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7am Coffee, Battersea, South London ‪#‎_southwestern_‬

Apologies, a little quiet on here lately. School holidays, working hard on planning the upcoming British Portraits exhibition and generally just taking a break from the networks. Anyway, here’s another early morning shot from my ongoing series exploring South West London.

Niall McDiarmid

Hey everyone, it’s been a while!

So the last few weeks have been tax time and school holidays and other distractions, but this term our dear daughter is up to two days a week of playgroup so I’ll be getting more hours in the week to work on PL4!

Today I went into the studio where Nai is working on all new pages of the Galleon Comic, and fixed up a few things like making everyone blink at different times, the dialogue box not glitch when we zoom in, and getting some more sound effects into the game. I also managed to makeshift myself some outlined text that can be read against any background, which is nice.

I’ve bug-hunted my way through the first chapter and our team of misfits have made it to the overworld map. I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into chapter two where we’ll be encountering the first of the monster characters.


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Name: Büşra

Nickname: -

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aquarius

Height: Like 5″10

Fave Color(s): Blue, pink, black

Time Right Now: 17:27

Average Hours of Sleep: 6 in school times, 9 on holidays

Lucky Number: 8 (more like a fave number tho)

Last Thing I Googled: the ames room (I have an psychology test tomorrow, so…) 

Fave Fictional Character: Sherlock Holmes, Hermione Granger, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Steven Hyde from that 70s show, Daniel Desario from freaks and geeks, Brooke Davis from one tree hill, Blair Waldorf from gossip girl, Iron Man, Spider Man and basically all the Friends

Number of Blankets I Sleep Under: One

Fave band or artist: Guns N’ Roses

Dream Trip: New York

Dream Job: I’ll probably have a management type of job and it would be cool if it’s somehow related to music or show biz. Especially it would be great if I ever get to work with Axl. Beta has my dream job tbh.

When Did You Create This Blog: November 2015 

What Do You Post About: Mostly GN’R and Axl stuff. Also posts about other bands that I’m into, music and retro stuff, things that I find funny and current news (sometimes about politics sometimes about celebrity gossip)

What Made You Choose Your URL: My tendency to become a hardcore fan of things that I like.

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anonymous asked:

Do you know if there are any jily fics where there spending the summer together, along with Sirius, Remus, Peter, etc. before they were a couple maybe???

There are a whole list of summer holiday fics on our Intro Fic List for School holidays which can be found here

Boyfriend by Molly Raesley is a favourite of mine and  And That’s When a Bludger Came Through My Window is also awesome so I would suggest giving them a read first if you are unsure of what to pick from that list. 

Hope this helps!

Terribly Important | Closed Para


When Rose arrived at Verity’s flat, she wasn’t sure exactly whether or not she could go through with it. After all, Verity had told her to always feel free to ask her anything, but this might be just a little too much to ask.

However, she didn’t really have anyone else to ask, and she sort of figured that sixteen was a tricky age at which to be completely reliant on your friend’s advice.

Tentatively, she raised her hand, and knocked on the door.


hey all ! it has been a long time since i made a masterpost, but i have been absolutely swamped with school ! but school holidays just finished, so i’ve come up with some strategies that i used to remain productive during that time, and thought i should share them with you all !! 

reflect on what you achieved + set goals 

did you get the grades you wanted? did you join that school club you wanted to join? reflect on what you did well this past school term, but also what you think you could do better in. set some new goals that will help focus you for the future school term. these goals should not be unrealistic. for example, if you got an 85 in english, aim for an 88, or 90! not 99! this will also help you in planning to achieve those goals later.


don’t underestimate the importance of getting out of the house and doing some physical exercise to maintaining a balanced lifestyle during the holidays! this will ultimately influence your positive mindset, resulting in your increased productivity! school holidays are also a great time to implement an exercise regime due to the freedom, as school terms can be swamped. 

prioritise the tasks you need to complete

often during school holidays i have work set that will be due first week back. in order to make sure these tasks are complete, outline how much time you need to spend on each subject or topic, based on what you want/need to achieve. this will assist you in reaching ultimate productivity during the school holidays, ensuring that you use the time you have to maximum potential. if done right, this also allows time for things you actually want to do, like hanging out with friends or watching some tv shows. 

get a job/volunteer

this might not be for everyone, or you may already have a job, but having a part time job (even if its just babysitting for like 4 hours a week) is a great way to be productive whilst making money!! it’s a win win !! it gets you out of the house during the school break, you aren’t doing school work, and you can meet some great new people! another option is to volunteer, and both options are great when it comes to building up a resume in the future. 

pick up a new hobby, or focus on one you may have neglected

now this could include a sport you’re previously involved in (maybe you could train more?) or making more of a point to get outside and practice your photography! or it could be completely different and unusual for you, like taking an art class during the holidays, or something else you haven’t done before. this is a great way to have fun yet not waste your school holidays, as well as getting yourself out there in the big wide world. 

i hope this has been at least a little helpful for you! if you have any questions feel free to swing me a message, izzy xxx

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While I was playing dead after a nerf bullet hit me in the chest -
  • Joey:Daddy? Daddy, are you ok?
  • William:Don't worry Jo-Jo, I know how to wake him up.
  • *pitter patter of small feet*
  • *sound of 20 minutes worth of folded washing being scattered across the floor*
  • *pitter patter of small feet again*
  • William:There, that should do it.
  • It took every ounce of my being to hold that death pose a bit longer. If I had to re-fold all that washing, I was damn sure I was winning that battle first.
Most mischievous boy (Part 2)

Read this to get the background:

As most of you know, school reopened today and this was the conversation I had with him.

Ms XX: Boy E, I saw you last week with your parents why didn’t say hi to me?

Boy E: I don’t want to say hi because I don’t want you to talk to my mummy and daddy.

How smart? Its because he was afraid we would complain about him. Little does he know that there are other methods of communication.


Joey and I continued our school-holiday-museum-mission this morning (this time to the Toitu Early Settlers Museum), and stopped off for a quick coffee/fluffy fuel-up on the way in.

Joey always jokes about getting a grown up coffee, so this morning I told him to go for it. Try it out, buddy, take a sip.

My plan was that he’d take one sip and never ask again. Totally got the result I was hoping for.