] that in some ways is as bad as child labor.” 

how many children would be in ilvermorny? [approximately]

• well, there are 25,000,000 children who are within the wizarding school age range in the united states.
• but how many of them are wizards?
• the wizard to muggle ration is 1 wizard for every 4,150 muggles.
• this would leave about 6,100 wizard children approximately.
• so, in all reality, ilvermorny wouldn’t even be as crowded as you’d think. 6.1k children in a school isn’t even that bad, considering how many people are in the united states.
• now, if there are seven years, there would be around 880 students in each year. [which isn’t so bad, considering there’s 1200 kids in my graduating class]
• there would be around 1,530 kids in each house.
since the average american school has a teacher - student ratio of 50:1, there would only need to be around 130 teachers.
• ilvermorny would most likely be another underfunded american school that probably has strict rules and shitty food [the american goverment, everyone. MACUSA is probably no different]


small gestures can give a big impact.

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Oikawa and Kageyama's relationship would have been a lot better had someone just reminded Oikawa that he was the team's captain. If Oikawa had remembered that you can't really replace the captain because his role is more than a setter, it would have saved us all a lot of heartbreak and stress.

I don’t know if our blog is the right place for a post like this, but it’s a subject I think a lot about and have much to say on, so what the hell.

The Oikawa/Kageyama relationship is one of the most complex ones in the entire series, with a rash of variables that contributed to the state of their interactions together at the beginning of the series through now. The first we see of Oikawa is Kageyama being wary of him and Oikawa frothing over with fake cheer, capped off with a desire to crush his ‘uselessly adorable (it’s the most common translation I’ve seen) kouhai’. A LOT happens between these two to bring them where they are today.

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I feel so bad for these elementary/middle school children getting transed everytime I see this kind of articles and I'm glad this messiness hasn't really hit my country yet+that I was born in the 80s. Half of the women (girls) my age I've met since high school, myself included, were miserable children when made to have feminine behaviours and there's no doubt a bunch of us would be diagnosed as transgender boys were we born after 20~25 years later.

Not identifying with the oppressive role society hands to you is a medical issue now apparently. Or maybe it always was, how many women were institutionalized for even less in the past? 

The Signs as Unreleased Lana Songs

Aries: Driving in Cars With Boys

Taurus: Puppy Love

Gemini: Boarding School

Cancer: Big Bad Wolf

Leo: Jealous Girl

Virgo: Children of the Bad Revolution

Libra: Prom Song (Gone Wrong)

Scorpio: Motel 6

Sagittarius: Dangerous Girl

Capricorn: Every Man Gets His Wish

Aquarius: Fake Diamond

Pisces: 1949

BTS as Dad's
  • V: has 10 kids, ultimate dad and treats random kids as good as his own
  • Jin: texts his children bad jokes when they're at school, tells them bad jokes on the way home from school, only lets them have dinner after another round of Dad jokes
  • Rapmon: philosophically reads his kid 3 books every night, moves in with Jin for two weeks after his son asks him about 'expensive girl'
  • Jimin: dresses his children way too well, makes V babysit them a lot, secretly jealous that his daughters bias is Jungkook
  • Jungkook: forever taking his children to their sports games, sends them to their room whenever they get out the 'Jungkook memes'
  • Suga: his children are constantly saying "do you love Holly more than us?", "Dad, stop Rapping to yourself, I'm on the phone" and teasing him about the Yoonmin jokes
  • Jhope: his kids are freakishly loud, becomes way too close with their school teachers, teaches his kids to dance and constantly embarrasses them in public

This has haunted me for probably my entire life since I was 6. 

I hate sweating and I feel ashamed of it

There you go. You heard me. And I know I’m not the only one here. 
If you’re an overweight girl like me you probably had a bad time during school. I’ve been called fat since the children learned the word. But what was worse they made me ashamed of moving. I couldn’t have fun anymore running around and climbing trees. Once you’ve been laughed at while doing sports you will always feel like being laughed at. “Sweaty pig” is probably the worst thing you can hear and it stuck…

Also in our society sweating is just judged most of the time. ESPECIALLY in overweight people. You’ve seen a big guy with sweaty armpits? It’s perfectly normal but he gets judged and feels bad and ashamed. 
So do I. Like I hate sweating so much because I feel judged. It is for me a sign I carry too much weight or whatever. I mean I started to fear it in a way. Just to not be a “sweaty pig” again

So with this post I’m calling you on this judgement. I have never seen a post on this before. I encourage you to promote healthy sweating and when you see a sweating overweight person go for a smile. When they do exercise next to you out of breath and sweating, smile and tell them they are doing good! Join them! 

Sweating should be natural and not judged by any of us. If we start to smell, go on tell us but don’t do a disgust face. AND please if you ever have kids try to make them see the fat kid in their class as themselves. 

If we can stop sweat shaming we might get a move on ;) 

thanks for reading loves <3 


I witness my feelings of shame and fear and offer them to the universe to heal and turn into love. I’m letting go of them. 

honestly i fucking hate adults who think they have the right to shit all over children and think that cringe art blogs are “teaching them to be better artists” like

weh weh itll help them growwww!! cries a fucking loser who apparently has no human empathy for little children who couldnt possibly be as advanced in ANYTHING as adults because theyre CHILDREN.

youre gonna walk up to a 13 year old who’s just having fun, exploring themself, and doing their best at their current age and state of artistic practice, and mock them and put them down and expect them to take it was “criticism”?

listen barnacle bill expecting unfair growth out of children is fucking disgusting and downright entitled. kids look up to adults for encouragement and support and if they instead receive nasty putrid comments it’s fucking devastating. so many kids online who are actually proud of their art become ashamed and even give up on artistry because of the ridicule they receive for having “imperfect” ideas

you know where you can expect perfection in storytelling and characters? disney. your favorite author. any form or group of media made by actual grown adults who’ve learned by years of experience and are actually trying to make “perfect” art to please their audience.

not a fucking 13 year old child on deviantart who just draws for fun and to show their friends.

for gods fucking sake if you really think youre entitled to the art of children you have another thing coming you pathetic weirdo. there’s nothing constructive or growth-inducing about having some greasy 20+ year old tell you that ur art and ideas are fake or bad or unoriginal.

i worked at a childrens art school. i know for a fact that children are probably the most creative, inventive, inspired and unrestricted artists to ever exist. and who cares if their ideas are “cheesy and cliche” or if they make a “copypasta” oc to form their ideas from?

first off, learning art in itself is nothing more than recycling ideas you see. no one learns without mimicking whats already been previously created,
especially at a young age. and children always, always will put their own unique imaginative spin on what they know–and yes, even if that means that their oc has a dark side and 20 special powers. THEYRE HAVING FUN. WHO CARES?

i also know that criticism is and always must be CONSTRUCTIVE. we never, ever put down or said bad things about our child students art, we complimented what was good, then pointed out things to improve. sound coddling? its not. its literally just been a nice and tender person which clearly, you and lots of people are not.

nothing and no one grows from bullying and harsh words. the only thing children artists learn from harassment from sorry fucks like y'all is to be self conscious and ashamed of their own ideas. NOTHING good comes from that.

anyway, let. children. have. fun. and also fuck you.

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*Frisk comes in. They are crying. They had a bad day at the surface school. The human children were very mean. They came to see you because you are their skelebro(s) and they wanted to get away. Frisk asks them why people are so mean.


“HUMAN, REMAIN DETERMINED! kiddo, all great people go through tough spots. YES! ADVERSITY WILL COME BUT YOU WILL OVERCOME IT! we believe in you, frisk. ABSOLUTELY WE DO! we’re proud of you, kid. we want you to be happy. YES. BE HAPPY WITH US!”


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Its so ironic because now that a black man killed two cops, you and other black people will be held responsible and be attacked because of it. Yet when cops kill unarmed black people "not all cops are bad", when white people commit crimes like murdering school children never once are all white people deemed as bad. Yet now you and every other black person will need to answer for this one mans mistake. Im so sick of this blatantly obvious double standard that no one is acknowledging.

And so, in this dull and ugly place, where nobody ever says anything truthful, where everybody is playing a kind of role, as in a charade, where teachers are no more free to respond honestly to the students than the students are free to respond to the teachers or each other, where the air practically vibrates with suspicion and anxiety, the child learns to live in a daze, saving his energies for those small parts of his life that are too trivial for the adults to bother with, and thus remain his. It is a rare child who can come through his schooling with much left of his curiosity, his independence or his sense of his own dignity, competence and worth.
—  John Holt, “School Is Bad For Children"

Let me take a moment to address all the fans of authority backing the teacher, school, and Ben Fields, the Spring Valley High School SRO cop who has been fired after being taped assaulting a student during disciplinary action. I’m seeing a lot of “yeah, but” routines on social media. And they’re all incorrect for bad reasons.

High school students are young adults who are treated like children by many teachers, staff, administrators, police, parents, and neighbors. They are not children. As a teacher, I’m of the pedagogical position to be in opposition to enforced disciplinary authority in schools.

How to handle a student who has broken a rule, maybe even a law, though is not being violent or even raising a fuss?

I always insist a classroom is our shared space in which we collaborate on projects. I recognize that we come from different communities and that our social differences need not be put aside in the classroom. When something goes wrong and that wrong involves a student, I permit a break from school work. There’s no reason for me to invoke authority and to turn our collaborative effort into a mask I, as teacher-boss, wear when things are going well.

First, I do not police classrooms.

Second, when a student has an issue, I address it from my point of view. I don’t knee jerk authority to harangue a student nor do I pretend like I’m not a teacher and they’re not a student. If we can’t solve the problem, I move on, if possible. Nobody wants a problem in the classroom, and all problems do not need to be addressed “at this moment”. The “at this moment” insistence is a crude way to reinforce authority and hierarchy. Students need time to think. Adolescents are more willing to take risks than their teachers are. This isn’t a social thing; this is a brain chemistry thing. Understanding how members of our community process the same information in the same situations differently, and permitting difference is one very significant means to illustrating to everybody that they matter and their differences matter and that differences can be present. I don’t use “natural” nor do I use “permissible“ nor “acceptable” because these words and their synonyms invoke authority in hierarchy. I’m not playing a word game. I must train myself as a teacher to be vigilant of oppressive state apparatuses in my classroom behavior. As a member of a community, I need to be working just as I insist students work.

Third, if a student insists on being an obstacle to class progress, resists allowing us to move on, then I break the class down. “Well, ok, then, let’s take a break from work. Work on (whatever is assigned or being worked on) with your neighbors or on your own for ten minutes. Let’s try not to be too noisy.” If necessary, I’ll offer a quick note regarding anxiety. Something like, “Hey, we all need a break sometime. Nothing is so important that we can’t take a few minutes to be good to each other and ourselves. We’ll get back to work when we are ready.“ You’ll be surprised, but students will not take advantage of this sort of thing, that is, as long as you help build a high-interest classroom where students feel invested in cultivating a space in which work can be accomplished. They have to be invested. And that’s often up to the teacher. Nobody wants to invest in a room where a fucking creep is always standing or sitting in the front.

Fourth, teachers have certain powers we can’t ignore. Why involve the state apparatuses, when we can often do something simple as letting a student have a pass to the hall/bathroom. “If you need to step outside, come get a pass and go for a walk. Come back when you’re ready.” A trip to the bathroom to wash your face and have space to think for a second can calm a potentially bad situation. We have to permit outbursts. We have to permit dissent. We have to permit disobedience. Our social order is corrupt, our neighborhoods often anxiety-ridden and unsafe places, homes can be dangerous, adolescence is precarious and cruel, but a classroom can be a place where differences permitted students can speak up and act out without punishment. Individuals need outlets to express themselves. We risk a lot when we build community. We need to remind ourselves that our peace is a collaborative project that demands care for each other.

Violence is terrible in schools but we shouldn’t be involved in using violence to organize students. The police presence in schools is a form of violence. And we need to be honest about that. You can talk about school violence all you want. If you’re not willing to address the state, the police, and administration of students when addressing student violence, then you’re talking about violence in a useless manner.