Holy shit guys I just realized something...

*“One day at a Time” Season Finale spoilers*

While watching the season for the 3rd time - Sue me, I love this show (actually don’t I’m broke as shit) - I saw something important.

In the season finale (Episode 13 “Quinces”), at the end of Elena’s choreographed dance(s) during her Quinceañera, there is a brief moment when the camera pans over to Penelope, Lydia, and Dr. Burkowitz to see them clapping.
(At 25:32 in/5:25 left)

It was then when I noticed it: Schneider’s seat was already empty. (You have to pause it at the right moment and look closely)

Which means he figured out before everyone else that Victor (Elena’s dad) was missing before the father daughter dance was even announced and went to go look for him.

I didn’t think I could love him even more than I already did, But it fills my heart to the brim to see how much he cares about Elena and her family.

Any one else lowkey obsessed by Netflix’s One Day at a Time? I mean really it’s so rare that there’s a sit com where I like all the major characters where I’m not just watching for one character’s story line in fact everyone’s story lines interlink like you know they’re one family, I’m dying for season 2, and I wish I had people to geek out with, tell me your favorite character? What do you want to happen next season?

So as so many of you enjoyed my badly told Till anecdotes I thought I’d give you a few more.

6) As most Rammstein fans know Till writes the lyrics for the band. However the others have their input too. Till has to present his potential lyrics to the others for them to decide what they want to keep and what they want him to change. This experience is so stressful for him that he can’t tolerate being there as they consider and criticise his lyrics. He used to be present but it resulted in a very stressed, anxious and tearful Till so now he stays at home while they consider the lyrics and they call him afterwards to tell him what changes they want to make.

7) Richard has discussed how the band’s musicians will be playing around with riffs and improving in their rehearsal space when suddenly there’s a deafening bang and a somewhat charred and blackened Till will emerge from the smoke asking if they think it’s enough pyro. This has resulted in them coming very close to losing their rehearsal space more than once.

8) Till has a habit of disappearing on people without warning for days or weeks at a time. He’s usually to be found wandering in the forest somewhere or hunting. The band got tired of being unable to contact him so got together, decided to bring him into the 21st century  and bought him a cell phone, then had to teach him how to use it.

9) Till was known as The Wendisch Butcher in his village because he stole so many of the local’s livestock, particularly chickens. This was partly to eat but also because he had a bizarre habit of putting live chickens in his drums for First-Arsch shows.The dazed birds would escape as soon as he started to drum and wander all through the audience. Why? Because he’s Till.

10) Till and Schneider are competitive gardeners. They both grow orchids and compete to see who can grow the biggest and rarest.

11) I’ve mentioned this before but Till and Richard used to kick Neo Nazi ass when they were still living in the East. They’d get together when they tried to take over  and run them out of town. (P.S Can I get a movie based on this?)