school dance photos


More pictures from AAC 2017 of our Snow Halation group and masquerade performance ✨

Photos by Nerd Caliber

✨don’t remove caption✨

Well, then, let’s get down to it! It always amazes me how these contests form! One bawdy conversation and I end up holding a beauty pageant. Ah me, but let’s make it great, shall we?

The criteria are as follows: No nudity or lewd garments (and by that I mean underwear. You may indulge in an exposed corset or suchlike, but please people, this is a tasteful contest)! Cos-play is acceptable within reason- I want to see you through the medium of a costume, not you wearing someone else’s face. This is meant to be in the vein of the classic pinup posters, but with a saucy twist. I’d much rather see your personality than your decolatage! So if you are not the sort to wear a short skirt or open-fronted shirt, wonderful! Wear whatever you like, so long as there is an element of the costume about it!


* The picture must be taken by yourself or another amateur photographer on a device like a cell phone or other camera that is not sophisticated and professional. It must be a picture created FOR THIS CONTEST (This is to filter out all of you who would reuse your professionally obtained school photos or dance portraits)

* The photo may be retouched or altered as you like, provided no significant alterations have been done to the person in question. The goal is to see you being saucy, not to see you splattered in fake sauce.

* All selfies should be submitted to me privately. I will then blog them with the tag “Saucy Tarts” for your viewing/voting pleasure

* ANYONE MAY PARTICIPATE! Whether male or female, gay or straight, or somewhere in between, or hell, not even on the list. You don’t have to follow me or even know who I am’! Simply send me your picture to enter and wait to see if you win! (I am not the judge! Tumblr will be upvoting your sauciness!)

* ONLY “LIKES” WILL BE COUNTED so do feel free to reblog as much as you like! Just be sure to do so with a message for your followers to like the saucy tart in question!

* You may enter two photos only. They may be of the same outfit to be posted as a pair, or they may be of two different outfits.

* DEADLINE: The end of February! So that you have time to choose that perfect outfit or pose! Hell, make it a Valentine’s Day shoot if you happen to be getting dolled or tatted up for that night out.

* This contest is for the sheer enjoyment of seeing all my lovely readers, and not to promote anything. Therefore I will give the winner a small but, possibly quite nice bag of beauty self-care treats!

Shall we commence, my gentle friends?

Photoshot during a performance celebrating the 105th birthday of my first middle school