school band


“Yeah, dude, I guess. But, like, this is a fuckin’ liberal arts college, brah. Isn’t everyone in a band?”
“I don’t know. I’ve never met anyone in a band before. I’m not in a band. Well, I’m in some school bands, but that’s not really… um. What kind of music do you play?”

in which instead of actually playing hockey, the guys play shitty (pun intended) DIY punk in a band called Soft Hands. classically-trained pianist eric bittle doesn’t quite know what’s hit him.

posters for @heyfightme ‘s fic Baking is Punk As Fuck . So I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been obsessed with this fic forever? And I’m so happy yet sad that it’s done now?? I’ve already reread the earlier chapters like soooo many times. The lines are great, Bitty’s narrative is so realistic in this new setting. Punk Jack Zimmermann is the love of my life and I’m also VERY obsessed with him (like seriously, way to get me to love Jack). And I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say this fic reignited my love of punk. So yea, this fic is amazeballs 

In my orchestra class, my teacher came up with this new rule that whenever he has to remind a whole section to play a note correctly more than three times during one class, he will hand the section leader a hot pink highlighter while the rest of the class just screams “SHAME” at the entire section while they all have to highlight the note that they all played incorrectly.

Hence, how the highlighter of shame was born.

the danvers sisters band au for @fiddleabout

things heard in the band hall

(idea: @thingsalwaysmatter)

“This section, you need to gently stroke the cat. Just gently pet its fur. Right now, you’re scalping the cat and cutting off its skin. Pet the cat.”


“I’m just so glad I beat Connor”
“You beat Connor?”
“Yeah I got fourth chair and he got fifth chair!”
*connor, from across the room* “FIGHT ME KAYCEE”

“Carson quit playing or I will shove your trumpet up your ass”

“Judson, let Carson out of the locker”
“But he likes it in there”
*muffled swearing*

*carson is playing into his trumpet while judson presses the valves for him*
*riley, who is observing, to me* “I’m pretty sure they’re gay for each other”

“Audrey chipped my reed.”
“I did not!”
“Yes you did. I tested for fingerprints.”
“No, Bella, you saw her do it.”
“Quiet, Brandt.”

“What about one of those squeeze yogurt things?”

“Look at that bird. It’s sitting on my car.”
“I bet you two fifty and a chipped reed it’ll poop.”


school themed kdramas: 

  • school 2015+2013
  • reply 1997+1994+1988
  • to the beautiful you
  • Dream high
  • the heirs
  • seonam girls HS
  • playful kiss
  • page turner
  • age of youth
  • orange marmelade
  • angry mom
  • sassy gogo
  • moorim school
  • wlg fairy kim bokjoo
  • heartstrings
  • high school king
  • twenty again 
  • bring it on ghost
  • and to complete the list 2 must watch: boys over flowers+shut up flower boyband.

*some of them don’t necessarily take place in a school but they involve students and their daily life*also its not placed in a special order*

if you think somethings missing just comment it pls!!