Accessing higher education—whether it be a masters or a PhD program—is less and less feasible for folks who don’t want to bury themselves in student loan debt for the rest of their lives. has a list of scholarships available specifically for LGBTQIA students looking to pursue masters and PhDs in a variety of programs: from law school to business to mathematics to social work! Some scholarships are even specifically for LGBTQIA people of color, a population that faces even more hurdles to accessing these programs. 

If you’re thinking about graduate school in the near future (or you’re a parent of someone who is thinking about graduate school…) check out this list and apply to as many you can!
Square Enix is Awarding a $10,000 Scholarship for an Actual Life is Strange-Inspired Photo Contest

“In keeping with the empathetic tone of the game, Square Enix has announced that they’ll be holding a real Everyday Heroes photography contest for an art school scholarship. The grand prize winner of the contest will receive $10,000 ‘to be used towards art school tuition, art classes, or art supplies at winner’s discretion.’

The description explains that the contest is meant to 'celebrate the unsung champions in your life.’ Enter a photograph that 'truly captures their heroism’ and you’re eligible to win the grand prize. There’s an accompanying hashtag, #EverydayHeroes, and the website also features photos from the contest daily.”

Contest rules are listed here.

Domani sarò tipo..
  • Io:ho sonno
  • Io:che c'ha da guardare quella?!
  • Io:odio questa materia
  • Io:odio questa scuola
  • Io:fanculo, troia
  • Io:vi odio tutti
  • Io:ho fame
  • Io:non mi interessa ma faccio finta di ascoltarti
  • Io:non vedo l'ora di uscire da qui
  • Io:evapora
  • Io:ma questi compiti quando li avevano assegnati?
  • Io:non mi parlare
  • Io:non mi toccare
  • Io:non respirare la mia stessa aria
  • Io:fanculo
  • Io:fatemi uscire di qui
  • Io:che vita di merda
The Ultimate 100 List of College Scholarships

If you are on the lookout for a scholarship then there are some websites that you should not miss out on.These top scholarship websites are professionally run and accredited and provide reliable, up to date information about opportunities for any person, regardless of where you are from or what your future plans are.

Here we rounded up some of the best posts we could find on college scholarships that you can all use to help you get prepare for the college life. 

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Just like in the game, the Everyday Heroes photography contest focuses on “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”. The company will grant one winner an Everyday Heroes Scholarship Fund, which is worth $10,000. Select photos will be featured in a gallery on the contest’s homepage, with the top three finalists receiving special recognition on Square Enix and developer DONTNOD Entertainment’s social media channels. Finalists will also have their photos framed and signed by the developer.

Everyday Heroes Scholarship Fund

Want to get easy scholarships?!

>> << allows you to get micro-scholarships for specific accomplishments, such as getting an A in a class or being in a school club!

The micro-scholarships add up, and all of the money you earned for a certain college is guaranteed to be used for your costs when you apply to the college!

Many colleges & universities have partnered with the website to allow students wanting to attend their campus to get financial aid. The university decides how much money you get for what accomplishments.

Sign-up and see if the college you’re interested in is there!

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GotChosen - Join the Conversation
GotChosen is a nativr social network of friends and professionals sharing links, ideas, and conversations.

Hey guys, Kat here :)

I have a favor to ask. As many of you know, I’ve been accepted to go on an exchange program in England this upcoming winter. The program is costly and London is one of the most expensive places to live in. So I began applying for a crazy number of scholarships. A link to one of them is above, you can apply as well. 

The GotChosen Scolarship is based on how many votes my post gets and I would like to ask all 30,000 of you (WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to go on there and give my post a quick thumbs up :) It doesn’t take much and it’s also an opportunity for YOU to apply for a no-essay scholarship. Super easy. If you have been following my blog for a bit or are part of the studyblr community, you’ve probably seen this image before - it’s the “When Studying a Foreign Language” tip compilation. 

I appreciate all of your guys’ support over the past two years - my life and college studies wouldn’t be the same without Study-Hack! My next goal is to go on this study abroad program and would love it if you helped me out with your vote.

Thank you! If you could, please share this with your friends and followers! 

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god, you have ruined me so well.

i suppose i should say thank you.
or maybe fuck you.

i know you like me.
i know you’re about me.
i know you still fuck with me heavy.

i know it but i still need to hear it.

so much between us is unsaid.
so much is implied.

i am tired of the silence.
i am tired of wondering if there’s someone on the other line.

i don’t mind waiting for you.
but i need to know it’s me on your mind.

—  letters from drake’s ex; i need acknowledgement, if i got it then tell me i got it then

If I get rich, I’m making a scholarship for people with various mental disorders like depression and anxiety and one of the qualifiers is going to be that you can’t have done much community service or sports, if any. I’m so sick of schools valuing non-academic crap over being schools. Schools should be schools. Not gyms, and not places that encourage you to do labor for free, as if students’ lives weren’t hard enough.

iraincloud’s scholarship

Hello everyone, this is iraincloud’s boyfriend again.

I have gotten word that her father has setup a gofundme account to help fund iraincloud’s scholarship ( She was a kind and beautiful soul who loved to help people and this scholarship will help her do just that. Please help spread the word to everyone in the Tumblr and MLP community. 

I also want to say thank you again to everyone in this loving community for all the kind words and support her family and I continue to receive. Her family is blown away with how many followers she had and the love that was given to her.