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Jake: Which country has the most birds?
Jake: PortuGEESE.
Jake: Wait
Cleo: That’s a language.
Lemony: PortuGULL.
Ornette: Nice recovery.
Kellar: Don’t you mean nice reDOVErey?
Moxie: Turkey, how did we miss Turkey?

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The whole group plss LILY ❤

*sings* OH MY GOD THANKS!!!!!!

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*shuffles around a bit* 
*mumbles* Hana..dul…sET


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happy 18th birthday lizzy!! it's amazing to see how much you've grown as a person over the past few years. i know there are a lot of great things in store for you!! keep your chin up and give yourself credit for the wonderful, strong person you have become. always rememember that we love and support you!!  i wish you all the happiness in the world 💕

this is gonna be one of those anons I remember for the rest of my life, like this is  probably the sweetest message i’ve received on this website. I cannot begin to describe how happy this made me when I read it, there were actual tears in my eyes.

Seriously, you are so sweet and precious and I love you so much and thank you for following me for the years i’ve had this blog, you didn’t have to stick around but you did and it really means a lot. 💕

  • allistic: I go to college where I study psychology, calculus, 19th century art and geology, I am the captain of the volleyball team, on weekends I play golf, and I take dancing classes; my hobbies are soap making, sewing and cooking; also I read three books at once and work on a part time job;
  • me: yesterday I spent three hours memorizing all classic doctor who companions in order

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Forest, beach, smoke, ash :)

YAY!!! Thank you, I love these <3 <3

Forest: Where are you most calm?

Hmm, good question!! Probably lying on the beanbag in my living room, it’s right near the windows so if I want to get comfy, I’ll always be able to stare out a window, and if it’s sunny out I’ll be in the sun. It’s very calm. (Oh, and also right under the speaker system, so calm unless there’s music playing.)

Beach: If you could be one place right now, where would you be?

Probably at my friend’s house! @mckenna4evah is pretty much my best, best friend, who hardly ever uses Tumblr and goes to a different school than me. I guess it’s a testament to our friendship that we’re still so close after 1.5 years at different schools. 

Smoke: Who’s your favourite artist?

I get my art fix on Tumblr, and I’m following so many artists… Probably 200 of my nearly 300 people I’m following are artists. If I had to limit myself to a few faves that I’ve recently discovered:

@iruutciv, @hana-tox, @mildlysurprising, @peggyshrooms, and @evermoriver. They’re all awesome, please check ‘em out if you’ve got a chance!!

Ash: Do you have any birthmarks/scars?

Haha, yeah, I guess it’s okay to spill on here since I’m sort of anonymous. I have a bunch of moles as birthmarks: one above my lip (like a beauty mark, I guess), one on the top of my left thigh, and a couple on the outside of my arms. I also have a few coffee spots, but they’re pretty faded. I have two small self-harm scars on my left wrist from back in middle school, and sometimes when I’m bored I’ll draw over them in pen and make them into an hourglass. (Whew!! Oversharing!!!)

Topic in Science for today is about Constellations...
  • Reporter: Now, we will learn about the constellation Draco (pronounced as DRAH-ko)
  • Friend: It's DRAYco
  • Me: *sniggers* Ikr, *in tom felton voice* It's Draco Malfoy
  • Reporter: Now, the next is of a woman named Cassiopeia
  • Friend: You mean, Hermione right?
  • Both of us: *high fives each other*

Since I’ve now graduated, I think it’s about time to present a list of shit people have said at my fucking weird ass charter school. 

Advisor: “…maybe that could happen somewhere in the deep depths of the internet, but this isn’t the internet, guys." 
Student: "I beg to differ. This school is the dark part of tumblr that you go to at 3am and want to leave but you cAN’T." 

New student: "So there are two Thomases..?”
Student 1: “The good Thomas and the bad Thomas.”
Student 2: “Big Thomas and little Thomas.”
Student 1: “Young Thomas and old Thomas.”
Student 3: “The Thomas I HAVE punched in the balls and the Thomas I HAVENT punched in the balls.”
New student: “What." 

-"I feel like I should die just to demonstrate how much I hate math class." 

Advisor: "Does anyone have any announcements?”
Student 1: “I popped a zit this morning.”
Student 2: “Dude. Why.”

-“Okay, let’s move on from talking about Shawn’s bathroom schedule and get back to the discussion…" 

Leader of the congress budget meeting: "Okay, so where do you suggest we get money if we don’t get the grant?”
Student 1: “Let’s rob a bank!”
Student 2: *gasps in excitement* “I HAVE A FAKE MUSTACHE!!!" 

Shawn: "If we had a ping pong table it would make, like, one more thing to do at events like prom or chili night. ‘Win a game and you get a prize’ or something.”
Student 2: “Or, like, beer pong.”
Me: “Yeah that’d be great for a school.”
Shawn: “Okay, do y'all even know how to play beer pong? Because that is not it." 

Shawn: "I would like to have a mediation with the entirety of congress." 
Leader of congress: "Why? The ping pong tables?”
Student 1: “All in favor of letting this mediation happen?”
*most of room raises hands*
Student 2: “Wait I thought we were voting on the ping pong table.”
Shawn: “We SHOULD vote on that though, it’s good exercise for the wrists!”
Student 4: “Shawn, you don’t even LIKE ping pong.”
Shawn: “But other people do! You can get one at target for like a hundred bucks!”

Leader of congress: “Do not do it, Shawn. That’s how the Furbies happened." 

-"See, I’m writing this really profound essay. It’s based on Shia Lebeouf." 

-*staring aggressively at cafeteria food* "Alrighty, shitbun, let’s do this one more time…" 

 -*wine mom voice* "Richard can go suck a cock, but that’s sodomy so no thanks." 

-*about a student sketchbook* "Right, so I’m just going through page after page of Steve and Bucky, with random Furry pictures inbetween…" 

-*shouted from somewhere across the lunchroom* "SINNER SINNER CHICKEN DINNER!" 

Shawn:"Oh my god you like apple juice?! Why aren’t we dating?!" 
Me: "Because you’re dating someone." 
Student: "And. You’re gay." 

Advisor: "What are you guys doing?”
Me: “Math.”
Advisor: “Oh, what kind?”
Jonas: “Ge…geology…" 

-"Shawn, you can’t put "Come and get me, gay boys” as your senior quote.“ 

Advisor: "What current style do you guys like?”
Country kid: “Cowboy hats and cowboy boots.”
Jonas: “Those aren’t a style, they’re a mistake." 

"Why are you using a coffee filter for a plate?”
“It’s easier than using a plate.”
“They’re right there, in the cupboard!”
“Hey, don’t judge me, man…" 

Jonas: "All in favor of having Metro Transit come down to beat up the middleschoolers say I.”
All of congress: “I." 

-"No one cares, Xander, shut up and eat your god damn biscuit." 

Student: "Jonas. Don’t tie our hair together.”
Jonas: “…is that a Nixon 'no’ or a Regan 'no’…" 

Me: *wearily* "Tear down the system.”

Advisor about why he hates snapchat: "I don’t like it. You open up snapchat and it’s just a closeup of your face and you’re like "OH GOD GET IT AWAY!” It scares me.“ 

-"I’m really good at it. You can call me the… uh… 'the guy who’s really good at finding Hitler on Wikipedia’… or 'Campbell’ works, too…" 

Me: "Shit.”
Advisor: “Hey, the profanity needs to cool down.”
Me: “Sorry.”
Student: “Yeah Alex, what the fuck?" 

Student 1: "Bro did you get the memes I sent you at like 1am?”
Student 2: “Nah bro, I’ll check them out now." 

-"Man, I fuckin love juice." 

-"I want to pee close to you. Not ON you. Just close to you.”

Masculinity and Queerness in the Media: A Meditation on Dean Winchester

Hey guys! So my comm class final was to write a 9-10 page essay on some topic concerning “gender and sexuality in the media.” Obviously, I turned immediately to analyzing Dean, and chose to look at how particular forms of masculinity and queerness have been presented in media, the evolution of these qualities and their relationship over time, and the implications of this progression over time on modern media stories. The resulting essay is one I think you guys might enjoy, so I’m sharing it here. Please keep in mind that I was writing this for my school assignment, so its in slightly different language than is usual for tumblr discourse, and its probably both better and worse researched than my usual meta (aka I definitely gloss over/don’t go in depth on some things that are bigger issues in the fandom than my teacher needed to hear about, but I also really utilize a lot of legit communications and media theory and stuff [side note: if you are a meta writer/fan of meta/queer yourself and you haven’t watched The Celluloid Closet yet, dear god GO DO SO]). As such, I think people might enjoy this essay for an analysis of stuff we talk about a lot but that approaches it from a different perspective/angle than a lot of the written work here. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

      This essay seeks to articulate the cultural significance of the movement campaigning for the character Dean Winchester to be written as openly queer on the show Supernatural. To accomplish with, I will be exploring the ways in which hegemonic masculinity and queerness have each been constructed in the history of mainstream media and the evolution of their relationship over time from mutually exclusive and diametrically opposed to potentially existing in unity with each other. This essay first surveys how Dean is the cultural successor in many ways to iconic portrayals of masculinity, and explores the ways in which this particular conception of masculinity is often constructed in opposition to queerness. I then engage in an analysis of the various ways queerness has been portrayed in the media in juxtaposition to this masculinity, and also subversively in conjunction with it in strategies like queer-coding. I then return to Supernatural to explicate the ways in which the show invited counter-hegemonic readings of Dean’s masculinity, and how fans have extended this scrutiny to Dean’s assumed heterosexuality as well. I then look at the ways in which a queer reading of Dean has gained legitimacy and the implications of the movement to make this reading a more prominent part of the main text of the show. Finally, I conclude with speculation on the possibility that the show’s creators will incorporate these fan interpretations into the body of the show, and the cultural significance of such a potential development.

      This paper utilizes queer theory to understand how queerness was coded into media texts of the 20th century and the strategies by which audiences decoded these interpretations, and also to understand how particular norms of masculinity and queerness have been constructed in opposition to each other and the evolution of their portrayals in popular media. This critical analysis will look both at the content of Supernatural and its media predecessors, and at Supernatural’s audience responses to the text in order to understand its significance as a media artifact.

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Hello. My students and I love your prompts. Are you still updating and adding new ones them as you used to?

I’ve been asked this question or some variation of it more than a few times in the last few weeks.

I’ll make you a deal and tell you a quick story.

Here’s the quick story …

I’d love to keep updating this site, but I’m really, really busy. Some of that busyness can be attributed to being so-close-I-can-taste-it to the end of a doctorate. I have a draft of the dissertation finished and one last class to take. The other night I estimated that I’ve written close to 2000 pages over the last three years, so you can probably imagine this tingly sense of elation I’m feeling at being so close to finishing. Maybe I’ll get back to this once I’m totally done with that endeavor. Maybe.

Some of it can also be attributed to starting a new job. For the first time in over a decade, I didn’t get a summer break, since I now work for my school district in an educational technology role. The job is a blast, but it also means that I have a massive To Do list that just won’t quit.

Meanwhile, I’ve been keeping track of prompts I’d like to make. I have a text file with over a thousand ideas in it. So, it’s not that I’ve run out of ideas. I’ve just run out of time to make them, at least for the time being.

So, here’s the deal. Even though I’m not in the classroom, I’d like to do my part to support students learning to love reading (this is actually what my dissertation is about). With that in mind, I’ve officially adopted three classrooms in my school district, and put a wish list of books together for them. This is the deal: for every book that gets donated to one of these classrooms, I’ll put a new prompt on the site. And if you have a specific request for a prompt that isn’t too crazy, let me know and I’ll make it happen (luke [dot] neff at gmail or @lukeneff on twitter).

As long as I’m here and writing things, I’ll add a few more thoughts.

I recently hired a company to go back through all the prompts and type them up in plain text. If you’d like to check out that spreadsheet, you can see it here. It’s probably not as fun as the site itself, since there are no pictures, but it might be worth your time. My next big project is to go through that list and tag each prompt as elementary, middle, or high, and with the Common Core standards it covers. Anyone want to help?

I’ve been getting some questions about how to get around the whole issue of Tumblr being blocked at different schools. I don’t have a great solution (and I understand why Tumblr is blocked… let’s be honest, there’s quite the range of available content on Tumblr). Maybe that spreadsheet will help. I also have a set of 300 of my favorite prompts in a PDF for sale, if that helps.

I’d also like to point out that John Spencer has really taken up the gauntlet on the fun writing prompts front. His Visual Writing Ideas are pretty great.

Also, apparently this link isn’t prominent anymore, so I should mention that is a quick way to look at what’s on this site.