In the streets of Florence - day 1 details

The fair is over for now - but we’ll be back in 6 months.

Before starting to come up with some reviews from Pitti it’s time for a little vacation. But first some detail shots taken after the first day at Fortezza da Basso.

Suit: Sauma private label (mtm) Shirt: Schoffa

PS: The Monsieur Fox Shoes: Alfred Sargent


11/09/2013 - Visiting @Schoffa "vip night"-party

It’s almost mid-september but one is still able to wear summery white cotton trousers and go sockless here in Helsinki - can’t complain.

As mentioned yesterday, visited at the party the guys at Schoffa hosted and this is what I wore.

Jacket: Lardini Shirt: Schoffa (mtm) Trousers: Berwich 

Tie: Schoffa PS: TieBar Shoes: Crockett&Jones


Back to work - Tuesday in blues

Another day after vacation back at the office. Even though not that much meetings on the schedule yet - it feels good to be back in the game. 

Dark blue suit in lightweight wool featuring a subtle overcheck, striped shirt and bottle green knitted tie for the day. A bit of color in a form of flower-patterned pocket square and as the weather is still warm tassel loafers - naturally without socks.

Suit: Herrainpukimo (mtm) Shirt: Schoffa Tie: Viola Milano

Pocket square: Sand Copenhagen Shoes: Bexley

06/05/2014 - casual @ work.

No meetings means denim (and naturally no socks) in the office. No surprises, playing with simple and solid colors.

As mentioned yesterday, white cotton slacks are one my personal summer staples in terms of any even little more dressed-up occasions. But when it comes to those more casual set ups, four out of five times my choice is a classic field jacket and light colored denim. The rest depends on the day, this time ended up with a lightweight merino-wool crew neck sweater, white button-up to keep the balance and finally spice it up a little with those Buttero tanino-sneakers.

Field Jacket: JC Crewneck sweater: Uniqlo Shirt: Schoffa

Jeans: Cheap Monday Belt: Ralph Lauren 

Sneakers: Buttero Bag: Mismo