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“Well, separate sleeping quarters are a personal preference of mine…but that doesn't mean it isn’t nice every once in a while, even though it’s never particularly a good nights rest.”- W.D Gaster.

Thank you, Anon. I really liked the thought of this.

So school is almost finished for the summer and I will soon be free to create more Dadster and Baby bones art! Sorry for my lack of activity, I hope this post is confirmation of my existence.

Isn’t Pap’s jumper just the best?!

Day ?? - Interacting with your crush

Would you believe me if I said I drew this first out of all the prompts in the challenge? LOLOLOL I wanted to post them in order but I realized the fatesona child thing was also a prompt so… oh well. 😂😂😂

lucassteel  asked:

so i just watched falsettos for the first time in a long time and i just noticed that scene where they mention that the disease spreads , so does that mean that marvin ends up getting sick too or? and is there a reason they use actual props versus the cube in the hospital scenes

There are a bunch of different theories and opinions concerning whether or not Marvin had HIV or if he is eventually diagnosed with it, but I personally believe that the Something Bad is Happening – reprise alludes to the fact that he did or eventually does!! :0 Their overall body language and subtle actions kinda cement the idea for me, along with the lyrics themselves? 

Like, Charlotte is breaking the news to him that Whizzer is on his deathbed, but Marvin doesn’t look surprised or react until she sings, “to another,” which I would imagine is because he can see that Whizzer has been wasting away, so this is a cementing of his fears rather than a surprise – however, the news that all they know of this disease is that it’s targeting mlm, therefore he is at risk for being/potentially already HIV+ is what stuns him. People who agree with this theory usually think that Whizzer was the one who had HIV first and passed it to Marvin due to his more active sex life and the fact that he fell sick first, (I attempted to research if there was room for the possibility that Marvin was like a latent carrier for the virus and Whizzer just began showing symptoms/developed AIDS and subsequently PCP/KS first, but there’s not a lot of info online or I wasn’t looking in the correct places ?) The look he gives Whizzer is then maybe like, “Oh, that’s going to be me soon,” and he accepts his fate, as we see through his nodding, (which !! Whizzer also does so immediately after this scene, i.e. You Gotta Die Sometime). Also, during What Would I Do, Whizzer sings, “Who knew it could end your life,” in reference to Marvin finally being able to accept his sexuality in a time period where that meant getting sick and eventually dying due to the horrific apathy/lack of empathy from both the public and the Reagan administration. @moreracquetball wrote a super amazing and much more in depth analysis about it here !!! 

I put the rest under a read more, because this is already real long, but td;lr: I believe that Marvin was/becomes HIV+, which progresses to AIDS, and I think the props could represent bits and pieces of reality! The hospital bed being rolled in cements and signifies this full change, which might be interpreted as the shift from like immaturity to adulthood. (Also, the props gradually being taken away and the cube returning could also symbolize the gradual worsening state/the passing of Whizzer, which unfortunately was the catalyst to bringing this unlikely bunch together, as is illustrated throughout their interactions with one another, but also Physically shown at the very end, and the piece that they take out of it shows their loss and the perpetual incompleteness of their family.)

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EXO as Students in School


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  • is almost finished with school
  • but what to do afterwards??
  • he doesn’t know
  • chilling most of the time
  • hangs out with Luhan most
  • when Luhan is not there he is around Chen a lot
  • you never see him without coffee
  • school starts: he is with his coffee 
  • break: coffee
  • after school: also coffee
  • everybody asks themselves how he is not dying with that amount of coffee


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  • bff with Xiumin
  • is also almost finished w/ school
  • but everybody thinks he is younger
  • and it’s not helping that he hangs out with Sehun
  • a lot
  • nobody knows why
  • like how did they get to know each other in the first place?
  • smol
  • but will fight you


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  • looks so old
  • like eveybody is scared of him
  • because he is so ‘chic and sexy’
  • especially the new kids
  • but is almost finished anyways
  • his friends know he is actually a dork
  • who says he doesn’t like chicken but eats it anyways
  • has his own fanclub probably
  • always looks perfect because he only leaves the house when he is content with his looks


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  • school mom
  • everybody knows him
  • everybody
  • is school representative
  • for 4 years in a row
  • teachers love him because he is always polite
  • students also love him 
  • not just like-love but also love-love
  • boys just as much as girls
  • secret leader of the Kris-Fanclub


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  • no student knows what year lay is in
  • he comes to class and everybody is like: ohh we’re the same age??
  • so cute and shy
  • always gets high points in tests and stuff
  • but never participates during lessons
  • he has no real reason
  • he just dislikes it
  • is always visiting China during holidays
  • and brings snacks for his friends
  • they love him very very much


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  • pretty popular
  • class clown no. 1
  • so loud during classes
  • and during breaks
  • just generally really loud
  • some teachers tolerate this
  • some don’t
  • also kind of a school-hoe?!?!1!
  • bc he is always so touchy
  • with his friends ofc
  • likes parties because everyone is having a good time there


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  • class clown no. 2
  • either really loud
  • and kinda annoying
  • or cute
  • and with great participation during lessons
  • depends on the subject tho
  • has many friends
  • like the whole school
  • because he is always polite and friendly


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  • class clown no. 3
  • happy most of the time
  • but also confused 
  • about like 80 % of school time
  • he is not bad tho
  • his points are enough to pass every class
  • he just doesn’t understand why he needs to learn most of this
  • one of the tallest students in school
  • like when there is a crowd and you want to find chanyeol
  • just look for the tall one

D.O./ Kyungsoo

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  • looks like he could kill a man
  • or teacher
  • or student
  • but actually really awkward 
  • and shy
  • and adorable
  • his friends like to make fun of him for that
  • really good grades
  • teachers use his tests-answers as best examples
  • he gets soo shy when they read them out loud


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  • knows ALL the gossip
  • some1: ‘did you hear what they say about tiffany?’
  • tao: ‘ofc i do! but do you know that they say about mr smith?’
  • probably runs a tumblr blog about his school
  • where he posts the shit everybody says and does
  • best styled
  • his clothes are so expensive
  • where does he get the money for that?!?!
  • hangs around with kris alot


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  • so. cute.
  • but. so. hot.
  • member of the dancing club
  • that he founded
  • also teaches others dances after school
  • to earn some money
  • for him
  • and for his dogs
  • during exam-preparations he sends around pictures of his dogs
  • to help others to calm down


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  • the embodiment of the resting bitch face
  • math: bitch face
  • history: bitch face
  • biology: bitch face
  • but pays attention
  • most of the time at least
  • was the first to join kai’s dancing club
  • sometimes they are competing with other schools
  • asks suho for help with schoolwork
  • hangs out with luhan after school


honestly i just wanted to try writing like this 

and this was the first concept that came into my mind


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until last week isak and even could have a really long discourse to which place they should go today. to isak’s because eskild and linn won’t be there at least until 9 pm or to even’s because his mom promised to cook a delicious meal for both of them. and it wasn’t something bad it was their every day ritual. they have been planning something together. and one of these days they decided to move in together. one day eskild was going to throw a party and even’s mom invited some of her friends for a dinner. so they didn’t know where they could go. isak said something like “god i hate this i wish we could have our own place” and even replied “let’s do this”. at first it was a joke for both of them but afterwards they really decided to do it. they moved in on easter break so for them it looked more like some vacation although they had a lots of stuff to do. like unpack all their stuff or buy some things. they actually realized what really happened just yesterday on the first day of school. when they both woke up together at the same time and while even was cooking breakfast isak took a shower. when even was taking a shower isak got dressed and packed his backpack. they were eating in silence but with the biggest smiles on their faces. it was the first day in their lives when they were going to school from their only their place. when school day was almost finished and isak really got stressed because of chemistry he took his phone and wanted to write ‘hey even should we go today to my place or yours’ but then he immediately realized that he forgot that now they have their own apartment. when he was about to put his phone back at his pocket an unexpected sound notification almost scared him. he looked at his phone it was even who wrote him a text “hey man of my life what do you want me to cook for a dinner?”

Too Young, Too Dumb, Too Powerful Part 2

Peter Parker x Stark!Reader


Other characters: literally all of the Avengers and Pepper Potts


When Tony was a reckless young playboy he had his late night adventures usually ending with a girl in his bed, but when he met your mother, everything in his world changed. He fell in love with her beautiful smile and her contagious laugh. When he knocked her up it had been the happiest he had ever been, knowing that he was going to start a family with the love of his life. When your mother went into labour, there had been many complications that it left her dead ten minutes after you had been brought into the world. Tony Stark was left with a baby girl and a broken heart. He knew what he had to do, and it was to raise you right even if that meant raising you as a single parent. You were Tony Stark’s most prize possession, not the suits. You were his princess and he treated you like one. But when his princess gets older and meets Tony Stark’s newest recruit, Spiderman/Peter Parker, Tony realizes you’re growing up and he could lose you as well.


I sat on my bed with my open laptop next to me with my assignment, I should be doing, open. I’m not a procrastinator, I was always good at keeping focus and working hard, but Peter keeps texting me. The most efficient thing to do is put the phone on silent and continue on with my work, but I know I wouldn’t be able to keep from talking to Peter for that long.

Y/N- ‘no internship tonight?’

Peter- ‘haha i’m off tonight’

Y/N- ‘when am i going to see u?’

Peter- ‘i’ll sneak in thro the window’

Y/N- ‘better be careful’

Peter- ‘when am i not ;)’

I smiled at my phone, this boy was going to be the death of me. Literally, if my dad ever read these, I’d be dead. But Peter seemed worth all the sneaking around and lying to your dad. You felt guilty but being in Peter’s arms and feeling his kiss on your body made everything feel okay.

“Ms. Stark, Mr. Stark requests your presence in the labs.” FRIDAY interrupted my thoughts. I sighed and dropped the phone on my bed.

I made my way down to the labs and was greeted by Pepper Potts, the only mother figure I’ve ever had. No matter the relationship between her and my dad, whether it was romantic or strictly work, she was always there for me. My dad is always there for me but a line had to be drawn when I reached the age 13 and red splotches showed up on my underwear. Pepper taught me what a pad was, and when I was 15 how to use a tampon correctly. She had given me my first mascara but dad trashed it the second I opened the gift from her, but Pepper hid an extra one in my underwear drawer.

“Hello sweety, school work almost finished?” Pepper looked up from her paper work and smiled at me.

I nodded, “almost there!” I smiled and continued my way into the lab. I punched my pin in and the doors unlocked showing my dad rebuilding a suit that he had recently trashed.

“I think you gotta let that one go dad,” I said leaning up against the wall next to all the suits, “don’t you think once they reach a certain age they should retire.” I walked over and placed a kiss on my dad’s cheek and sat in the chair beside him.

“If I wasn’t mistaken I’d say Ms. Y/N Stark is making a rude comment, wow, she really is your daughter Tony.” I heard a familiar voice behind me. I turned and saw the one and only Bruce Banner. I stuck my tongue out at him and he waved me off. “If you think those suits are old, I do not want to know what you think of me.” I rolled my eyes and smiled.

“What’re you trying to get at kid?” My dad smirked while he finished attaching the arm back to the correct place. He turned to me and opened his arms for a hug and I happily complied. “Y/N I would like you to meet a very important person to us.” My dad said as he led me to a smaller office area of the lab. I walked in behind him and was met by a fairly tall man with a very trimmed beard and dark hair. “Y/N this is Dr. Stephen Strange. Strange, this is my beautiful daughter Y/N.” I reached my hand out to shake his when I noticed his hands shook quite a lot.

“Ah, the famous Y/N, I’ve heard a lot about you from your proud father. He was bragging about colleges already offering you scholarships? Interested in the medical field?” His voice was very deep and intimidating, but he was kind.

“Well being a Stark may have some perks, I still have to go through the dirty stuff before I reach my freedom.” I spoke while taking a seat next to my dad. “Technology and engineering may run in my blood but going into the medical field has always been something of interest to me.”

“That’s why I brought you in here honey. Look I know that you may feel pressured by me and the whole Avengers team to get into our work but I want you to know that when it comes to your future I just want you to be happy. So, the reason I brought Strange in here today is to let you know that there an internship at his hospital with your name on it.” He looked across at Dr. Strange and looked back at me and they were both smiling.

I couldn’t believe it. I had a chance of a lifetime to follow around Dr. Stephen Strange and his staff for a job! This would look unbelievable on my college resume. I jumped out of the chair with glee and hugged my dad.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You’re the best dad ever!” I practically yelled in his chest as we hugged. I was so happy I even went over and hugged Strange who was shocked at first and gave me a little side hug. “This is huge! I cannot thank you enough for this!”

“You’re a Stark, I expect nothing but the best from you!” Strange said as he walked out of the room and left the labs.

My dad and I walked him out. We talked about my future in the medical field and how Strange could pull some strings at some local colleges to take me into some classes. Talking about the future may frighten some people but it only excites me! Not that I didn’t love my dad and my home that he made for me in this tower, but there’s a whole world out there, it’s not just under Tony Stark’s roof.


“That’s crazy Y/N!” Peter exclaimed. I shushed him but smiled. He was always so supportive of my dreams, even if it meant that him and I would eventually end up in two different careers. “I’m so proud of you babe.” He pulled me in for a hug.

I looked up at him and smiled. Peter isn’t crazy tall but I’m quite short so I look up at him, and everyone, no matter what. But it’s fine because I look up and I see the most beautiful smile in the world.

Peter leaned down and kissed me lightly. I placed my hands on the sides of his face and his hands traveled down to my lower back. He laid me down on the bed and hovered over me. He kissed me again but this one was more passionate and deep. As he deepened the kiss I tugged at the bottom of his shirt telling him I wanted it off. Peter responded instantly and pulled the shirt over his head exposing his beautiful body. As a superhero you have to stay in shape, but Peter seemed to do more than just work out when mandatory. Peter was kneeling in front of me as I admired his beautiful build.

My hands travelled around his body as he continued to kiss me. He licked my lips, as if he was asking for permission to make the kiss more intense and I gladly excepted. I moaned into the kiss and I could feel Peter smile against my lips. Peter began to kiss my neck and I threw my head back to give him more access. I pulled my shirt off which left me in my pants and bra. Peter looked at me with his brown eyes and scanned my whole body. This is the most intimate both of us have gotten.

“You’re so beautiful.” Peter whispered. We started kissing again and Peter’s hands roamed my body. He gave my boobs a soft squeeze and I let out a very quiet moan.

Our little session ended but we didn’t move. I stayed in Peter’s arms and he rested his head on top of mine.

“I just wish I could taken more seriously, y’know? I wish Mr. Stark would quit seeing me like a kid and let me go on another mission with the rest of the team.” Peter explained.

Ever since Peter’s first real mission my dad has kept Peter to very small tasks, very very small. I knew what he was capable of, the whole team did, but something made my dad keep Peter to New York. Peter was young, but nobody else had taken Captain America’s shield like he did.

Before I could answer him FRIDAY’S voice went over the speakers in my room.

“Ms. Stark, Mr. Stark request your presence and Mr. Parker’s as well in the common room.”

Peter and I looked at each other with terrified eyes, this could be the last time I see Peter Parker ever again.

ID #34382

Name: Elliot
Age: 16
Country: UK, England

hi, so elliot im 16, although i look like im 12. im not super great at making freinds so i think itd be pretty cool to have a penpal. so about me, well first of all im a transguy and ive almost finished school. im into scifi stuff and i love doctor who always have always will. i really like painting and drawing im not an artist or anythings its just always been a passion of mine i guess. i like music but i dont really have a preference, youtube likes to make “indie playlists” for me though. idk what else to say, thats about it.

Preferences: 15-20 would be prefered, idm other ages though