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Little Dancer Spotted: 

Name: Jezzaeyah Slack
Age: 10
Dance Studio: Joanne Chapman School of Dance

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its 8:47 pm and i'm thinking about the guy i just asked to my high school's turnabout dance

proud of u for asking! hope he says yes :)

Six Facts Tag

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1- i was actually the bad kid in high school (graduated now, barely, but thank god) but I would have made Castiel look like a complete angel meheheh

2- i went to school for art! dance, theater, and painting… but you’d never tell because im so clumsy, shy, and bad at painting :-)

3- i can read, write & have small conversations in korean and that’s as far as my foreign language skills go. as a small child i was completely fluent in sign language but i’ve forgotten most of it since i never used it growing up

4- i have a sailor moon tattoo on my back (am i cool now, lysander!?)

5- my fav animal is a horse! so majestic

6- all jokes aside i am my local pizza hut’s number 1 customer and every employee there knows my name and phone number by  heart and they are my family

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Degrassi students literally just get up and leave in the middle of class. I could never do that at my school! They'll just leave in the middle class f the school day! They go to extra curricular more than they go to class! What is Degrassi?!

I love pointing out things like this bc it’s just so funny to me for some reason 😂

students have access to the roof, drink up there and in other places of the school, LITERALLY HAVE SEX in the props department at a school dance and the boiler room, answer phone calls in the middle of class and walk out telling the teacher they have to take it, etc

SuperBowl 50 Halftime Show

My take on last nights halftime show are as follows…keep in mind that some of these are my own theories and others have actually been confirmed.
1. Coldplay’s rainbow theme commemorating the U.S. Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage. (Theory)
2. Bruno Mars and his dancers going old school with their dance routine, mashing MC Hammer, Big Daddy Cane and Kid N Play. (Theory)
3. Beyonce-in keeping with the pro-black theme of her Formation song-performed with all black dancers.
4. Beyonce’s obvious homage to Michael Jackson with her costume. (Confirmed by the Queen herself)
5. Also, Bruno Mars’ dancers were all black-by I think he performs with them all of the time.
6. Beyonce’s dancers formed an ‘X’ in a theorized Malcolm X homage who was assassinated 50 years ago. This same formation is seen in her music video as well. (Theory)
7. Beyonce’s dancers all wore Black Panther inspired outfits with black bands on their right thighs in honoring the Black Panther Movement which was started 50 years ago this year-October 1966. (Theory)
8. It’s Black History Month so…duh! ✊🏾👊🏾😎
9. The obvious tribute to all of the past super bowl halftime show performances through the years.
10. The stage is similar to the stage Michael Jackson used during his 1993 SuperBowl performance.
11. Lastly, the audience holding up placards that spell out “Believe in Love” continuing with Coldplay’s rainbow/unity theme as well as once again paying homage to Michael Jackson from his 1993 performance where the audience held up placards that created children’s drawings.

This is just my opinion…maybe I’m reading too much into it.

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I'm guessing there is this valentines ball thing at our school. Some random girls that I don't talk to ask me to go but I'm not really that type who goes to those types of things. Should I go?)

you know i really hate school dances with a passion but they can actually be pretty fun if you let yourself have a good time with some friends, it’s loud and everyone’s sweaty but it still has that charm y'know?

☆Anon Hour!☆

I think school dances should be more like they were in the 70's

I mean, just think about it

  • super fun disco music
  • boys in tight fitting clothes
  • bell bottom pants
  • platform shoes
  • A girl get pigs blood poured on her then proceeds to burn down the school murdering everyone inside
  • long flowy hair 
  • no bras

idk about you, but i think that sounds like a blast


Now, I have never done something like this before… but, I figured if there’s one way to make something spread, tumblr is the way to go!

I have a little story for everyone that I think should be shared all around. In my high school, the junior high students (7th-8th grade) get their own version of prom called ‘Spring Fling’. This year the school decided (4 days before the dance) to put in a new dress code, saying that the girl’s dresses had to have three inch thick straps and that if their dress was short that it could only be two inches above the knees. 

Now, as many of you may know, it’s a bit difficult to find a formal dress to meet those requirements without having the exact same dress as many, many other girls. But that’s not even what the biggest problem is here. In the picture below you’ll see a picture of my little sister in the dress we bought her.

As you can see, it is a strapless dress. We did not buy this dress specifically to defy the dress code put in place. In fact, we did not know about the dress code at the time we bought it. We bought this dress about a month or so before the dance when we got my prom dress. 

Now, when they FINALLY decided to inform the girls of our school about the dress code they were informed that they would be kicked out of the dance. 

Once again, this dress code was told to them 4 days before the dance when many girls already bought their dresses.

12 girls got kicked out of the dance.

The school called the police on 2 of those girls because they did not want to leave the dance. (Their dresses were floor length and strapless.)

But here is the kicker, everyone. The principal of my school said the reason why the dress code in general for our school is enforced is because not only is it distracting to the male students but it is distracting to the male faculty.

These girls are like, 12-14 years old.

For the record, the school mentioned for this is Iroquois Jr./Sr. High School in Erie, PA.

This made the top story of our local news and our principal and school board refused to make any comments,.