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I just started college last week and I really want to go to my school's gym, but I'm afraid of embarrassing myself because I'm not familiar with the equipment. I don't want to go alone, but I don't have anyone to go with me. They also offer free yoga (and other fitness classes) which I want to go to but I feel like everybody in there already has some idea what they're doing and are in good shape and I'm not. Love your blog and thank you for always being so kind! You're a huge inspiration.

Hi! Congrats on starting college!! That’s so exciting, and it’s awesome that you want to stay active and you’re making fitness a priority. I have definitely experienced gym intimidation at my current college (and my previous university), so I completely empathize with your situation. I would recommend a few things:

1. Befriend the instructors - you want to take a yoga or other fitness class? Get there five to ten minutes early and say hi to the instructor beforehand. Tell the instructor that you’re new and you’d appreciate any extra tips or help they can provide. As a yoga teacher myself, I love interacting with my student (especially beginners). It’s the instructor’s job to make you feel welcome, and I’m sure most of them are really passionate and want to give you a great experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or just say hi.

2. Go in with a plan - the weight and cardio areas are usually somewhat crowded, and I’m sure it feels like everyone’s looking your way. I like to go in with a planned out (or semi planned out) workout. So, I usually start with 15 mins of cardio to warm-up, stretch, move on to weights and finally do some cool down. I think it’s good to look at workouts or even different fitness Youtubers (like Nikki Blackketter, BuffBunny, Ally Stone, Amanda Bucci, etc.) and write down the exercises on a piece of paper or your phone. Then you know exactly what you want to accomplish, and you won’t feel as worried about looking out of place.

3. Wear clothes you feel confident in! I would recommend wearing a hat if you really feel bogged down by stares. It helps because it blocks everyone else out. I also wear headphones and play my favorite music. Finally, pick clothes that you fit and stay in place, so you’re not constantly adjusting. This helps you feel more put together.

4. Go during less crowded times if that works for your schedule! It’s much less intimidating when less people are around. I like to go early in the morning before class, because no one is really awake.

5. Do you. No one is looking at you, I promise. I know it feels that way, but everyone is at the gym to get healthier and better themselves. They aren’t there to place judgment on you or your fitness journey.

Hope this helps!

I say this every month but yes very excited to be healthy at the start of the new month/semester/school year .. physically..mentally..spiritually… I live like right next to the school gym now


Imagine you’re at school after normal hours are over. You’ve forgotten your bag so you head into the gym. As you’re getting ready to leave this starts playing. No one else is there. The doors lock and you must run.

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how do i get over a boy ive watched nd loved from afar. pathetic, i know but everytime he's with a girl it breaks my heart.

immerse yourself things that are going to improve your lifestyle, i.e: school, going to the gym or working out at home, eating cleaner, saving money, working, socializing, drinking lots of water, doing things you’ve been procrastinating on, and organizing

spend time with yourself: go for walks, start journaling daily, cook more often, do yoga, eat your favorite foods, binge watch shows, do as many nice things for yourself as you can

don’t give in to pride: calling yourself pathetic for being upset over this person only prolongs the healing process, accept that you feel terrible and that your emotions are valid, allow yourself to cry, crying is cleansing so cry as much as you want

also, for future references, avoid developing strong romantic feelings for someone you’re not romantically involved with

1. List Your Academic Goals

Before you go back to school, list your academic goals and how you plan to achieve them. Ensure that your ideas are realistic but you can also aim high, if you want to. It’s just nice to know where you are and where you want to go.

2. Set Things up the Night Before

It really helps in the morning, for when I’m groggy and tired, when I set out things I’ll need - outfits, lunches, gym stuff, school bag, makeup, etc. - the night before, before I go to bed. This generally just means that I forget less things in the morning and I can usually sleep a few more minutes or do something else.

3. Start to return your Sleep Schedule to School Time a week or so before

I do this every year, and it usually just means that I’m more refreshed and awake when I finally get back to school. You can also play around with wake up and sleep times to ensure you’re waking up as refreshed as possible.

4. Sort an Organisation System out

You might need to play around with this, too, especially when you get back to school, because it’s nice to have something set down and prepared for yourself.

5. Get a List of Materials you need and get them

I always make a list of stationery, books and other materials I might need and then I get them together before I get to school so that I know I’m completely ready for school. 

6. Create a Rough Schedule

You have to make sure to schedule breaks and downtime too, not just homework and studying. 

7. Know the Syllabus

I like to make sure I know the syllabus for my courses and what’s expected for me for each one because I think it makes things easier for you and ensures that you know what you’re in for, essentially.

8. Find out what type of learner you are

Use this knowledge to study accordingly and make your learning the most effective it can be.