schnee kristall

A drink!!!
  • AFD!Weiss, on her scroll while flipping through a few notebooks from work: Mom I'm telling you, a good revamp to our advertising team may do us some good.
  • AFD!Kristall: Hmm. I don't know my little prinzessin, it does seem high-risk.
  • AFD!Weiss, sighs into her hand, rubbing her eyes: Yes but I promise you, a more modern take on getting the Schnee name out there will do wonders for us.
  • AFD!Kristall, silent for a moment before agreeing: Alright my dear. I vill get it started. Tell Rhubee and ze others I said "hallo".
  • AFD!Weiss, letting out a small chuckle: Okay mom, will do. Liebe dich Mama, tell James I said "hallo" also.
  • AFD!Weiss, hangs up her scroll and closes the notebook in front of her, looking up to see Blake, Yang, and Ruby all holding back laughter at the opposite edge of the kitchen table: W-...WERE YOU GUYS EAVESDROPPING THIS WHOLE TIME!?!?
  • AFD!Yang, with one arm around a giggling Blake, the other covering her own snickers:
  • AFD!Ruby, her eyes sparkling: Your mother thinks of meeeeee
  • AFD!Weiss, shakes her head and sighs, but with a tinge of amusement: You're all losers