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Date: So what are some of your hobbies?
Me: Well….

Korean Drama Recommendations/Fangirling:

So! A friend of mine on FB asked me late last night for Korean drama recommendations. She’s never watched kdramas before, so without intending to I just vomited up brief feels, synopses, and titles for her from which to choose. These titles were only the ones that immediately came to mind off the top of my head. Seeing as how I assume some of you adorable follower-humans might enjoy kdramas too, I thought I’d share. Most likely you diehards (pun not intended) out there have already seen these, but here’s some dramas to throw in your face anyway! Since it’s my thing, I’m going to go by genre; so all will have romance as either a main plot line or as a subplot. Brace yourself for the d'awws!


If you’re in the mood for a serious, beautiful, powerhouse of a drama with adult themes (ie adultery but not really…long story), dreams and money, sacrificing your true self for security to forsake happiness, and of COURSE sex and pianos, then you need to watch Secret Love Affair. It is hot and intense and has an open ended interpretation for a finale that will leave you stunned and happy.

I mean, damn, guys…come on just LOOK at this sexiness!

Plus it’s just a damn good drama all around. So watch it.


If you’re looking for something that walks the line between comedy and paranormal, you NEED to see The Master’s Sun. Its heroine is an hilariously adorable girl who can see ghosts, and the hero is a skeptic who, when the female lead touches, makes poltergeists disappear. It’s probably one of the best dramas that incorporates creepy horror with perfect comedy!


If you’re looking for something a bit different, you HAVE to watch Arang and the Magistrate. Same concept as The Master’s Sun, except the female lead is dead and a ghost, the setting is ancient Korea, and there’s gods, goddesses, action, magic, and evil political dudes. Plus the male lead is hilariously apathetic, and the female lead is a badass who kicks ass as a dead girl! It’s funny and dark and heartfelt and will leave you with all of the heart eyes! Plus it has the cutest ending that ever cuted itself.


If you’re looking for something strictly comedy and a bit silly, with moments of seriousness and more cute than you could shake a stick at, you need King of High School. Take an 18 year old high school guy and make him pose as his older brother as a prestigious CEO in a company that a dowdy, 30 year old over-looked heroine works at and you talk about some of the CUTEST comedy you’ve ever witnessed in your freakin’ life!


If you’re looking for something hella melodramatic and intense, go with Secret Love. Heroine is engaged to a guy who gets involved in a hit-and-run that kills a girl, and the heroine takes the fall for her fiance. Turns out the victim was the pregnant girlfriend of the male lead. The drama explores the idea of falling in love with someone, even as you hate them. Suffice to say, IT IS INTENSE, and a bit nuts of a drama, but it will leaving you feeling all of your emotions and then some.


If you want some time travel in your drama diet, go with Queen In Hyun’s Man. Hero is an ancient Korean scholar who finds himself traveling to the future, where he meets the female lead, an aspiring actress who lands the role of the Queen from our hero’s time period. Comedy, cuteness, angst, and adorableness ensues. And smexy kisses. OH MY GOD THE SMEXY KISSES!


Keeping in the same vain as the historical theme, Sungkyunkwan Scandal is adorable and perfect! Set in ancient Korea, in order to protect her family our female lead disguises herself as a boy to get into a university of sorts that only permits men. Cue “male lead finds himself attracted to a boy despite him not being gay” theme and much hilarious ensues. Ignoring the gay panic is a must, but if you can it’s so entertaining and will leave you so damn amused!


And, last but not least, keeping with the gay-panic theme, Coffee Prince. Coffee Prince is probably one of the best kdramas ever, and it’s basically the same premise as Sungkyunkwan Scandal; female lead lands a job in an all-male working environment to support her family. The only real difference is that in Coffee Prince, our heroine opens and closes the drama as a very tom boyish, masculine girl. She’s never subscribed to gender roles, so it makes her character far more interesting. There’s angst and cute and smexy kisses and great characters and everything you could ever want in a drama!

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When someone walks in on me while I’m in bed with my ikemen

sir-scandalous  asked:

Gasp, you didn't like trolls? I feel betrayed ;)

BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH MORE CUTER, MY FRIEND and not only the night after that, at 2 am, I was awake thinking about how probably Branch felt like he was a danger for the community (if you think about it in that way you can understand how it’s not like with the bunker or the “I don’t have friends” policy he’s protecting himself, but the others from him, and the thought destroyed me because I’m weak), I also don’t know how I ended up not only doing a fanart but also thinking about an High School AU (because obviously Poppy & co. are the cool cheerleader kids and Branch the lonely emo excluded that Poppy tries to be nice with even if she’s the most popular person in the school, and Branch knows that and tries to NOT!! even if he had a crush on her for ages now)(and I also like to think that both in the AU and in the movie they were probably good friends when they were younger, because that would explain why Poppy would like him, until the tragedy) (even if, when you think about it, Branch is definitely older than Poppy. Not that much but still).

So, in reality, the thing that I hate is the fact that I didn’t hate the movie that much.

(And now a long explanation of What Bothered Me In The Movie because I’m a nerd that obviously has something else to do right now that they are definitely not doing:

• Well we get that the theme of the movie is about happiness, but what bothers me is that it’s implied but-not-so-much that to be happy you need romantic love/a relationship.

• It was obvious for Branch to have a crush for Poppy but not for Poppy to have a crush for him, that’s why I don’t see any reason in the movie of why she in the end should reciprocate him, considering even the fact that Brach treated her badly. I mean that’s what he lets her see, treating her badly and nothing else. So it would have made more sense if they used to be close friends, before.

• The line in the song that Bridget sings “I love him so he must be mine” (or something similar), because it remembered me so much of abusive/obsessive relationships, but it was normalizing it and I know I’m sorry not sorry right now I’m being the Social Justice Warrior but roll with it.

•The fact that I still got the songs in my head. Send help.

• The fact that they needed to completely change Bridget in order to her to be loveable by the king (I got the Cinderella reference but hear me out a sec), and consequently thanks to Point 1 in this list, happy (I could get the fact that she needed to disguise herself, but they actually just got her a makeover, and her whole personality in the date was fake, so with who the king fell in love???)

• We don’t know that much about the other trolls, Poppy’s friends, like their personality and stuff and I would have loved to know more but that’s probably because I’m a nerd. So why put so many characters for nothing?? Also the cloud. I want to know their purpose in life, too.

• The kidnapping of the grandma. It doesn’t make sense I’m sorry.

• I just like to have more infos/fun facts about stuff (like “society” and “whys” and “origins”), even by deduction, but it seems like there wasn’t any background in the movie. So I would actually like a sequel. Yup I said it.)

… And yup that’s pretty much it.

(P.S: my mind just made a parallelism while writing Point 2 with Branch/Poppy = Enjoltaire and I literally died, this is my ghost writing, and I have no intention to open that black box in the back on my mind. No. Nop. Nope. Bye.)

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