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“Well, separate sleeping quarters are a personal preference of mine…but that doesn't mean it isn’t nice every once in a while, even though it’s never particularly a good nights rest.”- W.D Gaster.

Thank you, Anon. I really liked the thought of this.

So school is almost finished for the summer and I will soon be free to create more Dadster and Baby bones art! Sorry for my lack of activity, I hope this post is confirmation of my existence.

Isn’t Pap’s jumper just the best?!

Day ?? - Interacting with your crush

Would you believe me if I said I drew this first out of all the prompts in the challenge? LOLOLOL I wanted to post them in order but I realized the fatesona child thing was also a prompt so… oh well. 😂😂😂



AHHHH! So, today the past for years of my life took me to today, where I graduated summa cum laude (honor for 3.85 gpa or higher!!), with a BFA in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art!!! I am so beyond happy, and shocked at how quickly time has flown by!!

I value education very highly and have poured my heart and soul into this degree. I was once told I would never go to college, and look at where I am now. It’s great to see all my hard work, long nights, and passion for creativity pay off. 

I would not have gotten here today alone, though. My family and friends pictured here have been key in my success due to their wonderful support. 

I am not quite done yet, as I plan to return to this school for one more year to get a Master’s of Arts in Teaching degree so I can pursue my ultimate dream of teaching and share my love of the arts with young people.

I just wanted to share my accomplishment with you Tumblr fam. Remember, you can do anything you set your minds to, and don’t let anyone get in your way of achieving your dreams.  <3 

until last week isak and even could have a really long discourse to which place they should go today. to isak’s because eskild and linn won’t be there at least until 9 pm or to even’s because his mom promised to cook a delicious meal for both of them. and it wasn’t something bad it was their every day ritual. they have been planning something together. and one of these days they decided to move in together. one day eskild was going to throw a party and even’s mom invited some of her friends for a dinner. so they didn’t know where they could go. isak said something like “god i hate this i wish we could have our own place” and even replied “let’s do this”. at first it was a joke for both of them but afterwards they really decided to do it. they moved in on easter break so for them it looked more like some vacation although they had a lots of stuff to do. like unpack all their stuff or buy some things. they actually realized what really happened just yesterday on the first day of school. when they both woke up together at the same time and while even was cooking breakfast isak took a shower. when even was taking a shower isak got dressed and packed his backpack. they were eating in silence but with the biggest smiles on their faces. it was the first day in their lives when they were going to school from their only their place. when school day was almost finished and isak really got stressed because of chemistry he took his phone and wanted to write ‘hey even should we go today to my place or yours’ but then he immediately realized that he forgot that now they have their own apartment. when he was about to put his phone back at his pocket an unexpected sound notification almost scared him. he looked at his phone it was even who wrote him a text “hey man of my life what do you want me to cook for a dinner?”

So I’m making a PowerPoint presentation for my Management and Supervision class and I’m presenting a “New Employee Orientation” for an imaginary business, so I was looking for a nice picture of myself (as the business owner) and came across this one.

Can I use this? 😉 Is this acceptable?

Sometimes, Love isn’t Enough 2/?

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Author’s Notes: Hey peeps! I know this is probably very long-awaited. But some time after I published my first chapter, I realized I was way in over my head. I published my first chapter because of the excitement, when really, I should’ve wrote a little more to be a bit ahead. I spent this time writing out up to chapter 3 and i’m in the middle of writing chapter 4 now. With school and other things, I should’ve told you guys and give you a heads-up. Good thing I’m not too far into the story.
Anyways, school’s almost finished (but so is Arrow :( ), and then I’ll get up to faster writing!
So 2-week minimum is still here.

Chapter 2 has it’s fair share of Oliver and Sara. It’s really quick but if you really don’t like it (I can’t write smut at all and this is barely anything), You can skip it. ITS BARELY ANYTHING. I’M SERIOUS.
And depending on how you ride the angst train, this may or may not twist your insides.
But who knows :O
I’m terrible at writing anyways.


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Chapter 2, Severance.


Something struck him when that word fell from her lips. And it pulled him in.

The warm, familiar taste of her lips relaxed him. He had a firm grip on her waist and let the want take over.

Sara whispers a rough “Ollie,” before framing his face with her hands and running her fingers through his stubble.

He wonders how long it’s been since he’s done something like this. The physical aspect of a relationship was always the easiest to him. It didn’t require him to talk. Especially at a time like this.

He could relieve the tension that’s been building up in him with this.

Whatever this was.

He’s snapped back to reality when he hears the door of the foundry close and a small, almost unnoticeable ache the runs through his shoulders. He removes his lips from her and stares at her with a furrow in his eyebrows for a second before letting her go and checking on the stairs.

He stares at the door.

His eyes wander down to the padlock where the green light blinks at him, signaling that the door was locked.

“Ollie?” Sara wonders as she walks toward him.

He gives the padlock one last glance before he turns to her, surprised to see her so close.

“Sorry— I thought I heard the foundry door close.” he replies.

“Oh, I didn’t hear anything.” She adds.

He gets a little closer and whispers “I’m sure you were right.” before he puts a hand on her hip and chases her lips.

She giggles into his mouth and once he feels her tongue running along the seam of his lips, he quickly grants her entrance.

He slips a hand under her ass and lifts her up, and as soon his growing erection rubs against the warmth in between her legs, he groans into her mouth.

Their lips break contact when the need for air becomes too great, but he quickly recovers and marks his lips on her neck, biting and soothing, while slowly walking towards the cot in the corner of the foundry. She silently gasps and cards her fingers through his hair as his mouth reaches the valley of her breasts.

His knees hit the cot and he eases her on to the noisy mattress as his lips find hers again.

Before it gets any further, Sara calls him.


He keeps his lips pressed to hers and hums.

“Are you sure about this?” she whispers as she tenderly grabs the back of both of his shoulders.

Oliver stops and pulls back slightly, feeling a little lightheaded at the touch before he recovers.

He stares into Sara’s eyes, looking for something he couldn’t find in her eyes, before sighing.

“Yeah,” he says with a hint of a smile as he closes the distance between their lips.

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my part of the exchange; for @claireroseheart for the yuumikayuu gift exchange ( @mikayuugiftexchange )!

i ended up going with the starbucks au (”mika works at Starbucks and yuu comes in so often that mika knows his daily order and write encouraging notes on his cup”) out of the three hehe uwu

i hope you like it!!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


[EExRS]; AU; -random snippets-

Elsword waved his hand in wild movements thorough the air with tears ebbing his eyes as the long paper cut on his finger seared with the pain of a hot burning white sun.

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