Competence! Competence! Is that the spell
                                  which poisons the actions of those who do well?
                                  Absolute knowledge has never been with us
                                  and righteous solutions are naught but malicious.
                                  “Issues not politics” resounds the quote,
                                  senators losing won’t pay for a vote?
                                  Ignore politicians! That would be amiss -
                                  has ever an oath been betrayed by a kiss?

                                  Pecking codes highly developed and sure
                                  may  camouflage all education as pure.
                                  Leaders of knowledge we frequently trust
                                  follow economics and not what is just.

                                  Teachers ask menial work of the student,
                                  ownership due them for being so prudent;
                                  Unlearned students evaluate scholars,
                                  equity due them for spending those dollars.
                                  Tenured instructors in annual review
                                  abjure the creativeness others pursue.
                                  Could interpretation and manipulation
                                  influence the findings in consideration?

                                  A student selected a learned institution
                                  refusing  subjection to merit pollution,
                                  And further rejected mere indoctrination
                                  she found masquerading as true education.

                                  Her  records and scholastic testings have shown
                                  what she and her parents had already  known.
                                  Perhaps, our officials will someday acknowledge
                                  that not every student is molded for college.

                                     Copyright ©1983 by Christian M. Yoder