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Mortier de 280 Tir Rapide Mle1914 Schneider sur Affût-Chenilles St Chamond

Manufactured by Schneider and Saint-Chamond c.1918-19.
280mm Schneider Mle1914 ‘rapid fire’ howitzer, de Bange breechloading system, 2~3 shells per minute. Mounted on a St-Chamond Mle1917 chassis with a top speed of 5km/h on roads and rough terrain, powered by a 50m power cable linked to a gun tractor/ammo carrier using the same chassis fitted with a Panhard 120 hp petrol engine.

A St-Chamond Mle1917 280mm ammo carrier.

The Schneider Mle1914 “mortar” ’s development started for the 1912 trials of Otchakoff, and with the gun being subsequently adopted by the Russian army. As WW1 started, France was lacking -among other things- heavy siege guns- as they were still waiting for their own 1913 order to be delivered. Russia and France instead agreed to share the current 16 produced units between them.
At the end of the war, 165 were in French service, including 25 that were being fitted on tracked chassis.


French Schneider CA1

British Medium Mark A Whippet

U.S. Ford 3-Ton M1918

French Saint-Chamond

Italian Fiat 2000

The Anglo-American Mark VIII Liberty

The German A7V

The German Leichter Kampfwagen II

British Medium Mark C

The American M1917 light tank