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except 17 and 19 are a HUGE difference, bc one is a minor, and the other is an adult. if the two engage in any form of sexual activity (even KISSING), the parents of the minor have every right to press legal charges against the adult if they want to. sorry, but dating what the law considers to be a child is VERY risky, and can lead to the adult’s life being ruined. age is exceedingly important when one person is underage. be careful w that mindset.

Oh come on, half of the boys in school would be criminals then. Honestly, there are so much girls that date guys that are older than them and non of them have a problem with it. You can’t tell me that 17 and 19 are a huge different. Damn it’s two years. If they love each other so why say it’s illegal ? You can’t decide who you love. The law says it differently but I’m sorry I see it differently too. I accept what you say but I have my own opinion about that.

Drinking With Donghan

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A/N: I’m starting a new bullet fic series where reader gets drunk with various people and how’d that go down lmao. And ofc me being my trash self for a certain walnut head, I’m starting the series off with him. Next one will be Jonghyun, and after that Daniel!

  • Okay, let’s set the scene first
  • I’m thinking like, huge group of friends from high school reuniting once again at like a bbq place with lots of alcohol involved too
  • no, this is def not based off of the story donghan told when he got shitfaced in daegu,,,,,,def not
  •  Anyways, you’re a college student right? legal drinking age and everything and your friend invites you to go out to dinner and drinking with her and the rest of squad and you’re like “sure, why not”
  • Well, she didn’t tell you rest of squad also included a couple guys you’ve never met before
  • “Who tf are they?”
  • “Remember the all boys’ school near our high school? They graduated from there, and one of them is pretty cute and single huehuehue”
  • ,,,,,,,,you should’ve stayed home
  • But it’s a Friday night, the guy is kinda cute, and the food and booze are being paid for by your friend
  • So you slap some meat on the grill, open up a bottle of soju and just start pouring shots for everyone i’m more of a whiskey person lmao
  • As the night goes on, the food starts being ignored for clinking of glasses and cans, the people in the group start dwindling
  • At one point your friend leaves bc she is gONE
  • You wave her off and pour yourself another shot
  • You know who else is still there? The cute, single guy
  • “Hey, you’re pretty good at drinking,” he says, pouring you another shot after you down yours.
  • “Eh, that’s like bottle 2? You’re already on bottle 3.”
  • “,,,,,,,,,,,,that’s your fourth bottle,,,”
  • “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wow,,,,,yeah, uni’s stressful,” you down the rest of your bottle and grab another one
  • “Since, it’s just us, I’ll treat you,” he says, and yes, he’s officially 10x cuter bc he’s paying
  • Okay, yall have to get drunk eventually
  • And when you’re drunk, you’re hungry, so Donghan orders more food to put on the grill
  • But you know when you drink alcohol it gets warm, and there’s no way he’s gonna let you man the grill
  • So he rolls up his sleeves to his elbows exposing his glorious forearms and unbuttons the first couple buttons on his shirt
  • you were you were def drunk enough for this
  • Anyways, he’s putting food onto the grill to cook and stuff and you’re just like ogling at his exposed skin lmao
  • He puts some food on your plate and notice your ogling lmao 
  • “You like what you see?”
  • “Pffffft, n- yes, I’m actually enjoying this a lot,”
  • He smirks at that statement and piles more food onto your plate
  • “Eat up, princess, how else you gonna catch up to me?”
  • You eyed his five bottles and quickly picked up your fourth one to down it
  • He’s like hella impressed now
  • Anyways, as the alcohol finALLY starts to sink in, your lips start to loosen
  • “So, where has a cutie like you’ve been this entire time?”
  • He just starts laughing at your comment
  • Honestly, drunk rambling you? he finds that adorable
  • Before he knows it, his hand reaches over the table to ruffle your hair
  • You pout up at him ofc, and wOW what a cutie you are
  • He swears he felt his heart skip a beat or something
  • Anyways, the hours creep past, and he can tell you’re getting to your breaking point
  • He pries your bottle out of your grip, calls for the check, and after paying, proceeds to help you up
  • He is able to coax your address out of your drunken self and calls a taxi for you
  • Ofc you’re drunk as hell, so you’re hecka confused why he’s helping you into a taxi
  • “Aren’t you going to come with me?” you pouted
  • Donghan almost choked
  • “A-ah, no, I have to go home too”
  • “But you can always stay the night~~~”
  • At this point, you had your grip on his shirt, and you’re tugging at it
  • “N-no, really it’s fine. I wrote my number on your arm, so text me tomorrow when you’re somewhat sober.”
  • He closes the door for you and waves you off, praying that you do text him tomorrow

Happy story

At work I was talking to my two younger “typical” high school boy co workers about tattoos. One of them brought up mine and we always joke that it’s from that one Katy Perry song blah blah but the other boy (this boy is good) asked what it was from. I told him it was from a U2 song and he went “U2 is cool, man.” To which the other boy nodded!! At this point I was slightly baffled at this response from a teenage boy. Then he went on to say that one of his friends once accidentally played the album on his phone when they were driving and they were like “Who didn’t tell us this was lit?!” And I’ve never felt more protective of a small, athletic, stereotypical /boy/ in my life.

Y’all tell me why I’m looking at homecoming pics from kids at my school and these white Boys rlly showed up trying to dress like migos…glasses jewlrey shirts and everything…

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what would kissing donghan be like

You see here, this can go both ways, and bc I’m trash for walnuthead, I’ll do both~

Donghan went to an all-boys high school, so I’m assuming his interaction with girls is only when they’re screaming over him and his dance crew. Besides the fact, contrary to his rude-ass, personally-attacking me persona on stage, Donghan is such a cute, bubbly boy? Clingy? af. Playful? af. So I can imagine him to be the type to have rose dusted cheeks when he leans in to kiss you. Probably just presses his lips firmly against yours for your first kiss bc heS FREAKING OUT. I imagine he probably likes to cup your cheeks with his big-ass hands and just kiss you on your forehead or your nose. Probably kisses you temple when he has his arm around you while the two of you are walking around the mall or something. Soft, stolen kisses when you’re working on something or when you’re rambling about him not helping you with dinner, because he knows that’s one way to get you quiet. I bet you he likes holding your hand when he’s driving. One hand on the wheel, the other one interlocked with yours, and every now and then, he lifts your hand up to lightly brush his lips against your knuckles.

But Donghan is also a lil shit, so this paragraph is dedicated to lil shit Donghan. I highkey believe he’s the type to like, purposefully buy a small couch, so you have to sit on his lap during movie night. I also believe he’s the type to start kissing your neck during the movie and smirks when you start squirming. Donghan also seems like he’d just one day strut into the kitchen and see you making food and he just picks you up and places you on the counter to make out with you. And Donghan reminds me of an overeager puppy, so like, making out with him is a lot of mess. But good mess every now and then,,,,until his hand goes up your shirt, that’s a no good mess zone right there. I also feel like he’d be a really aggressive kind of making out guy. He’d be into like, holding you steady against some surface, so your only form of support is him, and like his hand is either gripping your thigh or your hip, no in between. Probably likes giving you hickeys bc he knows he shouldn’t. Also, he’d probably just pick you up at one point and take you too the bedroom bc he’s too impatient at this point.

wow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that was long

Audition for our ANIMATION!


My friend (@armedhobo) and I are currently working on an animation about a middle school boy who loses his friends to the evil Cloaked Man. We could really use some help!

The audition is free to EVERYONE (regardless of gender, race, age, previous experience, etc)!! The audition deadline is DECEMBER 1st, 2017 and those who land a role must submit their script lines by DECEMBER 30, 2017. Would prefer if audition audio is done with a high quality microphone but is not necessary.

Here is the audition packet!

**Those who land a role may earn monetary compensation depending on the role.

Thank you for checking out and good luck!

(any questions/comments/concerns? Email us at

At this point I am just impressed. and those freaking #’s took me wayyyy to long.