school has got me distracted lately

So, my mum works at a primary school,

and she called me this afternoon to see how I was going with University and stuff. And we got onto the topic of my concentration problems and all that jazz. I brought up how the fidget cube I bought a while ago has been a big help with studying. And eventually, we started talking about fidget spinners. Because, as most of ya’ll know, have become a big trend lately. 

Long story short, the school my mum works at want to ban them because of all the NT kids with them. They’re being distracting and annoying and doing tricks with them and, well, not using them how they’re intended to be used. 

Since the principal of that school is a good family friend as well as my mum’s boss, I asked mum to pass on a message to not ban them, since ND kids need them to concentrate and stim and all that other stuff.  

Guys, I don’t want them to ban them at that school (or any school for that matter). There’s a ton of kids with ADHD and autism there, and a ban on fidget toys would be awful. I need a way to explain to Anne (the principal) what to do to make sure they won’t get banned but can still be, like, used properly if you know what I mean?  

Please. I don’t want those kids who need them to lose something so important. 

Submission from anon

I thought I’d send you this for your entertainment ;) Hope you feel better soon! 

Okay, she would do it slowly. This was not a plaster you just rip off, this was something she had to approach carefully, she knew that much.

Mary Winchester was not a stupid woman and she knew her husband long enough. John was not a bad man, or unkind, or close minded. He just… he just needed time to adjust to new things. My god, had he been offended when she had bought a hybrid car! Nothing like that in his garage! But after a while even he had to admit that it was very silent and probably better for the environment than the muscle cars he collected.

But this was different. This was not a car she just bought and put in front of their house for him to get used to. This was her child, who would actually care if John glared at him for weeks every time he walked by.

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Inevitable chapter 6

Previous Chapters: 0102 part 1, 02 part 203 04. 5 part 1, 5 part 2

a fic where Karma decides to be Amy’s girlfriend out of pity even though she still has feelings for Liam. Then she realizes later her feelings for Amy are inevitable.
(Also this is in a scenario in which Amy did not sleep with Liam after the wedding)
I hope you all enjoy!

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