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I hate hate HATE all those 2edgy 4me theories about kids shows. Like Angelica dreaming up the rugrats, or the ed, edd, and eddy children being ghosts, or literally anything that takes a lighthearted and fun kids show and has to turn it into some tragic take of rape or murder or misinformed mental illness.

So you know what? From now on I’m gonna do the exact opposite. Every cool grim-dark show is now because of a bunch of children. To get us started:

Game of Thrones: A middle-school DnD campaign with the most angry, vindictive DM who has promised to kill everyone’s player characters (and their family) by the end.

i know that people being on their phones has become like a symbol of apathy and uncaring but so many people i know use social media to share love. like yesterday i got to watch a wedding livestreamed to everyone who couldn’t make it. i’ve seen my friend slowly learn how to cope with being a teen mom because of a massive outpouring of “mumblr” support + tips. i’ve seen my friends come out as gay, learn to cook, discover the flaws in their feminism, work for social change, make good life choices, go to amazing places, develop passions, form educated opinions, learn to love themselves. i’ve seen people post the bravest recovery posts and shy political posts and everything in between. 

and i don’t honestly care how edgy you think your art is. what you’re telling me when you draw grey people looking at a white screen is that you don’t care what happens to the other people in your life.

but i do. i care about the boy i’m in a long distance relationship with, but i also care about people i’ve never met. i’ve been following some people for three years and genuinely care about their experiences. i’m glad you’re still in touch with the people you love, even if you’re not paying attention directly to me! i get happy when you finally dump him! i’m sad when your cat gets sick! i give a shit.

i don’t think technology is taking empathy away from us. i think it’s changing it.

Mike doesn’t hear El’s voice. She doesn’t speak. Too weak, he supposes. But she’s always there, when he gets back from school, during the campaigns, when he’s dreaming (she’s especially good with dreams). The guys never see her, or they choose not to. Whenever a bulb flashes away during a campaign, whether it be during a celebration or a failure, they all give him sympathetic looks as Mike’s face lights up in a smile. But that’s okay. Because he knows it’s her.

After a year, he finally hears her. When Hopper shows up at his basement door, a fragile girl bundled in his arms, she says just one word, but it’s enough to make Mike start crying. “Mike.”

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AU Where Spider-man gets involved in an anti-bullying campaign for schools across NYC, and no one believes Spidey would have bullied in school until he starts telling stories of getting pushed into lockers and having mean comments thrown at him, but how important it is to tell people and get help because he didn't always do that and he should have, and every bullied kid in NYC feels so supported knowing that Spidey has been there and knows how they feel and has risen above it and so can they

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You’re like the third mutual I have that’s done that. It’s okay, we’ll get through this

Strength in numbers I guess!

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But is it any good?

You know what? Yeah, it actually is. 

Last night’s episode was so fucking real. Betty and Veronica worked together to launch a school-wide campaign to get justice for girls that were victims of sexual abuse/slut shaming and confronted misogyny even among other girls. The front woman of an all-black girl band stood up to the white male protagonist for thinking that he was qualified to write songs for HER to sing, about HER experiences, as a black woman in a small town. In the end, both groups of people came to a mutual understanding with a clear definition of boundaries in order to create something new and productive. 

It’s certainly not perfect but I’m pleasantly surprised. I don’t know anything about the original Archie comics, but I hope that the show continues to be as engaging as I’m finding it right now.