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Any headcanons for Karasuno and what would happen at a School Dance?



Daichi is really nervous about asking Yui to dance with him. Like. He and Suga are a thing, but he really likes Yui too and Suga’s like GO GO DANCE WITH HER. So Daichi walks up to Yui at the drink table and asks her to dance with him. She starts to FREAK OUT. Cuz like, isn’t he dating Suga??? aren’t they like married by now? and she looks around frantically for Suga, and he gives her double thumbs up. So Daichi dances a couple slow dances with a very red Yui that steps on his feet like a zillion times!

Asahi and Kiyoko are absolutely HORRIBLE at dancing, but they do their best. Noya joins in for the faster songs, and they all make fun of each other.

Poor Tanaka tries to ask girl after girl but they are so scared of him. He ends up doing the robot with Kinoshita and Narita.

Ennoshita is at home reading manga and eating ice cream and very thankful to be away from all the sweaty bodies.

All of the baby crows are fighting over who gets to dance with Yachi and for how long. They swoop in a nab her from each other. She’s dizzy and dehydrated in less than 15 minutes. Tsukishima and Yamaguchi end up climbing the bleachers and shit talking all the horribly dressed attendees.

Kageyama and Hinata try to dance to some of the faster songs, but it’s just not working out. They end up going outside to the back of the gym when the slow stuff comes on. Kageyama wants to ask Hinata to dance but he can’t get it out (think the whole “knife” incident), but Hinata beats him to it. 

They end up fighting and go hunting for a volleyball. Because, improving their trust in the sport they love is the easiest way to say “I love you.”


McKinley High School Pantherettes 2016 rehearsal

On School Dances

Timothy was troubled and he didn’t care if the whole world knew.  He stormed home.  Reaching the flat door he opened it and slammed it shut without ceremony.  Slamming his books down on the hall table he stomped to his bedroom.

“Timothy!”  He heard his mum call, but he didn’t care.  With as much power as he had done with the front door he opened and closed his bedroom door. Stewing on the bed he thought about the announcement that had run rampant in his school. 

What has got into that boy? This isn’t like him at all. But then nothing of his behavior lately had been like the boy she had known.  Must be all the teenage angst she had read about in the journal.  Tim wasn’t like those other boys though.  So caring to Angela and herself.  Shelagh thought on what could be upsetting Timothy now that he would react in such a way. 

She walked down the hall and knocked on his door.  “Tim? Is something the matter?  Would you like to talk about it?” 

“No Mum, just go away.  It’s nothing you can help with.”  Tim said to the closed door. 

A little while later a moody Timothy sat at the kitchen table working on his homework.  He was in no mood to talk to Shelagh or play with Angela. 

“Timothy if you’re not careful you’ll put a whole through our table.” Shelagh tried to get Timothy to laugh but he just sat in stony silence. 

Patrick came home a little while later.  Walking in the door with his usual greeting for his family. 

“Aww Dad, would you cut it out.”  Timothy dodged the ruffling of his hair.  Patrick looked at Shelagh who just shrugged her shoulders. 

Coming up behind his wife he whispered in her ear.  “What’s got into our son?” 

“Dad I can hear you.  Would you please not do any more mushy stuff like that.”  Patrick couldn’t resist and kissed his wife. 

“That’s it!”  Timothy slammed his book closed and marched back down the hall. 

“Timothy Turner you get back here this instant.  What is going on with you!” Patrick shouted to his retreating form. 

“Patrick I don’t think that’s the way you’ll get through to him.”  Shelagh kept stirring whatever was making that delicious smell in the pot. “And if you want a peaceful family supper, I suggest you speak with him.” 

“Right.”  Patrick walked down the hall toward their sons bedroom. 

Tim had left the door to his bedroom open this time.  He sat on the bed eyes fixed on the floor. 

“Tim is something the matter?”  Came Patrick’s query. 

“No…yes….I don’t know.” Tim said. 

“Want to talk about it? 

“No, not really.” Timothy didn’t even realize what was troubling him.  Patrick shot him a look.  “Alright. It’s just that there’s this school dance coming up.” 

“And? That shouldn’t be much of a problem to act this way.” Patrick was baffled.  There had been previous school dances and functions.  “You’ve been to a few before.”

“Yes Dad. I know. But this one’s different.” 

“How so?”

“Because this one, instead of us asking the girls.  The girls ask us.” 

Patrick laughed. Actually laughed out loud and couldn’t stop. 

“Dad it’s not funny!”  What if no one asks me?”  Timothy looked tragic. 

“Tim I’m sure that won’t happen.”

“You don’t know that.  It could. The girls are to ask us tomorrow.” 

“Well then. You will just have to wait and see what happens tomorrow. No use worrying about tonight. Hmm? 

“I guess you’re right.”  Tim still looked very anxious. 

“Now you go apologize to your mum.  No reason for you to be rude and knock down the flat.” 

“Yes.”  Timothy got up and walked down the hall. 

The next morning Shelagh sent a very apprehensive Timothy to school, never in her life had seen her cheeky son in this state. 

Timothy walked home with a smile on his face.  He felt as if he was walking on clouds.  He practically floated into the flat and kissed Shelagh on the cheek. 

“Thanks Mum. I’m going to do my homework now.” Timothy sat right down and worked. 

Patrick could only smile when he came home and learned of Tim’s good fortune. 

“So a girl asked our son after all?” Patrick winked and laughed.

“Patrick stop your cheekiness.”  Said Shelagh with a laugh herself.

(Don’t know if they have Sadie Hawkins dances in the UK or if it was popular during this time, but I thought it would make a great ficlit. Hope you enjoyed!) 

I think school dances should be more like they were in the 70's

I mean, just think about it

  • super fun disco music
  • boys in tight fitting clothes
  • bell bottom pants
  • platform shoes
  • A girl get pigs blood poured on her then proceeds to burn down the school murdering everyone inside
  • long flowy hair 
  • no bras

idk about you, but i think that sounds like a blast


Now, I have never done something like this before… but, I figured if there’s one way to make something spread, tumblr is the way to go!

I have a little story for everyone that I think should be shared all around. In my high school, the junior high students (7th-8th grade) get their own version of prom called ‘Spring Fling’. This year the school decided (4 days before the dance) to put in a new dress code, saying that the girl’s dresses had to have three inch thick straps and that if their dress was short that it could only be two inches above the knees. 

Now, as many of you may know, it’s a bit difficult to find a formal dress to meet those requirements without having the exact same dress as many, many other girls. But that’s not even what the biggest problem is here. In the picture below you’ll see a picture of my little sister in the dress we bought her.

As you can see, it is a strapless dress. We did not buy this dress specifically to defy the dress code put in place. In fact, we did not know about the dress code at the time we bought it. We bought this dress about a month or so before the dance when we got my prom dress. 

Now, when they FINALLY decided to inform the girls of our school about the dress code they were informed that they would be kicked out of the dance. 

Once again, this dress code was told to them 4 days before the dance when many girls already bought their dresses.

12 girls got kicked out of the dance.

The school called the police on 2 of those girls because they did not want to leave the dance. (Their dresses were floor length and strapless.)

But here is the kicker, everyone. The principal of my school said the reason why the dress code in general for our school is enforced is because not only is it distracting to the male students but it is distracting to the male faculty.

These girls are like, 12-14 years old.

For the record, the school mentioned for this is Iroquois Jr./Sr. High School in Erie, PA.

This made the top story of our local news and our principal and school board refused to make any comments,.

What if when Volpina comes back it’s because of something Adrien did. Like for example, he asks Mari to go to the school dance with him or something. So then she’s really angry at Adrien. She kidnaps him without Plagg so he’s stuck in civilian form. He doesn’t want her to find out his identity so he just plays along while he waits for Ladybug to save him.

And eventually Ladybug finds Volpina and Adrien. As they banter and such, Chat Noir shows up ready to help his lady. Adrien tries to get Ladybug’s attention and tell her HES NOT REAL, but Ladybug is too worried and angry to let her eyes leave Volpina for a second. So they fight for a little while, Volpina using Adrien as a shield the whole time. Chat Noir ends up getting captured by Volpina too and she dangles both of them off of a super tall building.

“Choose one, Ladybug. You can’t save both.” (Ya know that scene in spiderman where he either has to save Mary Jane or a bus of kids. Kinda like that.)

At this point Adrien is screaming “That Chat Noir is not real! Ladybug!”

But Chat starts to do the same thing. “It’s just like last time! That Adrien isn’t real!”

And then Volpina lets go of both of them.


A Brief History Of Prom Fashion

It’s that time of year again: Prom season is coming up. Taken from the word “promenade,” this fancy dress celebration has been a high school tradition in the states since the early 1900s and started showing up in yearbooks in the ’30s and ’40s. It’s even becoming popular in the UK, most likely due to the influence of American pop culture. While scores of people try to figure out who they’re going with or worry about who is invited in the limo that Becky’s parents rented (sup, drama?), most of the hype is going to surround the outfit.

This has been the case since the jump, and whether you give a damn about prom or not, it’s really interesting to take a look at how prom fashions have changed since those early, pre-war days. From dainty ’40s style dresses to puffy ’80s dresses that remind you of Grossie Josie’s outfit in Never Been Kissed, check out this history of prom dress fashion.