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RFA in High School! HC Series: Gym Class

The next installment of my RFA high school imagination… 


  • He’d bribe his way out of it. Rich kid, an I right?
  • like, seriously. “Who wants to see sweaty kids?You’re a kid, too Jumin, stop trying to act so mature
  • if he can’t get out of it, it’ll be so funny.
  • running with the trust fund kid…
  • stretching with the trust fund kid…
  • hell, he probably wouldn’t even change out of his suit!
  • he’ll be trying to play golf and he’ll try his absolute HARDEST to gracefully hit the ball…
  • then he’d epically miss
  • maybe, if you were close with him, you would see it and laugh quietly
  • but NOTHING gets past Jumin, and he’d glare at you with his deadly stare
  • you know, the one he gives people when he’s Elizabeth-3rd-rage-ready
  • …and that’s how Jumin decided he would be pro at golf
  • he’d still look kinda fabulous even when he was messing up tho 


  • She’d rule at badminton
  • no joke, she’d take that racket and
  • omg where did it go?????
  • um… there’s a hole in the ceiling? 
  • When she won she would be absolutely ecstatic and it’d be kinda cute because she’s usually all stoic in class (see first fan fic)
  • she’s more a long distance runner than short sprinter
  • Thus, When the mile came around, she’d start off slow, but about halfway through she’d pass everyone. Bye bye b*tches
  • she’s the one the teacher asks to put away all the equipment when class is over.
  • eventually she gets so good at knowing where everything goes, that the gym teacher will sometimes ask her where something is when he/she doesn’t know
  • though Jaehee takes this as praise, she still despises P.E.
  • she’d much rather be studying economics or coffee brewing


  • Soccer, hell ya
  • for some reason, he’s so pro at it
  • he’ll score a bunch of goals for his team, so whichever side he’s on seems kinda unfair
  • yet, when it comes time for him to be team captain, he’s not very confident and everyone wants to be on his team, so he gets really flustered cute baby-face Yoo-Yoo 
  • but when it comes to other sports…
  • he’s kinda meh
  • actually, really meh
  • he can’t throw or catch to save his life XD
  • the ball will hit him right in the face
  • and you’re confused how he hasn’t gotten a bloody nose yet ???
  • running with Yoosung is really fun though
  • because he’ll be really supportive
  • “you can do it! Just a bit further!”
  • he’s the most happy-go-lucky person when it comes to exercise
  • too bad he ends up with the really hard-core gym teacher…
  • and this one doesn’t care when he sees Yoosung about to release his floodgates
  • maybe this leads to Yoosung joining the pro-gaming team instead of the soccer team at his college


  • basketball, ftw.
  • he’s absolutely FABULOUS
  • sparkling sweat drops and everything
  • when he jumps to dunk the ball…
  • everyone kinda just
  • Even the coaches
  • and the people in the weight room on the floor above
  • then the ball goes in and Zen just jogs back to the starting line, waving at his ?invisible? fans that are apparently cheering for him
  • later on in high school he’ll probably gain a fan club that skips their classes so they can watch sparkly Zen in P.E. That’s me
  • (oddly the teachers don’t mind it??)
  • gym teacher probably gets really annoyed with him
  • but he/she can’t say anything because when he/she is about to, every time the rest of the students give him/her the stink eye
  • Don’t mess with our Zenny!
  • So much support for Zen, who was surprisingly really self-conscious about exercise at first


  • you’d think this dude was bad at all physical activity
  • but remember how it’s canon he’s gotten physical training?
  • so, he couldn’t be bad at everything
  • consequently, he’s badass at volleyball
  • fo reals, people
  • his glasses will glint and he’ll slam that ball like there’s NO END
  • if you’re standing next to him you can sometimes hear him muttering under breath when he hits the ball
  • “What’s he saying…?”
  • “Angle: 35 degrees. Force…”
  • lol either that or some random lines from his recent fav sci-fi or fantasy series
  • sometimes during weight lifting (his least favorite), he’ll get this faraway look in his eyes
  • then the weight will collapse on him
  • the teacher will send him to the nurse’s office,
  • but honestly it was all a ruse to get out of it XD
  • because now he knows how to play the system
Hotshot and the new guy

read it on the AO3 at

by Sapfo

Steve, the star of the school wrestling team, and the new guy all alone in the school gym. Stucky AU NSFW.

Words: 1085, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at
Geeking Out Alone...

You know those little things that happen in your life that make you jump around the room, freaking out, and screaming in a breathless pitch so high that only dogs can hear, but it is caused by something that no one else in the world even remotely cares about? 

—Well I just had one of those moments, and like most lonely geeks, I look to the Internet to share my feelings… 

Fresh Off the Boat S3 Ep2 (Spoilers) had a Romanian Olympian, Bogdan Dragomir, who became the Middle School gym teacher, and this man is played by none other than Daniel Cudmore.

Why does this make me freak out you may ask?

Well Daniel Cudmore has played characters such as Felix in “Twilight”, and Master Chief in “Forward Unto Dawn”… but more importantly, he played Colossus in all of the X-Men movies (up until Deadpool).

I read somewhere that Daniel Cudmore had practiced an accent to give to Peter (Colossus is Russian for those of you who don’t know)—and yet, the director told him to drop the accent and just speak normally.

WELLLLLLL….. That Romanian accent that Cudmore is using to play this Romanian gymnast IS THE ACCENT that he would have used while playing Colossus and THAT MY FRIENDS is what is making me geek out right now!

Does anyone else get excited over this pointless little fact? No? Just me? XD

Okay so my hometown had this tradition that at the beginning of each school year all the upperclassmen would tell the incoming freshmen that there’s a swimming pool on the roof of the school gym. And Bc they’re freshman every first week of school u can always see a bunch of freshmen looking for the gym

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Imagine if school was like this

English: Writing biography’s about the band

Math: How to multiply band members

Science: How to clone band members

Gym: How to get to the barrier at concerts

Art: How to make signs for concerts

Geography: How to find the band members houses

History: About the band members past years