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Request for mtmte Rod, Rung, Megatron and one more for your choosing to a Cybertronian s/o who's part dragon? They dont trasnform into ny vehicle, only a dragon. Ive read mtmte and i dont remember if there are any Predacons in the storyline. Thanks!

If Skylinx exists in that same universe then a predacon sure as heck can too lmao 

Rodimus Prime MTMTE

His reaction is pretty much just ‘radical’ and then he moves on, he doesn’t really question it 


He’s never met a cybertronian who could transform into a dragon, and he’s seen just about everything, so he’s fascinated from the start. Never in a rude or condescending way though!

Megatron MTMTE

He’s curious about your alt mode, it’s certainly an odd one, but he would never push the subject or be rude about it. He’s definitely not one to judge someone for their alt mode, ever 

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mtmte rung, drift, rodimus, ratchet, perceptor, g1 poly twins and jazz bot s/o who can see and predict all future possibilities but usually when they are at peace mostly when they are recharging. This results mostly in night terrors that leave them upset, unable to sleep, and usually very sleep deprived.

(The ‘That’s So Raven’ theme song is now stuck in my head… x3 )

-He wants to help you but doesn’t know how, he’s never encountered this before
-He has you sleep in his habsuite with him and when you wake up he has you talk it out
-If he can’t get you to talk, he’ll cuddle you instead and tell you everything is going to be alright

-He tries to keep you calm even after it happens but he isn’t really sure if that’s helping or not
-He will request that you stay in his room for a bit and not force it if you don’t want to and hold you to him all night as you recharge
-He stays up to watch you for as long he can before he needs to rest himself, and while he’s up he’s sending you soothing thoughts and keeping you from having your dark visions by waking you up momentarily

-For the longest time, he thought you were just being crazy, no one can really predict multiple futures, but he starts to believe it when he sees the toll it’s taking on you
-He orders you to seek help from Rung or Ratchet and isn’t taking no for an answer, and at night you will be bunking with him until he is sure you are okay
-He stays up with you talking until you two drift off into recharge, then he’ll comfort you if you wake up while apologizing for not knowing anything else he can do to help

-He tries to look for a medical reason at first but can’t find one and starts to believe that you just need to talk to Rung for a bit
-When Rung can’t help you, he’ll come sleep over in your habsuite and make sure you’re okay
-When you wake up from your night terrors, he’ll wrap his arms around you and rock you telling you that everything will be okay, he promises

-He offers to run a couple tests on you when you tell him about it
-He works late so before he goes to recharge he detours to your habsuite to check on you and make sure you’re okay
-If you aren’t sleeping, he scoops you up in his arms and cuddles you to his chest while telling you about his day and fall asleep with you

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker:
-Sunstreaker suggests talking it out, Sideswipe suggests keeping you distracted instead
-Sunstreaker comes to your habsuite at night to talk so he can learn about what goes on in your helm, Sideswipe is afraid to know what is exactly and asks for the conversation to change please
-Sideswipe gets clingy, he knows something unknown is upsetting you and he can’t help you, Sunstreaker ends up having to comfort both of you

-He doesn’t really know how to help, he’s kind of stumped on this one
-He offers to spend the night if you want him to, but only if you want him to… okay, he’s lying, he’s totally spending the night
-He asks about it and thinks it’s super cool but kind of a drag since you’re always so drained, then he holds you to him and has you recharge while he watches over you


My prediction for Lost Light #4 is that Rung becomes a horrible 80s action movie character and Rodimus fucking loves him

I contemplated drawing this for almost a week and was too tired tonight to resist, so fuck it, have a doodle