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I hate hate HATE all those 2edgy 4me theories about kids shows. Like Angelica dreaming up the rugrats, or the ed, edd, and eddy children being ghosts, or literally anything that takes a lighthearted and fun kids show and has to turn it into some tragic take of rape or murder or misinformed mental illness.

So you know what? From now on I’m gonna do the exact opposite. Every cool grim-dark show is now because of a bunch of children. To get us started:

Game of Thrones: A middle-school DnD campaign with the most angry, vindictive DM who has promised to kill everyone’s player characters (and their family) by the end.

i know that people being on their phones has become like a symbol of apathy and uncaring but so many people i know use social media to share love. like yesterday i got to watch a wedding livestreamed to everyone who couldn’t make it. i’ve seen my friend slowly learn how to cope with being a teen mom because of a massive outpouring of “mumblr” support + tips. i’ve seen my friends come out as gay, learn to cook, discover the flaws in their feminism, work for social change, make good life choices, go to amazing places, develop passions, form educated opinions, learn to love themselves. i’ve seen people post the bravest recovery posts and shy political posts and everything in between. 

and i don’t honestly care how edgy you think your art is. what you’re telling me when you draw grey people looking at a white screen is that you don’t care what happens to the other people in your life.

but i do. i care about the boy i’m in a long distance relationship with, but i also care about people i’ve never met. i’ve been following some people for three years and genuinely care about their experiences. i’m glad you’re still in touch with the people you love, even if you’re not paying attention directly to me! i get happy when you finally dump him! i’m sad when your cat gets sick! i give a shit.

i don’t think technology is taking empathy away from us. i think it’s changing it.


Black students are 4X more likely to be suspended than white students for similar misconduct.

Let’s change that:

If elected officials in your state are not immediately standing up for public schools and education like this after Devos’ confirmation, call them out and let them know they won’t have your vote in the upcoming elections. 

Mike doesn’t hear El’s voice. She doesn’t speak. Too weak, he supposes. But she’s always there, when he gets back from school, during the campaigns, when he’s dreaming (she’s especially good with dreams). The guys never see her, or they choose not to. Whenever a bulb flashes away during a campaign, whether it be during a celebration or a failure, they all give him sympathetic looks as Mike’s face lights up in a smile. But that’s okay. Because he knows it’s her.

After a year, he finally hears her. When Hopper shows up at his basement door, a fragile girl bundled in his arms, she says just one word, but it’s enough to make Mike start crying. “Mike.”

ID #39973

Name: Danya
Age: 17
Country: Mexico

Im a leo, with a scorpio moon. Im a hufflepuff and an enfp, so hopefully that gives you a little insight on my personality. Im quite interested in books, cinematography, and photograph. I also enjoy fashion and editorial campaigns. Im a going to graduate high school so i would like to talk to someone who might be going through the same things i am. I enjoy music and when i say i like all types.. I like all types. Im a very chill person, or so i like to believe, and i would like to spread my vibe to a lot of people :) !

Preferences: no trump supporters, racists, homophobic, and |misogynistic people, i would perfer it if your 18 - 20, and if you can understand ugly handwriting… i love you already.

Why dentistry over medicine?

I’ve noticed a lot of people are struggling to decide, so here is my very rough explanation of why I prefer the former :) 

- I love the artistic aspect of dentistry: sculpting, 3D skills, utilising different materials to create and perfect the mouth, application of fine motor skills, individually crafting what will eventually be a literal part of the patient
- I want to be in surgery and work with my hands, but not 15 years down the track. We began working with our hands in the first few weeks of dental school. We will have our first patient at the start of 2nd year. 
- I want to be able to see an immediate impact for my patients with, for example, restorative or cosmetic work. I think that’s incredibly satisfying. 
- I want a career that allows for a specific lifestyle where I am well compensated for my years of education and training, without restricting my free time. I want this lifestyle and career to allow for travelling often, potentially moving cities and countries, and providing enough money and time for a family.
- I want a career that involves using novel technology often. In the first couple of weeks of dental school we had experiences with haptic simulators, 3D printing, and sophisticated preclinical work on our faux-patients. 
- I don’t want to spend the majority of my late teens and 20′s in education and for my career. I can leave dental school and be a Doctor of Dental Surgery, instead of an intern. 
Overlapping advantages with medicine:
- I want to have my own patients whose quality of life I am able to impact positively
- I want autonomy over my career with the option of opening up my own clinic 
- I want the option of specialising in incredible fields that will further perfect and expand my skillset
- I want to have the option of positively impacting my community, through volunteering or involvement in public health campaigns 

anonymous asked:

How would the brothers react to one of the brothers having a large family like 5-7+ kids? (I love your blog. You are so good at writing scenarios even with such a new blog.)

Thank you hun, your adorkable! 

Um, I’m gonna go by my family headcanons for these (which I still need to finish the rest of them) and so far Yuma has the most kids according to my list with him having 6 in all, so we’ll go with that. So it’s kind of a Yuma thing, sorry ^^’.


Shu - Honestly the most Shu knows about them is that there are a lot of them and they are all similar to Yuma.

Reiji - His son is running against Yuma’s son… the competition is on even if Yuma ain’t hardcore into this whole ‘school debate team’ thing.

Ayato - What he knows is what his daughter knows from having Yuma’s daughters on her basketball team.

Kanato - He daughter has a big crush on one of Yuma’s twins, he knows a lot because she won’t stop telling him.

Laito - He knows about as much as his daughter will tell him due to her helping Reiji’s kid with his campaign as school president…

Subaru - His oldest son and Yuma’s boy got into a fight once, it wasn’t pretty…


Ruki - He is their uncle, he can’t take this much Yuma… one was enough, now there are six more. No seriously he loves his neices an nephew, even if they are heathens.

Kou - He is used for makeovers and he is fine with that.

Yuma - He is proud of his piglets you can fight him if you got something to say. Don’t fight Yuma we know it won’t end pretty.

Azusa - He enjoys every hug he gets, because he gets a lot.

Tsukinami: Both Carla and Shin are rather indifferent from the horde of Mukami hell spawn, they only know them through their children who aren’t really that close to them.



I’m Alison, a Textiles student at Edinburgh College of Art, specialising in print and embroidery, and currently working as an intern at Kalopsia Collective. As a student, trying to reconcile working in textiles with an interest in the environment and sustainability has not always been easy. The industry is notoriously facing serious environmental and ethical challenges: how can I express my creativity in a more sustainable way? How can I balance a cost- effective way of producing without compromising ideals?

This brought me to get in touch with Kalopsia Collective, who agreed to have me as an intern to learn more about what they do.


The story of my designs neither start nor end with me. Awareness of where my materials come from, and the onwards process of production and use, is essential when creating my own part of the story. Having put so much consideration into my design process, it makes sense to continue the production process with the same thought and care. Kalopsia’s service allows creatives to focus on, explore and develop their own practice, in the knowledge that their products are assembled to the highest standard, in ethical working conditions that celebrate and continue a skilled heritage.

This experience has made me conscious of the entire process, including the sourcing of my materials, and the benefits of certain fabrics such as Scottish linen as a local and sustainable alternative to cotton. A circular approach is applied, ensuring minimal waste, efficient use of offcuts and a design for longevity, with ease of disassembly and repair in mind.

With the help of a Kickstarter campaign, a new range of Apparel will be available, expanding the current accessories line, to be able to showcase fabrics on fashion garments. This campaign coincides with Fashion Revolution Week, a celebration of conscious, considered design, and pushing for sustainability to become ingrained in design practice: of students, graduates, craftspeople, and makers of all kinds.