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Happy Saturday everyone! Our goal for the day: do something that makes us as happy as Louie C.K. visiting Russ & Daughters for the first time.

(Our sister imprint, Schocken Books, are the proud publishers of the freshly minted New York Times bestseller, Russ & Daughters: Reflections and Recipes from the House That Herring Built. You can read an excerpt from it here.

The back-list part 1: Primo Levi

Buried in the Pantheon and Schocken catalogues are multiple books from the likes of Kafka, Cortazar, De Beauvoir, and Arendt, which prove fruitful material for a book jacket designer looking for a fun extracurricular. These books are popular, perennial sellers, and as such are reprinted with regularity. This allows for the occasional re-appraisal of the covers.

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“Writing means revealing oneself to excess; that utmost of self-revelation and surrender, in which a human being, when involved with others, would feel he was losing himself, and from which, therefore, he will always shrink as long as he is in his right mind … Even that degree of self-revelation and surrender is not enough for writing. Writing that springs from the surface of existence–when there is no other way and the deeper wells have dried up–is nothing, and collapses the moment a truer emotion makes that surface shake. This is why one can never be alone enough when one writes, why there can never be enough silence around when one writes, why even night is not not enough.”

Franz Kafka, from Letters to Felice (Schocken Books, 1973)