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7 Fictional Schools to Enroll At If Your Hogwarts Letter Never Arrives

If you walked into the halls on your first day this year wishing they had a little more of any of the above: magic, adventure, romance, or secrets – this roundup is for you. It may be too late to switch schools now, but read on for 7 to consider transferring to at the semester!

1. Grove Academy from Rebel Belle & Miss Mayhem 

It’s Harper Price and some of her classmates that make first period a little more than ordinary: after an incident at a school dance, she acquires crazy powers and becomes one in a line of ancient guardians. Maybe think twice about borrowing her lip gloss. And look out for the third book, LADY RENEGADES, on April 12th 2016!

2. St. Vladimir’s Academy from Vampire Academy

This is where vampires go to get an education in magic, half-human teens train to protect them, and you go when you’re craving a binge-reading session that will turn you into a nocturnal creature. 

2. The Academy from Zodiac

Two notes: 1. expect astrology to be on the final and 2. you may also be tasked with uniting twelve worlds as one Zodiac against an exiled guardian who’s returned to seek revenge. 

4. Blythewood Academy from the Blythewood Series

A suggested packing list for this elite girls’ boarding school: a toothbrush, any extraordinary powers you might have, and a keen eye for the distinction between good and evil.

5. J.P. Zenger High from Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie & Sophomores and Other Oxymorons

Hear us out: while you may think you’re walking into an ordinary day in a high school just like your own, it 100% won’t be because you’ll have Scott guiding you through with his infinite wisdom. Case in point:

“If you’re friends with a girl in kindergarten, try to stay friends with her when you get older because otherwise she might forget she ever knew you, and she might get so drop-dead gorgeous you don’t have the guts to remind her that you once shared a pack of peanut-butter crackers.”

6. The School of America in Paris from Anna and the French Kiss

“Who sends their kid to boarding school? It’s so Hogwarts. Only mine doesn’t have cute boy wizards or magic candy or flying lessons.”

What you and Anna will learn pretty quickly is that Paris is FULL of cute boys, even if they’re not wizards, and that wishes have a way of coming true in the city of lights.

7. Wexford Boarding School from the Shades of London Series

Well, you definitely won’t be bored starting a new boarding school in London while a killer is mimicking the deeds of Jack the Ripper and you can tag along with Louisiana teen Rory…who’s the only one who can see him.

The Signs as School Days...
  • Aries:the day before winter break
  • Taurus:the charity day
  • Gemini:the snow day
  • Cancer:the school dance day
  • Leo:the surprise early dismissal day
  • Virgo:the day before spring break
  • Libra:the last day of school
  • Scorpio:the day of final exams
  • Sagittarius:the career day
  • Capricorn:the firedrill day
  • Aquarius:the substitute teacher day
  • Pisces:the first day of school

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School with Michael would include:

-Constant distractions
-“Babe could we sneak into the janitor closet and fool around.”
-Going to see him and the boys in talent shows
-“I didn’t do the homework so what?”
-spirit weeks with him
-school dances
-him having detention and you constantly having to wait after for him
-“yeah but who needs college anyway?”
-“baby.. I think we are gonna be those high school sweethearts couples that get married and stuff.”

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I'm starting my first year of high school in 10 hours and I feel like death. Any advice?

Honestly freshman year will be fine, don’t sweat it! Just keep calm and nothing bad will happen. Make friends and try to go to all school events like dances and football games! Sophomore year will be here in no time :)

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first stretching anon: do you have a stretching routine that you like? I don't know what video to do, there are so many different stretches

I don’t really stretch every day, mostly because if I don’t have rehearsal or class (which is everyday except Monday, Friday, and Saturday), I have dance in school as my gym class, so I stretch there. But when I do need to warm up or stretch, here’s what I do:

Part One
1. Runner’s lunge (hands on the ground, back leg straight not touching ground)
2. Turn out the front foot and go down to my elbows
3. Put the back knee down on the ground, and press backwards on the front knee
4. Bend the back knee and lean back with front leg straight in front of you (sort of like child’s pose)
5. Go into pigeon and chill for a while
6. Splits!
7. Repeat on the other side!

Part Two
1. Stand in second and lean down to touch the ground. With your hands on the ground, do a few plies.
2. Go into straddle, and lean into left leg, middle, right leg
3. Sit up straight and lean straight forward in straddle with arms out. Do NOT touch the ground with your hands! This helps work both your core and your flexibility.
4. Lean forward onto the ground to try and get flat. If you’re not flat, keep your back straight as your lean forward, don’t collapse your lower back.
5. Middle splits!

I hope this helps, and that you can understand what I mean! Maybe one of these days I’ll upload a video… We’ll see, maybe if enough people are interested!

ive been feeling kinda weird about doing kpop club at school. we watch dance practice videos and learn them and then perform them ,but most of us are white lol…..i was just thinking about cultural appropriation and stuff. i know its not like that but?? it also seems kinda weeby but its fun and i made a lot of friends there

I think school dances should be more like they were in the 70's

I mean, just think about it

  • super fun disco music
  • boys in tight fitting clothes
  • bell bottom pants
  • platform shoes
  • A girl get pigs blood poured on her then proceeds to burn down the school murdering everyone inside
  • long flowy hair 
  • no bras

idk about you, but i think that sounds like a blast


Now, I have never done something like this before… but, I figured if there’s one way to make something spread, tumblr is the way to go!

I have a little story for everyone that I think should be shared all around. In my high school, the junior high students (7th-8th grade) get their own version of prom called ‘Spring Fling’. This year the school decided (4 days before the dance) to put in a new dress code, saying that the girl’s dresses had to have three inch thick straps and that if their dress was short that it could only be two inches above the knees. 

Now, as many of you may know, it’s a bit difficult to find a formal dress to meet those requirements without having the exact same dress as many, many other girls. But that’s not even what the biggest problem is here. In the picture below you’ll see a picture of my little sister in the dress we bought her.

As you can see, it is a strapless dress. We did not buy this dress specifically to defy the dress code put in place. In fact, we did not know about the dress code at the time we bought it. We bought this dress about a month or so before the dance when we got my prom dress. 

Now, when they FINALLY decided to inform the girls of our school about the dress code they were informed that they would be kicked out of the dance. 

Once again, this dress code was told to them 4 days before the dance when many girls already bought their dresses.

12 girls got kicked out of the dance.

The school called the police on 2 of those girls because they did not want to leave the dance. (Their dresses were floor length and strapless.)

But here is the kicker, everyone. The principal of my school said the reason why the dress code in general for our school is enforced is because not only is it distracting to the male students but it is distracting to the male faculty.

These girls are like, 12-14 years old.

For the record, the school mentioned for this is Iroquois Jr./Sr. High School in Erie, PA.

This made the top story of our local news and our principal and school board refused to make any comments,.