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Marginalia Paraphernalia f.1
Three unique medieval marginalia design inspired enamel pins. Jousting bunnies on snails! Nopey dragons! Nuns picking from penis trees!

If you have ever wanted an enamel pin of the famous Penis Tree (or a bunny riding a bearded snail), then do I have the Kickstarter for you! (Please note that this is 100% unaffiliated with the University of Pennsylvania or the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies. We just think it’s cool and wanted to share.)
Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies

We created this channel to celebrate the physicality of manuscripts that traditional manuscript digitization projects cannot capture. While digitization focuses on page images, and sometimes on text encoding, our 5- 10 minute videos feature scholars discussing what is special (or typical, or otherwise interesting) about “their” manuscripts, providing an intimate view not only of the textual content of the manuscripts, but also their physical context. These are simple videos, designed to be informal but informative conversations.