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Handwritten Note-Taking Methods

The appearance and organization of my notes plays a huge role in the amount of time that I dedicate to studying and my overall performance on tests.  Therefore, I’ve spent the past several years experimenting with various methods, and these are a few of the techniques that I’ve found to be most beneficial.

Cornell Method

The Cornell Method emphasizes identifying the key points of a textbook passage or lecture and consolidating information as much as possible.  

I’ve found that this style works best for literature and science courses that require extensive, dense reading and note-taking.  It allows me to easily and quickly identify what I understand versus what I still need to work on.

Adapted Cornell Method

I’ve created my own adaptation of the Cornell Method by eliminating the summary section at the bottom of the page and incorporating Post-It notes throughout the body of the page to highlight lists and key points.  And, of course, I had to add some color!


This is, by far, my favorite method due to its flexibility and clean, minimalist appearance.  While the image above doesn’t depict a true series of bullets at varying levels of indentation, you can experiment with different types of bullet points as well as varying spacing.  

I prefer using this method for maths because it allows sufficient space for me to draw graphs, record examples, and solve problems.  


Mind-maps are extremely helpful for organizing complex or extremely confusing topics.  There’s no right or wrong way to go about drawing one, and much of the final appearance will be related to the material that you’re diagramming.  Keep in mind that certain topics and information will more readily lend itself to this sort of portrayal.

For those of us who aren’t artistically talented 🙋🏼, these can be rather challenging to construct, especially when working with unfamiliar material.  In the past, I’ve used mind-maps for history when looking at isolated events or individuals.

You know who did the teen hero thing right? Kim Possible, that’s who. She never messed around with that secret identity thing or with not letting her parents or friends know what she was doing so she never had to deal with, “Oh, I’m gonna miss this important family event to save the world”  or, “What’ll happen if my friends find out my secret identity?” bullcrap. It was like, “Mom, Dad. I gotta go deal with this Drakken sitch,” and they’d just be like, “Have fun. Tell Ron we said hi.” She had that hero/personal life balance thing on lock. I aspire to have my life as in balance as Kim Possible.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws know where all the trick stairs are, they automatically skip them. But if they start to think about where the trick stairs are, Ravenclaws will step into every single one of them.

Students throughout Boston are getting a radically different view of the world, one laminated 24-by-36-inch sheet of paper at a time.

Beginning last Thursday, Boston Public Schools administrators have been sending social studies teachers in the second, seventh and 11th grades new maps for their classrooms — depictions that more accurately portray the sizes of Earth’s continents.

When many people picture a map of the world, what they’re probably thinking of is a Mercator projection, a representation that despite its apparent distortions has been around more than 400 years. It’s that map that hangs in most classrooms throughout the U.S., including those in Boston.

Boston Students Get A Glimpse Of A Whole New World, With Different Maps

Image by Joseph Amditis/Flickr

This probably happened.
  • Mcgonagall: *looks left*
  • Mcgonagall: *sees James attempting to pick Peter up on his shoulders so he can reach the top of the Christmas tree in the great hall*
  • Mcgonagall: *looks right*
  • Mcgonagall: *sees Sirius casting storm clouds over the heads of unsuspecting first years and laughing as they jump at the thunder*
  • Mcgonagall: *looks straight ahead*
  • Mcgonagall: *sees Remus advising his friends on more successful ways to do the tasks they are attempting to achieve*
  • Mcgonagall: *stares intently at watch*
  • Mcgonagall: *muttering under breath* come on come on come on

26/10/2017 Yesterdays’ notes! I’m not completely done with studying everything for tomorrow, so that’s what I will have to do first before continuing with the rest of my to do-list.


Can I offer you some champagne?
Can’t. Too many adult prying eyes. Don’t wanna be a cautionary tale at the next town meeting.

I’m sorry I didn’t post so much this week, but I was really really really really busy with work.  T_T sooorrryy!!!!

For the moment, A random Prongs

Before many of you could ask me : that is NOT a nimbus 2000. I know that was created in the 90’s, so it could easily be a nimbus 1000/1001/1500/1700  :D

 I solemnly swear that I’m working on a new marauders illustration. ;)