The Signs as Class of 2021 Tweets

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Aries: 6th graders have declared war on high schoolers!!!!! We will throw vape bombs in your classes and shoot you with silly bands😜😈👊 #WatchUrBack

Taurus: My gf told me she’s home alone and to bring a condiment? I’m so confused lol I’ll just bring mustard😂😊🙈

Gemini: Can’t wait to take our relationship to the next level…… Hopscotch here we come😏😘❤️😈😜😍💑💜💚💙👌

Cancer: Got a problem with me? Have your mom call my mom.👿💆😴👏👊

Leo: First let me hop out my motha effin heelys🚨😎 I don’t want her if that rump don’t sit like a horse🐴🍑

Virgo: Omg 6th grade prom is next week and I’m scared theres gonna be grinding😖😰🙅👎

Libra: Things r changing…🙅lollipops turning into dicks😁🍆 soda becomes alcohol🍻bike helmets turning into condoms😪Disney channel becoming pornhub😳

Scorpio: Hugged my gf and didn’t wear protection……I think she’s pregnant now😁😕😳 #Scared #omg

Sagittarius: Is 6th grade senioritis a thing cause I’m definitely feeling it😅😜💁💯

Capricorn: #MyLifeIn5Words so done with sixth grade😓😖😕👎🙅💆

Aquarius: High schoolers are communists!!!!👊👎😱😁😒😷

Pisces: YAY!!! My mommy said my new bedtime is 9:00pm #$wag #Adult #GrownUp😃😈😎💯LOL at the losers who still have 8:30pm bedtime #Children #Losers😂😭🙅

23.5.2015 8.12 p.m. - Currently revising history 4, which is History of Finland here in Finland. It’s my second favourite course :)
Also tried to write an essay for religion which isn’t luckily due until 3rd of June. Not really looking forward to summer school… :( I’m going to have a really busy 2 weeks. Not fun!!