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rn i’d say

1. American beauty

2. The royal Tenenbaums

3. Paris, Texas

4. Ex machina

5. The neon demon

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So out of curiosity what makes you not interested in the new movie at all? Even if you don't use it in your rps I would think you would still watch it for the heck of it.

Back in 1962 when Peter was first introduced to the world, he was a kid in high school. In the course of two years, Lee and Ditko ran a story where he graduated, became an adult, and moved on with his life. This was over 50 years ago. There have been 50 years of stories beyond high school that could have been adapted into movies– and there have been 7 movies that Peter has either starred in or featured in. Of those 7 movies, 4 of them are about high school. 4 of them are about the same damn thing. Loser in high school. Doesn’t understand his powers. Imagine if every Iron Man movie was about him stuck in that cave. Imagine if every Captain America movie took place in the 40s. Imagine if every Avengers movie was about the team first getting together. Imagine if every Batman movie featured his parents getting murd- oh wait.

While I new Spider-Man was in trouble the moment I heard he was coming to the MCU, I saw Civil War with an open mind toward the new Spidey. He was a complete disappointment. His quips were awful, I got sick of his cracking voice, and absolutely nothing valuable was done with the character. No new ground was broken. The new Spider-Man was just as forgettable as Andrew Garfield.

And because of the way movies shape fan perception, everyone now sees Peter as some kid, rather than what he’s actually been for the last 50 years. Dead Uncle Ben is a meme now. It’s only a matter of time now until this “new” take on Spider-Man starts to trickle into comics– after all, a new relaunch is just around the corner.

I also hate the idea of Tony Stark playing daddy to Peter. Tony used him in Civil War as a weapon. In the comics, he also treated him like shit.

tl;dr this is nothing new about the worst part of Peter’s history and I won’t pay money to see it