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Gavin’s Graduation Challenge: Current Results

Hey Gavin Fans!  Several of you are curious as to how we are doing with our fundraising challenge for the Point Foundation.  At the mid-way point, here’s how we are doing:

Total:  $1,130.

Week 1 total:  $1,005

Week 2 total:  $125.

We are just a few hundred dollars shy of what was donated for Gavin’s Birthday Challenge for the LA LGBT Center back in March ($1,752), but that lasted two weeks and this Challenge is going for a full month.

I know we can do better!  Remember, Gavin and his folks will MATCH OUR DONATIONS!  And we may see a surprise or two coming from Gavin himself soon regarding this Challenge!  Spread the word!  Let’s send as many LGBT student to college as we can!

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