Alas, my amateur musical theatre days have come to an end. But a big promotion at work has come my way (Head Chef 😎). So I shall celebrate with the arrival of my Fantastic Beasts poster book! Yes, I bought it through an elementary school book fair. Yes, I said it was for my daughter. Yes, I am a dork. No, I’m not hanging any of them up. Yet. My mission? To one day get it autographed by Eddie before hanging one.
So I soldier on. No Carnegie Hall for this gal in November. 😢 I shall hope for a TIFF appearance again in the future.

A reminder to all who haven’t heard: THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS WILL RIDE AGAIN…FUELED BY NETFLIX…IN 2016.

You read that right. Through Netflix’s acquisition of Scholastic, a 26-episode series will kick off in 2016, called The Magic School Bus 360°.

From the announcement via Mashable:

Netflix and Scholastic Media announced in a press statement that the new series will use CGI animation to feature a “modernized Ms. Frizzle” and an “inventive high-tech bus — so it looks like the companies are not afraid to take chances and make mistakes (and probably get messy in the process). The very 21st-century show will also focus on modern tech innovations, including robotics and wearables.

The all-new episodes also leverage advancements in animation, science and technology in a way that will delight a new generation of young viewers, and like its predecessor, will help kids around the world discover the magic and value of exploration and innovation, a press statement reads.

Listen to the original Magic School Bus theme music

The Magic School Bus is the longest-running kids’ science series in history, first airing on PBS in 1994 and continuing in syndication for 18 consecutive years. It has even earned an Emmy Award. (Undoubtedly for Liz the Lizard’s acting.)

Magic School Bus, the old version, is remarkably popular on Netflix, Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer told The New York Times. It teaches science in a way that transcends generations.

Scholastic Media has not yet announced if the original Ms. Frizzle, Lily Tomlin, will return to voice the character.

And from a similar announcement via CNN:

To do an animated show that has actually encouraged young people to pursue careers in the sciences or teaching makes us very, very happy.

– Forte, President, Scholastic Media

2016. The Magic School Bus. The original ship of the imagination.


Hey everyone!


So I recently hit 3000 followers (AT SOME POINT IN THE NEAR FUTURE), which is crazy?!?!?! I now have more followers than people at my school, which is difficult to imagine because my school is the biggest in my city. This blog has surpassed my wildest expectations, I never thought it would be this successful. I love the booklr community, and I love all of you!! Thank you all for following me and making my life great, I really do love all of you!

Gushing over, let’s get down to the giveaway! This is just a standard giveaway, no fancy rules..

  • there will be one winner, who wins one of the books in the scholastic classics collection listed above. These books are gorgeous and I’m sure everyone will find a classic here that they haven’t read yet. (btw I’m not being sponsored by scholastic or anything, this is my own choice because I think these editions are gorgeous)
  • likes and reblogs count as an entry, you can reblog multiple times but please don’t spam your followers
  • no giveaway blogs please 
  • as this is a celebration and thanks for my followers, please be following me in order to take part in the giveaway
  • the giveaway is international as I will be using Amazon/ the Book Depository
  • the giveaway ends 30th May 2015 at 7:00pm GMT, after then entries wont count and a winner will be chosen randomly

more gushing: I am literally so lucky to know all of you, followers new and old and I value the friendships I have made through this blog so much, and I look forward to the friendships I am yet to make!!

Good luck! Thank you all so much! ♥ ♥ ♥ :)

Taylor Swift Donates 25,000 Scholastic Books to New York City Schools

11/11/15 | Today, singer, songwriter Taylor Swift and Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books, announced a donation of 25,000 new, age-appropriate books from the Scholastic Possible Fund to 25 New York City schools in need of more books for their students.

Twenty-five schools will each receive 1,000 new children’s books through the Scholastic Possible Fund as a result of Taylor’s support of the Company’s “Open a World of Possible,” initiative, designed to promote independent reading among all children. As a long-time literacy advocate, Taylor hosted a webcast for classrooms during which she shared how books, reading and writing have influenced her and opened her world. Since it first aired in October 2014, the webcast has been viewed by more than 4.5 million students from around the country and is available at:

The importance of increasing access to books in schools was highlighted in the most recent Scholastic Kids & Family Reading Report™ which found that children ages 6-17 from lower-income households are more likely to read books for fun in school and far less likely to read books outside of school than their higher-income peers. Further, having a selection of texts for independent reading can be a powerful tool to encourage kids to pick up a book. The same report revealed that nine in ten kids agree their favorite books – and the ones they are the most likely to finish – are the ones they pick out themselves.

“Scholastic is honored to join with Taylor Swift who continues to show a passion for literacy and a commitment to spreading the message of how influential books can be in a child’s life,” said Greg Worrell, President, Scholastic Education. “Through this donation, we aim to encourage independent reading which inspires a love of learning and to ‘Open a World of Possible’ for more New York City students by making sure they have access to the very best children’s books.”

“We are really looking forward to receiving these books and incorporating them into our school’s library so that all students in our building can have access to them,” said Principal Nova Xiomara, of PS 132, Juan Pablo Duarte School in Manhattan, NY.

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is proud to present its first official poster art for TCAF 2016, from the incredibly talented KATE BEATON!

Kate has created something really special here, showcasing the many different ways that readers and fans enter and interact with the medium of comics. This poster will also be produced on a slightly thicker and more rigid paper stock, so that any of you our there that want to actually cut up and play with your poster will be able to do so. Look for it this spring!

Our thanks to Kate Beaton for turning in a phenomenal poster that embodies a lot of what we love about comics.


Kate Beaton is a Canadian cartoonist who appeared in the comics scene in 2007 with her online comics strip Hark! A Vagrant! Since then, she has become a fan favourite and has garnered a significant following, with comics & illustrations appearing in places like the New Yorker, Harper’s, and Marvel’s Strange Tales anthology. Her collection,Never Learn Anything from History, is published by Topatoco, and her next title, Hark! A Vagrant published by Drawn & Quarterly, spent five months on the New York Times bestseller list, and topped best of the year lists from Time, E!, Amazon, and Publishers Weekly. Beaton’s cartoons often display a wonderfully light touch on historical and literary topics. The jokes are a knowing look at history through a very modern perspective, and a campaign against anyone with the idea that history is boring. In 2015, Kate released Step Aside, Pops with D+Q, as well as her first children’s book, The Princess and the Pony, with Scholastic.

How the hell do you know, Bailey School Kids? Angels fuck people up all the time in the Bible. One wrestles Jacob for like a whole day, and they’ve got access to flaming swords and shit. It stands to reason they would be masters of all forms of fighting.

Your theological preconceptions are FLAWED, fictional child characters in a book for young readers from the 1990s! They’re FLAWED and I’m letting everyone know it!


Hi, everyone! :D My name’s Ru Xu, and I’m working on a graphic novel series called NewsPrints. It will be released January 2017 by @graphixbooks!

I just got the OK from my editor to reveal the cover, so I thought I’d round up some WIP I’ve been posting on my Twitter. Now, what’s NewsPrints about? 

A newsboy named Blue (a girl, actually) who, during a war, befriends a reclusive inventor and one of his inventions – a boy who is the prototype for a flying metal soldier.

I’m really excited about the first book because it explores a lot of eye-opening feelings I had toward fitting in while growing up, gender identity, and dealing with the expectations of adults. I got to draw a backdrop inspired by the early 20th century and dieselpunk, with a big diverse cast! 6(>u<)9 

I’m also excited to announce that I will be at San Diego Comic Con 2016 with Scholastic and previews of the book! :D Come visit me!

And finally, if you want to read something by me RIGHT NOW, I have a webcomic called Saint for Rent, which features cool girls, cute guys, and inns for Time Travelers.