The difference between the three “scholarly” flights is this:

You know on Mythbusters when they first get the myth and do the math for it and it doesn’t work out (or does)? And they’re like confirmed/busted? That’s Light.

When they manipulate the variables to make the myth work that’s Lightning.

And when they manipulate the variables to make something explode in a suitably flashy fashion, that’s Arcane. 

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The Dead and Disappeared(for women who just vanish from the text the second they have a son or get married) Ladies Club could be good material for a TWOIAF like book written in-universe by a scholarly noblewoman who pissed the Citadel won't let her in. Don't you think it would be a good idea?

Ha! Maybe. Unfortunately, I think patriarchal Westeros is, for the moment, rather poor soil for a true bluestocking to find root, much less one publishing her own works. As the Citadel seems to have a monopoly on published histories, the powers that be there would probably rather jump from the height of the Hightower than equate a woman’s work to their own.

But, perhaps we’ll see a change. If intellectual and educated Sarella Sand becomes Princess of Dorne at the end of the story, maybe she’ll encourage not simply the study of past women, but the education of her current female subjects as well.

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happy new year friends! i finally found some good pictures to post, so, to start off 2017 fresh, here’s some original content and a throwback to a study date i had with one of my girls three weeks ago. ordering a croissant instead of the cafe’s waffles remains as one of last year’s biggest regrets lOl


This is a scrapbook I made for my Personal Development class.
I decided to entitle it “Grow” with plants and florals as the theme because we never really stop growing 🌱🌸🌿🌺

Trying to start 2017 with a little binder organization! I got a binder, dividers, lined filler paper, and page protectors from Target, and I’ve printed off my own dotted paper. It’s going to be my bullet binder, I just need the freedom to be able to take out and put in pages that a journal just can’t do.


yes i got a bit carried away with the title 🌺 (title inspired by @studyguideverified’s bullet journal post) i didn’t structure my spread prior this week, because I thought dividing spaces dedicated for each day was limiting. I liked the freeness of this method but it was harder to plan ahead. will try a different layout next week!!

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Washi tape! Can you believe I got all 6 of these for just P200? 

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hiiiiiii everyone!! my name is emma, and this is my smol new studyblr blog! i’ve only just found the studyblr community, and i’ve been so amazed by the morals, motivation and pretty posts that i decided to make one myself! i’m hoping to have a lovely time with all of you, and perhaps make some cute and memorable memories as well (✿◠‿◠)

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Please note the authors. Both are academics from well respected American universities with authoritative credentials.

With the death of David Rockefeller occurring this week I thought the connection of these ideas to the University of Chicago was worth recognizing.

To those who have read Huxley’s Brave New World this column will probably read like perverse fanfic and not ideas postulated by some of America’s scholarly leaders.

There is more in the link.

There’s nothing that pisses me off more than seeing a post in the Tudor tag (or The Tudors tag because lbh even though it’s historically inaccurate as fuck it’s still fun to watch) that calls Mary I “Bloody Mary.” Because, if you couldn’t tell from the posts made in our brief existence, there’s nothing more than contemporary propaganda about a Tudor woman making itself ‘fact’ that grinds our gears here at fuckyeahtudorwomen. So, much like Anne Boleyn was not a slut and Catherine Howard was not a vapid whore, Bloody Mary was not so Bloody.

Why then, is Mary I of England known as “Bloody Mary?”

The answer lies in the first paragraph: political propaganda. The term “bloody” was not applied to Mary until after her death and her Protestant half-sister Elizabeth I ascended to the throne in 1558. It was first applied to Mary by (as some historians believe) John Knox later in the year of her death in his book The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regimen of Women

Needing to once again break with the Catholic Church (and from Philip of Spain, who had been Mary’s… less-than-affectionate husband, who wanted to maintain ties with England by marrying it’s new queen), Elizabethan propagandists sought out to dirty Mary’s name. The sobriquet gained traction amongst the militant protestants who used the now “evil” queen to martyr those who she had burned as heretics. It was used again in John Foxe's Actes and Monuments, which was published in 1563, and featured and vilified the dead Mary in the name of glorifying the also dead Protestant martyrs and the very-much alive Elizabeth I. 

But she burned heretics, right?

Yes. The moniker Bloody Mary was given to her for the religious genocide of men of the Protestant faith during her reign. A nickname such as 'Bloody Mary’ would indicate that she had been the cause of thousands of deaths. In fact, only 287 Protestants were executed during her reign.

In comparison, her father, King Henry VIII, had been responsible for more than 57,000 deaths including men who were his close political allies and friends such as Sir Thomas More, Thomas Cromwell, and his wives, Anne Boleyn and Kitty Howard–not including the thousands killed in his wars against Spain and France. 

Her sister, Elizabeth I, while much more moderate than Mary and their father, slaughtered thousands of the Irish 'savages’ in her continuation of the Tudor conquest of the Emerald Isles and executed Puritan extremists. 

So, if one is to call her Bloody Mary, they must also include Bloody Harry and Bloody Bess in their lists, as well as 'Bloody’ essentially every Western European monarch of the era. 

So why do people still call her Bloody Mary? 

Because history is written by the winners, and Mary I was not one of the winners. Her Catholic rule over Protestant England only lasted five years, and her bad choice of marrying Spanish Philip cost her affection with her xenophobic people, and caused her to lose favor forty years later when he raised his armada against Elizabeth… who was one of history’s winners. Mary, because of her marital and parental ties to Spain, had her name blackened in England’s history forever. 

Addtionally, the cult of Elizabeth I is strong, and has been revived several times over the course of British history. While she was not immensely popular at the time of her passing, she became more beloved post-mortem as James I’s popularity took a nose dive, and again during the Napoleonic Wars, and yet again during the reign of Victoria. And if Elizabeth I was the winner, then Mary I had to continue to be the crazy loser pyscho-bitch Catholic who tried to ruin the bastion of Protestantism, the English domain. That perception of Mary continued well into the 20th century, and only within the last fifty years have historians tried to dismantle her “bloody” reputation. 

So what’s the truth about Mary, not so bloody? 

Well, she wasn’t crazy, that’s for one. In turn neglected and abused by her father Henry VIII and forcibly separated from her mother, Mary did not grow up in a happy home. At times she lived in near poverty. Modern historians have argued that she had an anxiety disorder and some go as far to postulate that she may have suffered from PTSD due to the abusive relationship she had with her father. 

In order to cling to her mother’s memory, Mary turned to her mother’s religion: Catholicism. This tie was made greater by her closest advisor and fellow Catholic, Eustace Chapuys, and their hope that Mary’s cousin, Charles V, would be more sympathetic to her because of her strong faith. This turned out not to be the case, and as England’s relationship with Spain grew strained and bargaining for Mary’s freedom to go to Charles’ court was no longer an option. As her hopes for both marriage and happiness dwindled, her Catholic zealotry increased. 

By the time that Mary was crowned in 1553, she was a very unwell woman. Received popularly at the beginning of her reign, she worked to overturn the ineffectual financial policies that had been enacted during her half-brother’s reign and tried to recover the English economy that had suffered under her father. During her five years on the throne, she laid the groundwork for the fiscal reform, naval policies, and colonial exploration that would later be lauded as Elizabeth’s achievements. 

Unfortunately, her favor with the people tanked when she married Philip 1554. She experienced several hysterical pregnancies in her attempts to make an heir, and in 1558 passed away clutching her bible, due to what is believed to have been uterine cancer, at the age of 41. 

Me: *has two college midterms due in the next four days*

Me: What would Link do?

Other me: Link would ask “what is college?” and proceed to break pots.

Me: Yeah, I should quit college.

Other me: What would Zelda do?

Me: ………

Me: Study rigorously and pass any and all scholarly tests?

Other me: Now you got it.