what traits does your muse have?

bold the sims 3 traits your muse has.

absentminded | ambitious | angler | artistic | athletic
bookworm | brave | can’t stand art | charismatic | childish
clumsy | commitment issues | computer whiz | couch potato | daredevil
dislikes children | easily impressed | excitable | family-oriented | flirty
friendly | frugal | genius | good | good sense of humor
great kisser | green thumb | grumpy | handy | hates the outdoors
heavy sleeper | hopeless romantic | hot-headed | hydrophobic | inappropriate
insane | kleptomaniac | loner | loser | loves the outdoors
lucky | mean spirited | mooch | natural cook | neat
neurotic | never nude | no sense of humor | over emotional | party animal
perfectionist | schmoozer | slob | snob | technophobe
unflirty | unlucky | vegetarian | virtuoso | workaholic


Schmoozer is the first video podcast of JCast Network. 

Episode Three: The Groggers

The Groggers are a Jewish pop-punk band with a comic twist. Based out of NYC, the band formed in early 2010 when singer/songwriter L.E. Staiman recruited musicians Ari Friedman and Chemy Soibelman for a spontaneous music video shoot of his original punk anthem called “GET”.


>> Sim Download - Yvette Reed & Chadrick Slater

Two more Sims requested for upload from my ‘ASHDALE PROJECT’ for download! (It’s been a while!)

Sim Information

Yvette Reed - Free spirited
brave • brooding • bookworm • vegetarian • artistic

More photos here.

Chadrick Slater - Quite the hipster, quite.
workaholic • vegetarian • avant garde • snob • schmoozer

More photos here.

I own all EP’s & SP’s (except Movie Stuff). Plus, I have a ton of store content which these Sims may be using. Some outfits may not appear if you do not have the required packs and content installed. Base game compatible list can be found HERE.

Both Yvette and Chadrick are shown in everyday clothing. All other outfits are set at random.

Custom Content
I use BRNTWAFFLES ‘BLUEBERRY PIE’ as my default skin and SIMTZU’S ‘SHADOW’S OF YOU’ as my default eyes. All other custom content is provided in the download.

I used a few sliders on Yvette which includes neck height, jaw width, chin width, and head shape. Chadrick uses ear stretch and width, earlobe, and eye width. You can browse which sliders I use in my sliders folder HERE. Sliders are not provided in the download.

>> Download

Yvette Reed: [ MEDIAFIRE ] [ BOX ]
Chadrick Slater: [ MEDIAFIRE ] [ BOX ]

Please tag ‘shanni-bo-banni’ or 'shannibobanni] if you use them! I’d love to see them in your pictures. Enjoy!

The Scene: 

Some sort of fundraisery mixer thing in Holby with representatives from both Holby City Hospital and St James’ Hospital as well as sundry rich people and politicians. Hanssen has sent his best schmoozers.

The Cast:

Serena Campbell: A very beautiful and impressive woman in her element - with her considerable charm levels turned up to 11 - sparkling her way around the room for the good of HCH.

Marcus Dunne: Recently messily divorced. Now at the stage where he thinks it might be time to get back out there and start dating again. Notices beautiful brilliant sparkly Serena and remembers briefly meeting her and thinking her charming. Decides to go for it. (It would be very awkward if she and his ex wife were still working together, but last he heard from the lawyers Bernie has run off again to the Crimea or something. So it’s fine, right?)

Ric Griffin: Pissing himself laughing as Serena slowly realises what’s happening and tries to find a graceful way out of it for everyone involved.

Lanie Plaza | generation 5 spare (download her beau here)
Bookworm | Easily Impressed | Frugal | Schmoozer | Virtuoso
Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers

Hair | Brows | Eyeshadow | Eyeliner | Blush | Sparkle Lips | Top | Boyfriend Jeans | Shoes

TOU: My sims are yours for you to do whatever you please with!  If you post photos, please tag me at least once or just give me a heads up in an ask. :)  I love to see what antics they get up to in your game! 

Since some people were asking here’s the eurosim squad

Douwe Bob: Basically loves four things: sergey, himself, attention and his horse (prince douwe bob). he used to flirt with everyone (especially sergey) until I made him kiss Sergey for lifetime points and didn’t realize it’d make them date. his traits are flirty, virtuoso, party animal, schmoozer, equestrian and his lifetime wish is to be a jockey (almost made it to have 20 boyfriends at once)

Sergey Lazarev: a real life Angel and all he wants to do is befriend dogs TBH. his traits are good, virtuoso, schmoozer, dog person and friendly and his lifetime wish is to be friends with 15 dogs. Once he set the house on fire

Poli Genova: queen of this household, my goal with her is just let her be successful and slay the pack like irl poli. Her traits are virtuoso, artistic, party animal, charismatic and ambitious and her lifetime wish is to be a rock star (no other music lifetime wishes lmao so it fitted the best lmao)

Serhat Disco Dad: King of the household. Everyone loves him and just randomly gives him compliments, he’s just so pure. His traits are virtuoso, irresistible, charismatic, ambitious and friendly and his lifetime wish is to have 20 friends. bless

CRUSTY BOOKSHELF: evil man who is there for water balloon fights and world domination. His traits are workaholic, socially awkward, genius, snob and evil (but I wanna swap socially awkward with ambitious when I can)

Prince Douwe Bob: douwes horse, everyone loves him and he’s hella at jumping. his traits are obedient and agile

this entire family is wild and I am stuck in hell

Bold up to 10 traits in each section  that can be applied to your muse (Sims 3 edition)

Absent-Minded | Artistic | Avant Garde | Bookworm | Can’t Stand Art | Computer Whiz | Eccentric | Gatherer | Excitable | Genius | Green Thumb | Handy | Insane | Natural Cook | Neurotic | Nurturing | Perceptive | Photographer’s Eye | Savvy Sculptor | Unstable | Virtuoso 

Athletic | Brave | Clumsy | Couch Potato | Coward | Disciplined | Heavy Sleeper | Hydrophobic | Light sleeper | Lucky | Loves the Cold | Loves the Heat | Loves to Swim | Neat | Never Nude | Slob | Unlucky

Born Salesperson | Brooding | Charismatic | Commitment issues | Dislikes Children | Diva | Dramatic | Easily Impressed | Flirty | Friendly| Good Sense of Humor | Great Kisser | Grumpy | Hopeless Romantic | Inappropriate | Irresistible | Loner | Loser | Mean Spirited | Mooch | Natural Born Performer | No sense of humor | Party Animal | Proper | Schmoozer | Shy | Snob | Social Butterfly | Socially Awkward | Supernatural Fan | Supernatural Skeptic | Unflirty

Adventurous | Ambitious | Angler | Animal Lover | Bot fan | Cat Person | Childish | Daredevil | Dog Person | Eco-Friendly | Equestrian | Evil | Family-Oriented | Frugal | Good | Hates the Outdoors | Hot-headed | Kleptomaniac | Loves the Outdoors | Night Owl | Over-Emotional | Perfectionist | Rebellious | Star Quality | Technophobe| Vegetarian | Vehicle Enthusiast | Workaholic

Other Traits:
Allergic to Fur | Conversationalist | Easily Bored | Easy Going | Hyperactive | Outgoing | Paranoid | People Pleaser | Procrastinator | Vain

Tag 10 people/friends:

Dapper posse....yes please

So fine stud Lexa would totally have a dapper posse…dapper Anya, dapper Raven, and hell even dapper Lincoln. All big time corporate power houses sleek and suave in every way possible. With their sultry smirks and cocky attitudes. Their tailored suits, all with their own personal touches. All ripped and tatted. Smelling good. Charming. Making all the girls swoon.

Lexa, Anya, and Lincoln are the strong stoic types. They let their eyes do the talking, with their lingering looks and piercing gazes deep into your soul making you question everything you thought you knew. Drawing you to them like a moth to flame.

Raven is the smooth talker. With every word she carefully and skillfully unravels you. She won’t shut up but you don’t want her to. Telling you everything you want and everything you need. Now the other three can be just as disarming with their words but she leads with it. The big schmoozer can talk you out of your pants in the middle of a high society gala. And you’d thank her for it.

Lexa and Anya being tie knot sluts. Debating the Eldredge knot vs the Trinity knot vs the Rose knot vs the Windsor knot. Like honestly they can go on for hours. Raven and Lincoln just roll their eyes and sip their scotch. Raven perfers bow ties and skinny ties and Lincoln knows he looks good in all of them so what’s to debate.

They smoke cigars and have poker nights. But of course it’s all luxury. The best Cuban cigars and the most magnificent poker set you’ve ever seen. They are so ridiculously elaborate. Everything they do is fancy and over the top. Over the top parties on yachts. Over top helicopter entrances. Over the top shopping sprees. Over the top custom everything. Just so hilariously over the top.

Like can you even imagine…a powerful, wealthy, particular, gorgeous fine stud posse slaying everyone and everything they come in contact with.


Celia and Cid Ravenwood

My gen 1 founder and spouse.

I’m sharing them because they’re elders in my game and about to die… I think, once they’re dead, I won’t use them anymore and they’ll be forever in my cas.


Flirty - Great Kisser - Ambitious - Schmoozer - Commitment Issues

CC Celia: Hair - Eyebrows - Eyelashes - Eyebag - Nose Mask - Blush - Lips - Outfit (University life) - Pattern - Shoes - Sliders

Download Celia


Loner - Avant Garde - Artistic - Handy - Hot-Headed

CC Cid: Hair - Eyebrows - Eyebag - Nose Mask - Blush 1 - Blush 2 - Lips - Shirt - Bottom - Shoes - Sliders

Download Cid

TOU: Feel free to do what you want with them, but don’t upload them to other sites and tag me when you use them in a story or something like that.


Don Lothario

Don is the local romance sim and that’s no secret. Who knows what will happen! Will he continue his dating fantasy or will he finally commit?

Download Don Lothario



  • Hair - Life’s a Beach (Swim) - Store | Free
  • Beard - Base Game

Everyday Wear

Formal Wear

  • Top - Date Night - Store | Free
  • Pants - Supernatural EP
  • Shoes - University EP


  • Bottoms - Master Suite SP

Athletic Wear

  • Pants - Town Life SP
  • Shoes - Base Game


  • Bottoms - Island Paradise EP


  • Top - Mother Russia - Store | Free
  • Bottoms - Late Night EP
  • Shoes - Supernatural EP



  • Charismatic
  • Commitment Issues
  • Flirty
  • Hot Headed
  • Schmoozer


  • World Renowned Surgeon

I promised this ages ago, why did no one remind me? Anyway, this is the Lucky Palms version of Don, but he’s been aged down to an adult.


Amos and Cedric.

20 years old. Were off hiking when it all took place. Watched the blast from the mountains and returned on a mission to take back their home town.


Ambitious | Artistic | Slob | Schmoozer | Mooch

Turn ons; Red hair & Creativity - Turn off; Cologne


Neurotic | Loves the heat | Good | Workaholic | Daredevil

Turn ons; Hard worker & Cooking - Turn off; Full face makeup

Razzle Sours, sim request by darksea-blue

Social Butterfly, Commitment Issues, Party Animal, Athletic, Schmoozer

Razzle is a CC free sim!

I used my defaults {both optional}

Clothing from the EPs you own

First male sim request and I am pretty proud of him. I was going for a jock like character, as you asked, and I think he fits the bill!

Please tag “Simblroonies” if you use him as I’d love to see the adventures he gets up to :)

Hope you like him!


Cricket Jones. Made in CAS, Young Adult Female.

Traits: Athletic, Hopeless Romantic, Lucky, Neat, Schmoozer.

Lifetime Wish: International Super Spy.

Custom Content: Hair // Eyeshadow // Eyeliner // Freckles // Contacts (n8) // Everyday Outfit // Shoes // Nails

TOU is to not change anything genetic. ie, feel free to change clothes and makeup but not facial structure, hair color, eye color, or skin color. Don’t claim her as your own. Exceptions are for making sim into a berry or supernatural. (Ask me though, chances are I would be okay with a minor change if you ask first!).

Tagging me “pocketfulofpixels” in posts with her would be cool too ;)

Download Cricket.