Ten Ways To Pay For College Right Now

Sometimes, the hardest part is simply knowing where to begin. Here are some tips:

1) Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, even if you don’t think you’ll qualify.

2) Apply for national grants. Options include Pell Grants, Academic Competitiveness Grants and National SMART Grants.

3) Apply for local scholarships. Civic organizations and religious institutions often have meaningful amounts of aid to dole out.

4) Getting into more than one school translates to a higher likelihood of receiving a big financial aid package.

5) Bargain! Even schools that only provide need-based aid sometimes come up with drastically different offers.

6)  AmeriCorps, Peace Corp, National Health Services Corps and ROTC programs offer college money in exchange for a service commitment.

7) Look abroad. At Scotland’s St. Andrews, U.S. students pay only $21,650.

8) Stay home. Starting out at a low-cost community college and transferring to a four-year college for the final two years will wipe away a hefty chunk of room and board costs, as well as some tuition.

9)  The American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Credit are two excellent options.

10)  Don’t forget to consult your local expert – guidance counselors are often aware of options you may not have considered; best of all, their help is free.

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Feds Call For Greater Inclusion In Preschools
The Obama administration wants to see more kids with disabilities -- no matter how significant -- participating in classrooms alongside their typically-developing peers.

The Obama administration wants to see more kids with disabilities — no matter how significant — participating in classrooms alongside their typically-developing peers.

The U.S. Departments of Education and Health and Human Services are jointly seeking public comment this week on a draft policy statement encouraging greater inclusion for young children with disabilities.

SLB Creates LGBT-Focused Scholarship with The Miguel A. Ayala (S)LBGT Advocacy Fund - El Iluminador
Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. continues to be a trailblazing organization on the fraternal front and beyond. Most notably, a group of Brothers are in the beginning phases of creating the “Miguel A. Ayala (S)LBGT Advocacy Fund.” This scholarship will be awarded to an upstanding undergraduate member of SLB for making strides towards the …

In the wake of the historic Supreme Court decision on marriage equality and Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity Inc.’s International Leadership Institute in Chicago, I’m ecstatic to help announce the creation of an LGBT-focused scholarship named after our Brother Miguel Angel Ayala. This scholarship will be awarded to an upstanding undergraduate member of SLB for making strides towards the inclusion of all people, on campus and in society as a whole, with emphasis on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Sigma Lambda Beta, an organization with reach well outside of the collegiate realm, is helping shape a progressively more diverse world and standing at the forefront of this positive change. Please share this widely and help us fundraise for the cause. Big congratulations are in order for Brother Miguel “Cariño” Ayala, the SLB Education Foundation, and the (S)LBGT Scholarship Creation Committee (Brian “Fugen” Robles, Felipe “Fierro” Laynez, Roberto “Pheonix” Regas, Jesus “Zeus” Lujan, Caden “Clodeveo” Gillespie, Manuel “Positivo” Del Real, and Danny “Clave” Zepeda). Onward.

Last Week for Scholarship Applications!

Write an essay about how you will use your undergraduate or graduate degree to be a Servant of All. The essays will be voted on by our Hall of the Tower and judged; the process is blinded, so no names are attached to the essays.

Applicants are not required to be members at TarValon.Net. Applicants can be from any country, though the $500 scholarship will be awarded in US dollars. Two scholarships will be awarded.

For more information, go here: https://www.tarvalon.net/content.php?1461-2015-Robert-Jordan


Hi friends! I wrote an essay for a scholarship competition and it would mean the world to me if you voted for it!


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Shoot me a message if you vote for me because I will literally make a video thanking you/saying whatever you want me to or i’ll write you a song or a poem, anything TBH


$10,000 scholarship

Hey I’m sorry I don’t post much anymore.. college happened. I wrote an essay for a $10,000 scholarship and I rly need it bc Emory’s playing games with my financial aid. But in order for me to qualify for the scholarship, my essay needs votes. If you click the link below, enter your name and email, that counts as a vote. Feel free to unsubscribe immediately from whatever they email you. I’d love to follow any of you who do this, just message me!




Help me raise money to go to college!

Hi everyone! I am a senior in high school. I will be going to college this coming fall. I know I already sent this out but I am in desperate need. My family cannot afford to send me to college. My father had to move to Chicago to become a taxi driver in order to take care of my family. I am about $9000 short. If any of you can help me I’ll be grateful.
I plan on going to the Ohio State University and majoring in Biology. I want to become a pediatric oncology, the very first in my village from Palestine. I want to be able to inspire other Muslim girls like myself that it is possible to attain an education and to have this opportunity will be wonderful.
Again I’m sorry to do this but I won’t be able to go to college otherwise.
Here is the link to the gofundme page: http://www.gofundme.com/ra27ya9s
Thanks again for being amazing!!

Please read this ! ♥

I have always dreamt of an exchange year in America (high school year), but my family simply doesn’t have the money. Now my best friend and I have the chance to win a scholarship for 6 months in California. All we need to do is get votes on our picture. You would do us such a huge favour! 

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Scholarships for moms & women

Here are some resources for moms and women who are looking for a scholarship: 

Scholarships for any college student or prospective college student who is a mother

Scholarships for teen moms

Scholarships for single moms

Scholarships for lesbians

Scholarships for women & moms who are enrolled in a program focused on computer science, engineering or engineering technology

Scholarships for single mothers and pregnant women who have been affected by domestic violence

Scholarships for low-income mothers

Scholarships for women who are currently enrolled in or have been accepted to a vocational/skills training program or undergraduate degree program

Scholarships for women who take distance learning classes

Scholarships for women studying the field of mathematics

(Note: I’m not affiliated with the organisations who provide these scholarships. I can’t guarantee they are good. If you have reason to believe any of them are not worth recommending, please tell me!) 

Dear people who say “At least it’s not cancer!”,

There are eight million scholarship options for students with cancer. My illness, which you haven’t heard of, is on the official rare disease list, and has no scholarships. So unless you want to start a scholarship foundation for people with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, kindly fuck off.

A desperate student


PERHATIAN: Maap kalo saya disini saya rada keras, soalnya untuk kuliah diluar apalagi sambil dapet beasiswa, itu dikhususkan cuma buat orang2 yang berkemauan baja. Yang lembek, atau yang sekedar “pengen” gara2 liat foto temen2nya asik jalan2 di Eropa, harap jangan baca ini.

Saya udah bantu banyak temen2 atau yang nanya ke saya gimana proses saya dapet beasiswa. Kalian tau berapa yang akhirnya sukses? Ga sampe 5%. Gimana 95% yang laen? Mereka nyerah di tengah jalan dengan beribu alasan. Mutusin ngejar beasiswa itu keputusan besar, karena bakal banyak pengorbanan yang harus kalian tanggung. So sebelum kalian mutusin, saya kasih guideline ini. Jawab 5 hal ini ke diri sendiri, tulis jawaban kalian, trus tempel di tembok. Tiap kali kalian ngerasa males, baca ulang lagi apa yang kalian tulis.

-KENAPA MAU KULIAH KELUAR? Apa pengen jalan2? Gaya2an? Buat karir? Nyoba pengalaman baru? Semua hal ditentukan oleh niat, dan niat masing2 orang bisa beda-beda. Kalo niat udah kuat, motivasi dateng dengan sendirinya. Saya rekomendasiin baca 2 buku: pertama tentu Laskar Pelangi (karena niat saya kuliah di Sorbonne muncul gara2 baca buku ini) sama Negeri 5 Menara. Pegang sungguh2 quote yang paling berkesan dari buku it. MAN JADDA WA JADDA. SIAPA YANG BERSUNGGUH2, DIA YANG AKAN BERHASIL. Niatkan sebagai ibadah juga, jadi sekalian dapet pahala. Nah apa niat kalian? Percaya deh, kalo dari awal niatnya ga bener, ga akan berhasil. Tulis setidaknya TIGA niat kalian sekarang.

-KALO SAYA KULIAH DILUAR, APA YANG SAYA KORBANIN? Kalo di ekonomi ini namanya opportunity cost. Kesempatan yang hilang karena kita ambil keputusan lain. Kalo saya kuliah diluar, artinya saya ga bisa kerja, pengalaman kerja saya lebih sedikit dibanding temen laen, dsb. Ini harus dipikir bahkan sampe hal terkecil. Sanggup ga tinggalin orang tua saya? Pacar gimana? Mau ga dia nunggu 2 tahun? Semua harus dipikir bener2. Makanya kalian juga harus banyak konsultasi ke orang2 terdekat juga. Soalnya tanpa support mereka, ga mungkin kalian bisa sukses. Catet apa aja yang harus kalian korbanin. Terus bandingin dengan niat kalian. Sepadan ga kira2 pengorbanan ini dengan apa yang kalian impikan?

-SANGGUP GA BERKORBAN BANYAK? Begitu saya bilang harus les Prancis minimal 6 bulan tiap hari kalo mau kuliah di Prancis, 95% langsung nyerah dengan berbagai alasan. Ga ada waktulah, mahal, ga ada tempat les dikotanya, dll. Let me tell you a story, kisah nyata temen baik saya. Kita les bareng selama 6 bulan di CCF Salemba.

Temen saya ini ninggalin istrinya yang lagi hamil di Lampung demi les di Jakarta. Soalnya menurut perhitungan dia, kalo dia ga ngambil les sekarang, dia harus nunggu tahun depan. Dan dia ga mau nunggu selama itu. Dia ngekos di kamar petakan selama 6 bulan. Makannya indomie terus sampe kadang minjem uang ke saya buat sekedar beli makanan. Dia ga pernah absen les sekalipun, juga ga pernah ngeluh. Abis les dia selalu mangkal berjam jam di warnet cari informasi. Harus bikin surat make bahasa Prancis? Dia bikin dulu draftnya trus minta guru les buat revisi. Dia sadar lemah listening, so dia pantengin dengerin siaran berita berbahasa Prancis di tempat les. Salut banget saya sama dia. Apa hasilnya? Dia dapet full beasiswa 2 tahun di Prancis. Kita yang dulu biasanya makan mie ayam di Salemba sekarang ngopi persis di depan Eiffel.

Dan kalian berani2nya ngeluh bilang ini itu susah padahal belum nyoba? Make alesan ini itu? Juga saya heran, kok ada ya orang yang nanya, “kak, saya lagi S1 pengen kuliah keluar. Ada beasiswa apa?” Ga bilang semester berapa, kuliah jurusan apa, mau kemana. Ini tanda2 orang ga mau susah. Pengalaman jadi admin, 100% pertanyaan gini ga akan ada yang bales. And trust me, saya udah sering banget liat tipe orang gini, and kalian bisa tebak hasilnya. Kalo nanya, please Google sendiri dulu. Jangan tanya yang terlalu general. Udah siap belum berkorban banyak? SIAP ATAU NGGAK?

-UDAH PUNYA BELUM PLAN A SAMPE Z? Andai ga keterima beasiswa, trus mau ngapain? Andai keterima di kampus tapi beasiswanya ga dapet, terus gimana? Semua kemungkinan harus dipikir matang2. Inget kata Aa Gym, “Gagal merencanakan, merencakan gagal”. Fail to plan, plan to fail".

Jangan selalu mikir pake logika. Kalo kalian bilang, “tapi kak, yang diterima cuma 1 dari 1000 orang. Kecil banget kemungkinannya cuma 0,1%.” Kalo kalian ngomong gitu, dijamin ga akan tembus. Si satu orang yang dapet itu bisa jadi usahanya, pengorbanannya lebih besar dibanding 999 lain digabung. Beasiswa saya sendiri, cuma ada 5 orang Indonesia yang keterima dari 400 di seluruh dunia. 400 itu hasil saringan dari 1500 yang lolos seleksi awal dari entah berapa puluh ribu yang daftar. Berani bersaing? Kalo nggak, stop baca ini. Don’t waste your time.

-UDAH TAU BELUM KELEBIHAN DAN KELEMAHAN KALIAN? “Tapi bahasa inggris saya jelek kak, apalagi harus belajar bahasa Jerman atau Prancis”. Kalo udah tau jelek, apa actionnya biar jadi bisa? Diem aja gitu nunggu wangsit biar tiba2 jadi casciscus ngomong? Nggak kan? Harus ada usahanya dong.

“Tapi les mahal kak”. Buat bisa bahasa ga perlu les kok. Kecuali bahasa yang bener2 baru kaya saya misalnya les Prancis. Ini kan Inggris udah pernah belajar dari SD. Mulai dong baca koran bahasa inggris, kalo ga ngerti artinya apa, cari di kamus. Temen yang saya cerita diatas, sering translate koran. Ada kata yang dia ga ngerti, dia cari di kamus. Kalo saya belajarnya, saya nonton film atau film series tapi make subtitle bahasa Prancis. Kalo film kan bahasa sehari-hari, jadi berguna banget. Plus itu fun, ga ngebosenin. Saya nonton ulang 10 seasons Friends make subtitle Prancis.

Mulai sekarang, biasain denger berita bahasa inggris, ga ngerti gapapa, yang penting kebiasa dulu. Cara latihannya, jangan liat tv, dengerin aja beritanya, cerna kiar2 ini berita tentang apa. Kalo udah yakin, baru liat TV, sama ga. Soalnya kata guru les, cara paling gampang orang fasih satu bahasa kalo dia ngerti dengerin berita. Skrg lebih enak ada Google translate. Atau Install aplikasi belajar bahasa (favorit saya duolingo). Jangan cari2 alasan mulu, ok? Tapi alamak, ini Facebooknya aja masih make bahasa Indonesia. Trus kalo nonton film, nyari yang ada text Indonesia. Kapan mau majunya?

Jawab dulu 5 pertanyaan saya diatas. Kalo kalian masih aja nyari2 alasan, mending ga usah. Serius, buang2 waktu, tenaga, sama uang aja. Ini beasiswa bro, kita digaji buat belajar (plus jalan2 hehe). Kalo kerja, udah jelas kita ngasih sesuatu. Tapi beasiswa kan nggak.

Kalian tau total nilai beasiswa yang saya dapet? SETENGAH MILIAR. Andai kalian ketemu orang asing di jalan trus dia bilang bakal ngasih 500 juta biar kalian bisa belajar sambil jalan2 keliling Eropa, kalian mau nggak? Orang gila aja yang nolak. Kalian bersedia ga ngelakuin apa aja syarat2 yang dia kasih? Kalo kalian ga mau, yaudah gpp. Masih ada jutaan orang laen yang bersedia. Dia ga rugi sama sekali kok. Kalo kalian ngerasa kesentil baca ini, good. Saya juga dulu harus disentil terus.

Saya suka banget quote ini: God give you pencil, but He holds the eraser. Andaikan ga kesampean, mungkin Tuhan punya rencana laen, dan setidaknya kalian uda berusaha. Tapi kalo kesampean, beuuuuh nikmat banget.

May the odds be ever in your favor tongue emoticon Good luck guys.

Btw, temen saya maksud ada di foto ini. Ini foto kita di depan Sorbonne abis ngopi2. Everything is possible!


Toxic Communities: Environmental Racism, Industrial Pollution, and Residential Mobility

Dorceta E. Taylor

New York University, 2014

Find it in the UT Libraries Catalog

From St. Louis to New Orleans, from Baltimore to Oklahoma City, there are poor and minority neighborhoods so beset by pollution that just living in them can be hazardous to your health. Due to entrenched segregation, zoning ordinances that privilege wealthier communities, or because businesses have found the ‘paths of least resistance,’ there are many hazardous waste and toxic facilities in these communities, leading residents to experience health and wellness problems on top of the race and class discrimination most already experience. Taking stock of the recent environmental justice scholarship, Toxic Communities examines the connections among residential segregation, zoning, and exposure to environmental hazards. Renowned environmental sociologist Dorceta Taylor focuses on the locations of hazardous facilities in low-income and minority communities and shows how they have been dumped on, contaminated and exposed.

Drawing on an array of historical and contemporary case studies from across the country, Taylor explores controversies over racially-motivated decisions in zoning laws, eminent domain, government regulation (or lack thereof), and urban renewal. She provides a comprehensive overview of the debate over whether or not there is a link between environmental transgressions and discrimination, drawing a clear picture of the state of the environmental justice field today and where it is going. In doing so, she introduces new concepts and theories for understanding environmental racism that will be essential for environmental justice scholars. A fascinating landmark study, Toxic Communities greatly contributes to the study of race, the environment, and space in the contemporary United States.- Publisher’s Website

This is Giancarlo Tejeda. He is a senior at my school and top of his class. He dreams to be a biomedical engineer to work with those in the neurological field. Accepted to two colleges of his choice, his teachers and peers were excited for him. Unfortunately they also came to find that Giancarlo and his family are undocumented. With big dreams and little resources, Giancarlo opened up about his legal status and teacher, Neyda Borges, became a woman on a mission to help him - as well as many others have been helping him.

The following is his humble message:

“My family and I emigrated from Colombia when I was just three years old, but we were denied our residency papers and became undocumented immigrants. Still we were determined to make the best of our experience here with the opportunities that were given to me, even if I wouldn’t have as many as others. I decided at a young age that I would succeed – even if the odds were against me – because it’ll make my triumph that much sweeter.

I grew up in Miami, where there are people from all around the world, as well as a great community. Because of this community, I have gotten through some of my toughest times and have never felt alone because I am surrounded by people that understand and sympathize with my struggle.

Starting a new life in a foreign country isn’t easy.  My parents had to face starting over with nothing, leaving their own professions back in Colombia, and struggle to find whatever work they can. Still, they inspire me to push on, to work hard, and pursue my goals because they sacrificed so much in order to give their children a better life and more opportunities than they had.

Following the example of my parents’ valiant efforts and selfless sacrifices, I strive to excel in everything that I do, and work hard to obtain that better life that they wanted for me. I’m always challenging myself to improve and am always motivated to help others that are in need.

School became my sanctuary, a place where it didn’t matter where I came from or what my legal status was. The only thing that mattered was how hard I worked.  In this environment, I thrived and even looked for more rigor, attending a high school that is a two hour bus ride from home.

My dream is to become a biomedical engineer and go into neurological research.  I want to make an impact, helping find cures for diseases like Alzheimer’s as well as other neurological illnesses that plague so many of our loved ones.

I applied to numerous colleges, hoping to get closer to achieving my dream, hoping to find a scholarship, a grant, to be accepted to a school with endowments that would help finance my education. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I have been accepted to the University of Florida and New York University; but, as great as these institutions are, they cannot provide me with enough financial assistance in order for me to attend.  

As an undocumented student, I don’t qualify for federal financial aid, scholarships, grants or even loans. My dream, which seemed so near, now seems out of reach.  

I hope that, by sharing my story, I can find the help I need to realize my college dreams; I also hope that by coming forward with my story, I can help others in similar situations continue to reach for their own goals.  

The route I have chosen to take in my life is not an easy one, but I know that my hard work, and my parents’ sacrifice, will be worth it in the end.

Thank you to all those who have helped me realize my dream.”

Not only looking to help his own situation but the situations of others by raising awareness; Giancarlo has been on national news (MSNBC) to speak on the topic. If more people in the world were as kind as Giancarlo, we’d be living in a wonderful society. Even if you can’t donate, please reblog and share this with others. Giancarlo Tejeda – and MLEC students and staff – appreciates any and all help.

Giancarlo’s GoFundMe: http://www.gofundme.com/rb6p5dtg

Giancarlo’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/giancarlotejeda

MSNBC Interview with Giancarlo and Neyda Borges: http://www.msnbc.com/jose-diaz-balart/watch/a-college-dream-deferred–431366723687


Actual college advice:
Okay, for anyone who is currently in high school there are a few things you need to know about getting into college, and making enough money to survive.
1. Keep those grades up, most college scholarships require at least a 3.5 GPA
2. Take the ACT/SAT at LEAST 3 times, most ACT scores go up by 4 or 5 points just by taking the ACT a second time.
3. The ACT goal is a 28, this is were scholarships of real value start appearing (I live in the south so not sure about SAT)
And a 32 is when full ride scholarships start happening.
4. If your low on funds, apply to STATE colleges, private schools are hella expensive and usually don’t give as much money because they don’t have football funds like state colleges do.
5. If your trying to get out of state, State schools are great to apply to
6. Sign up for the Common App, and check your email for schools who will wave there submission fee for you.
7. Once you’ve gotten in, apply to every available scholarship in your field, even if you don’t think your eligible. Those thousands here and there add up.
8. Get an on campus job, work now means less debt later.
9. If your parents make less than 60,000 a year, your FAFSA report could mean a full ride at some schools, call and ask questions
10. If your parents make less than 75,000 a year this could still mean lots of money for you, espically at Ivy Leauges.
11. If your a minority, think Northern Colleges, that’s where the best minority scholarships are for you.
12. If your an athlete school may wave the application fee for you! Check into it.
13. Be active, make lots of calls to schools, they notice this and reward it.
14. Women in science and math are eligible for TONS of money. Think about that when choosing a major (check College Board online)
15. Apply to at least 5 schools and be careful when choosing a major. College isn’t just about having fun it’s about getting a job, something that makes you special. Philosophy sounds fun but you might be living on the streets in a few years. Start looking for jobs/internships your junior and senior year so you can jump into the working world after graduation. Don’t procrastinate.