“Dennis’ Double Life” Defense & Explanations

In this post, I’ll attempt to explain/defend all of the controversial scenes in the Season 12 finale, “Dennis’ Double Life.” This write-up has helped me to appreciate the episode a lot better and it might help some people who have mixed feelings about the episode to view it in a different light.

NOTE: This is a mix of speculation and canon evidence.

Question 1: Why was Dennis a butt to Mac the entire episode, especially after he was so nice to him at the end of “The Gang Tends Bar”?

Answer 1: I will break this answer into three parts:

  • Part 1: I got the vibe that Mandy surprised Dennis with the visit, which explains why Dennis had mere seconds to tell the Gang to pretend that he was someone else. With the flesh-and-blood reality of Brian Jr. on his mind, I don’t think he had the mental energy to consider Mac at all. (In “The Gang Tends Bar,” Brian Jr. wasn’t there, so Dennis didn’t feel that immediate/strong pressure. Also, Dennis was emotionally vulnerable and available after having told the Gang about his “big feelings,” so he was able to react better to Mac)
  • Part 2: I’m not sure Dennis fully comprehends Mac’s feelings for him. I think he knows, to some degree, that Mac is attracted to him, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he sees Mac’s attraction to him as a kind of strange “hero worship.” Dennis verbally confirmed that Mac is gay in “Mac Day,” but he constantly acts weirded out or confused when Mac does/says something that shows that he has feelings for him. For example, in “Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs,” Dennis thought it was weird that Mac would name their dog Dennis Jr. That reaction, of course, mirrors Dennis’ reaction to Mac’s reveal that he perfectly recreated their old apartment. I don’t think he was trying to hurt Mac. He just flat out does not understand why Mac would go through all the trouble.
  • Dennis also doesn’t appear to understand his own feelings for Mac. He has asked Mac to “get off with him” (a “mostly sexual” manipulation game) and tried to get him to participate in a threesome with a male golf caddy in “Frank’s Back in Business,” admitted to Dee that he made his sex tapes for himself and Mac in “The Gang Group Dates,” stated that he has a thing with Mac where he picks out porn for them that he doesn’t want Charlie to join in on (“The Gang Spies Like U.S.”), and danced for Mac when he saw him avidly watching him in “PTSDee,” but he doesn’t see anything strange about this. It’s just par for the course in their relationship.
  • If Dennis has trouble seeing his own feelings, then like hell is he going to fully see Mac’s feelings. And if he can’t see Mac’s feelings, he can’t deal with them properly. 
  • Part 3: In the back of Dennis’ mind, he was seriously considering leaving the Gang and being a father to his son. He knows that leaving the Gang is going to hurt him, so he emotionally pushed them away. When the Gang becomes “lesser” in his mind, it doesn’t hurt as much to leave them.

Summary: Dennis was stressed the heck out about Brian Jr. and didn’t have the energy to deal with his relationship with Mac.

Question 2: Were Mac’s feelings for Dennis treated as a joke?

Answer 2: Not necessarily. Even though Dennis likes to act like he’s the smartest member of the Gang, Mac is clearly more aware and accepting of the nature of their relationship than Dennis is. Mac was 100% fine with them pretending to be a couple and raising Brian Jr. (with or without Mandy), not because he’s super desperate and lovesick, but because, no matter what they call their relationship (lovers, partners, pretend, friends), they’d still be together. Mac just loves being with Dennis and wants to help solve Dennis’ problem, so, of course, that would be his plan. (And it’s actually a good plan.)

It hurts the empathetic audience members to see Mac treated the way he is by Dennis, but it’s normal Dennis behavior that Mac has accepted. Mac has survived his internalized homophobia, his father’s dislike of him, his mother’s indifference to him, and the Gang’s occasional dislike of him. Mac is stronger than we think he is. And if he gets tired of Dennis, he definitely has the strength to walk away from their relationship relatively unscathed.

Summary: Mac was pretty much having fun playing a character (he even wanted his character’s name to be Griffin) and hanging out with Dennis and Dennis was stressed the hell out about Brian Jr.

Question 3: Charlie wanted to have sex? With The Waitress?

Answer 3: Yes. In “Charlie Has Cancer,” Charlie was visibly disappointed when he realized that he missed the chance to possibly have sex with The Waitress. In “Who Pooped the Bed?” a drunk Waitress stated that she would get drunker and bang a random dude and Charlie asked her if it could be him. In "The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang’s Revenge,” when a drunk Waitress told the Gang that she’d bang the next person who talked to her, Charlie opened his mouth and stepped forward, but Schmitty came out of nowhere and The Waitress went home with him.

Summary: I know some people headcanon Charlie as ace and/or sex-repulsed (I personally headcanon him as gray ace) and that’s fine, but Charlie has expressed interest in having sex with The Waitress in the show.

Question 4: Why did the Waitress have sex with Charlie?

Answer 4: Surprisingly, the possibility of that happening was set up in a previous episode. In "Charlie and Dee Find Love,” (which was written by RCG) the Waitress reacted in an arguably jealous manner towards Charlie’s then-girlfriend Ruby (“Who the hell is this, Charlie?!”). Also, at the end of the episode, the Waitress told Charlie that she needed him in her life and that she was thinking about reducing his restraining order. Admittedly, the Waitress’ strange behavior was after Frank accidentally put rat poison in her shampoo (which made her sick) and hit her with his car (which put her in a hospital), so she could have some kind of permanent brain damage.

In the beginning of the show, the Waitress wasn’t attracted to Charlie, but was concerned about his well-being sometimes. (In "The Gang Gives Back,” she tried to help Charlie with his alcoholism) It’s possible that after “Charlie and Dee Find Love,” the Waitress’ view of Charlie started to change. As the years went on, the Waitress’ problems started to get worse and worse, and, like Cricket (her male counterpart), she still found herself continually drawn to the Gang. Even though she still thinks Charlie’s a mess, a part of her might think that he’s all that she has left. (And that might, sadly, be true) And, if Charlie can help her to fulfill her dream of having a baby, maybe things can get better for her.

Something I noticed as well is that the Waitress never said she loved Charlie back. It’s possible that she still doesn’t love Charlie and never will, but sees him simply as a partner that can help her to take care of her child. (Also, in order to get Frank’s money, she needs to be partnered with Charlie)

Question 5: What’s the deal with The Waitress acting the way she did after having sex with Charlie?

Answer 5: We don’t know that much about The Waitress, but we do know that she sometimes does/thinks weird stuff like the rest of the Gang. (In "Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom,” The Waitress slept with Frank, a man she’s not attracted to at all, in an attempt to get back at Dennis because she thought he was cheating on her with older women. In “Charlie and Dee Find Love,” it’s hinted at that The Waitress might be stalking Dennis because she has his phone number even though he changed it. In “The Gang Group Dates,” after years of Dennis’ mistreatment of her, The Waitress was still excited about possibly being Dennis’ girlfriend.) Also, even though she was kind of aggressive towards Charlie, all of her points were valid, some of Charlie’s responses were dumb, and her dislike of Charlie is totally understandable.

Question 6: What’s the deal with Charlie freaking out after finally getting The Waitress’ attention?

Answer 6: Surprisingly, the possibility of that happening was set up in a previous episode. In Season 9’s "Flowers for Charlie,” Frank paid The Waitress to hang out with Charlie because he was getting worried about him after he started taking “intelligence” pills for an experiment. When the Waitress began talking about her life, Charlie immediately started getting annoyed, started hearing a ringing in his head, and had to leave. We found out at the end of the episode that these pills were placebos. Basically, this was a strong hint that Charlie might be in love with the idea of The Waitress, not the actual person. So, even though he has been stalking The Waitress for 15 years, he might not really want to be with the real her. (The fact that he thought of The Waitress’ negative reactions as a “game between them” is another hint, of course)

Also, even though Charlie fantasized about raising multiple children with The Waitress in “The Gang Saves the Day” (which aired before “Flowers for Charlie”), it was still a fantasy. Charlie might fantasize about having a nice house, a wife, and children, but he still likes living in his unfancy and dangerous apartment and doesn’t handle stress well. There are huge conflicts that he doesn’t see.

Also, keep in mind that he came up with the plan only a few hours earlier and he mentioned that he wanted to get The Waitress pregnant so she would be tied to him for life. (clearly no thought about the actual baby and being a father)

So, with Charlie being Charlie and the reality of the situation crashing on him, he is starting to freak out.

Summary: Charlie freaking out is 100% in character.

Question 7: Why was Charlie a butt to Dee after having sex with The Waitress?

Answer 7: Charlie is an idiot and a misogynist, so he projected his issues with women and The Waitress onto Dee. Also, as Charlie mentioned, Dee possibly tried to have sex with him an additional time after “The Gang Misses the Boat” and he didn’t want that to happen again that night. So, overly-stressed and tired Charlie absentmindedly begged Dee not to be a whore numerous times before immediately falling asleep on top of her because even though he has issues with women, he feels comfortable with Dee.

Summary: Charlie and Dee’s relationship in a nutshell.

Question 8: Why did Dennis want to leave the Gang to take care of Brian Jr.?

Answer 8: I get the vibe that this might have been the first time that Dennis actually held Brian Jr. (or he hasn’t held him in a while?). Holding the child made him really understand that he is a living, breathing being he created and not just an obstacle to overcome to get back to his usual life. And then the child knew who he was, which made everything feel even more heavy. This is the first time in Dennis’ life that he’s been responsible for someone other than himself. He knows that if he stays with the Gang, he’ll feel guilty for whatever happens to the child. He’ll feel guilty that the child knew who he was but couldn’t see him. And the fact that the Gang doesn’t comprehend this at all (Mac, for example, excitedly told him “The plan worked!”) pushed him even further away from them and towards his child.

Question 9: Why didn’t the Gang seem to care when Dennis left?

Answer 9: The Gang has a great track record of unusual responses to deaths and departures.

In “Dennis and Dee’s Mom Is Dead,” Dennis reacted to his mother’s death by partying/hazing guys in his mom’s house and Dee and Frank seriously considered grave robbing her. In "The Gang Gets a New Member,” Mac and Dennis had no problem kicking Charlie out of the Gang and replacing him with Schmitty. In "The Gang Beats Boggs,” Mac’s only response to a drunk Dennis spontaneously leaving their plane was to write the number of beers he consumed on his forehead. In "The Gang Misses the Boat,” the Gang “broke up,” yet everyone just spent the episode doing their own thing. In "Frank Retires,” the rest of the Gang started cheering and clapping after Frank declared that he would be retiring from the Gang. I could go on and on, but you get the point.

It’s very likely that the rest of the Gang is still in shock/denial about Dennis leaving and they are expecting him to come back soon like everyone always does.

Since the highlight of the night was firing Dennis’ RPG, they decided to not let Dennis’ departure stop them. (It also doubled as a nice, fiery distraction)

As for blowing up the Range Rover? They think Dennis intentionally left it and it’s the perfect target to take out any frustrations they had/have with Dennis. (This is also one of the reasons Mac, who gave Dennis his cherished RPG, is the one blowing up the Range Rover, one of Dennis’ most prized possessions)

When Dennis comes back, they can excitedly tell him that they blew up the Range Rover and it was awesome.

Question 10: Why did Dennis leave the Range Rover?

Answer 10: Dennis wants to take care of his child, which is a good thing, but he is clearly going through a crisis and is not thinking clearly. He mentally/emotionally disconnected himself from the Gang (notice that he said “The bar’s done” and turned off the lights even though the rest of the Gang is still there and can run the bar) and left everything that reminds him of the Gang behind (which explains why the Range Rover is still there). He did not even think about packing, called a taxi, and headed straight to the airport to fly to Mandy and Brian Jr.’s location. This is one of the reasons the ending feels so “off.” It mirrors Dennis’ mindset.

Question 11: Why did Dennis name his child after Brian Lefevre?

Answer 11: This was probably Mandy’s idea and Dennis went along with it because he couldn’t think of anything else. He also probably wasn’t in the right headspace to complain since he wasn’t ready to have a child.

It’s Always Sunny asks

Frank- What’s your biggest regret?

Denis- How do you want to be remembered?

Dee- How bird like are your features?

Charlie- What is your strangest habit?

Mac- What is the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?

Waitress - How does it feel to be photographed?

Artemis - How often do you kink shame?

Maureen Ponderosa - Was middle school your peak?

The McPoyles’- Who do you dispose your garbage on?

Schmitty - What is your legacy?

Fatty Magoo - How would you describe yourself in 6 words?

Mac’s Mom - Do you smoke purely because you want to die?

Charlie’s Mom- Do you break the law just to feel something?

Country Mac- Are you the gay cousin?

The Nightman Cometh - describe any play you were in as a child as if it were an adult fetish production

Charlie Work - Do you  exist or do you live?

Dennis and Dee go on Welfare- What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done for money?

Hundred Dollar Baby- What’s the worst thing you’ve ever cheated on to win?

Who Pooped the Bed - When was the last time you defecated in your bed either on accident or on purpose?

The World Series defense- Have you ever acquired tickets to something illegal? 

Mac Fights Gay Marriage- Are you dangerously stubborn? 

The Gang Goes to Jersey Shore - Looking back, was your childhood a disaster?

Frank Reynolds’ Little Beauties- Do you think child beauty pageants promote pedophilia?

Chardee Macdennis: Game of Games- What’s the worst thing you’re ever done on a dare?

High School reunion Pt. 1- What was the worst phase in your life?

High School reunion Pt. 2- What was the best phase in your life?

The Gang gets Analyzed- What’s the most upsetting true thing that has ever been said about you?

Reynolds vs Reynolds- The Cereal Defense: What do scientists really spend there time doing and can we trust them?

The Gang Broke Dee- When did you last cry in front of another person?

The Gang Saves the Day - How do you want to die?

The Gang Group Dates- Describe the worst date you’ve ever been on

The Gang Goes on Family Fight- Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?

The D.E.N.N.I.S. System - If you could abolish one piece of modern technology, what would it be and why?

Flowers for Charlie - What’s the lowest test score you’ve ever gotten?

The Gang Dances Their Asses Off-  When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush?

The Gang Gets Held Hostage - Whose death would you find most disturbing?

The Gang Gets Quarantined - How tempted are you to drink bleach?

 Frank’s Pretty Woman- What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve masturbated to?

 Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad  - What are some of the morals you live by?

 The Gang Squashes Their Beefs - How many people do you have blocked?

Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult-  describe a cult you would create

Title: Switched 

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: 3 of 20 imagines I’m posting this month, all were requested. Lemme know what you think!   

Word Count: 870

The blood splattered as your fist connected with her nose. She dropped to the ice in a heap as a linesman dragged you towards the tunnel of your dressing room. A few short minutes and your first fight, and hopefully your last, was over. Even though your opponent likely had a broken nose, you hadn’t fared much better. Taking in your reflection, you noticed the beginning stages of bruising already popping up under your skin. You headed to the showers, stripping off your gear along the way.

That psycho. She had always played like a maniac, but you had never needed to stand up for yourself or a teammate by dropping the gloves. She always played rough, snuck whacks to the back of your legs when the ref’s back was turned, trips, dives, rude comments. Tonight she had gone too far. With 3 minutes left she had boarded your team’s best forward, and your best friend. Before you could stop yourself, you had flung your gloves to the ice, grabbing the collar of her jersey. She had managed to get a few decent punches in, but you had come out on top. You didn’t necessarily like fighting, but knowing you stuck up for your teammate was worth the bruising.

You changed slowly, most of the girls having left the locker room by the time you headed into the lobby. As soon as you exited the door you were pulled into a suffocating hug by your boyfriend, Tom.

“Shit, baby, are you alright?” he asked disentangling himself from you, gently grabbing your face, tilting it up into the light to get a better view.

“(Y/N), that was fucking insane! I’ve never seen you like that.” Andre said excitedly. “I will never complain about your choice of movie or restaurant ever again.”

“Andre, this isn’t a joke!” Tom said angrily, turning to his friend.

“Tom, I’m okay.” you said, reaching up and pulling Tom’s hands from your face.

“Okay? You’re okay? Look at your knuckles. Your lip is split open and it looks like you’re going to have a hell of a shiner on your right eye.”

“Yeah, but at least it wasn’t her nose that got obliterated.” Nate added, shrugging. “That other girl’s blood sprayed all over the ice.”

“Don’t tell me that Schmitty, I feel bad enough about it already.” you groaned.

“Don’t feel bad, she had it coming.” Andre chimed in. “What she did was cheap; you did what you felt you had to do.”

“She didn’t have to fight her.” Tom said, cutting a look to the other boys.

“Whatever, man.” Nate sighed. “Give him a few pointers, eh (Y/N)? We’ll see you later.” he finished, patting your arm in support before turning and heading towards the door of the arena.

“Rub some coconut oil on the lip and you’ll be fine.” Andre added, following Nate. “See you guys later!” he yelled over his shoulder.

“Baby, I can’t believe you did that.” Tom chided when the boys were out of earshot. “She landed a couple decent shots on you. Then it took you forever coming out of the locker room. I was really worried.” he rambled, his blue eyes filled with concern as he took in every detail of your face.

“That’s rich, coming from you.” you said, rolling your eyes.

“Yeah, but that’s my job.”

“And that nut could’ve kill my best friend.” you said defensively. “I wasn’t going to let her get away with that.”

“I just don’t like to see you hurt or in pain.” Tom said with sigh. “We have ice packs for the eye. I can bandage you knuckles. Do you have something we can put on your lip?” he asked, running his thumb lightly over your bottom lip.

You hissed, jerking away when his thumb hit the cut. “Shit, babe, that hurts.”

“Of course it hurts, you got slugged in the face.” he replied, as he continued to study your face. You stood in silence for a few minutes, Tom looking at the bruises on your knuckles. “Fuck, do know who I sound like right now?” he asked, his eyes growing wide as he looked up at you.


“I sound like you.” he said with a dry chuckle. “Holy shit, this is what you do to me every time I come home after a fight.” he said, realization crossing his face. “I always thought you were trying to baby me, that you thought I couldn’t take it.” he closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before continuing. “You were just trying to make sure I was okay.”

“Ding ding ding.” you murmured.

He stared at you a few moments, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. “You know, it was kinda cool watching your handle your business.” 


 “I mean, I’ll always protect you, but watching you… was pretty hot.” he admitted. “But don’t do it again, please?” he added seriously.

“I’ll try my best; as long as no one tries to decapitate one of my girls.”

“Understood.” he said with a nod. He leaned down, pressing the softest kiss your battered lip. “Let’s get you home and fixed up, yeah?”

“Yeah.” you agreed, slipping your hand into his.

HockeyWritingCollective Masterlist (X)

20 Day Challenge Queue (X)

Request: Can you please do a Tom Wilson on where he is dating a female hockey player and he goes to one of her games with some of the guys and she gets into her first fight?

iasip rocky horror au

me, @thedirtgrub, and @macwhosarat came up with these over various car rides to various places while listening to rhps

Frank: Dennis
Rocky: Mac
Brad: Charlie
Janet: Waitress (would’ve been Dee but then she’d have to do stuff with Dennis and that’s gross lmao)
Columbia: Dee
Magenta: Artemis
Riff Raff: Cricket
Dr Scott: Frank
Eddie: Schmitty
The criminologist: The Lawyer

We would love any suggestions on how to make this AU better! Eventually we’re gonna draw it but we need to solidify the characters first

Title: Trust Me

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: This is my first piece. All feedback is welcome. (Especially it’s constructive!)

Word Count: 1,601

The slamming of a car door woke you. You looked at the clock, 2:00am. You had fallen asleep on the couch, waiting for Tom to get back from the Capitals latest road trip to the West Coast. The book you had been reading fell to the ground as you shrugged off the blanket you had draped over you. You stood up and made your way to the front door, turning the lock and pulling the door open before Tom had a chance to grab his keys out of his pocket.

“Hey.” he smiled as you moved to the side, allowing him to pass into the house. He stepped inside, slipping his bag off his shoulder and onto the ground as he stepped closer to you, wrapping his arms around you. “Missed you.” he mumbled into your hair.

“I missed you.” you yawned, pulling away slightly as your rose onto your toes to press a kiss to his lips.

“You waited up for me?” he asked, as he let go of you, stooping down to pick up his bag. He slung it over his shoulder as he slowly began walking towards the bedroom. “I wasn’t sure if you’d be home.”

“Babe, you know how boring I am. I haven’t stayed out until 2 in the morning in a long time. Especially if I’m not with you.” you laughed, following behind him.

“I dunno, you didn’t answer your phone earlier.” He said as he started walking up the stairs toward the bedroom.

You followed after him.. “Psh, yeah. I had a wild night. A frozen pizza and then a hot date with Harry Potter.” You said with a laugh. “Sorry I didn’t answer, I fell asleep.”

He turned into the bedroom, walking into the closet and dropping his bag. You watched as he slid his suit jacket off and hung it on a hook in the closet. He started loosening his tie as you turned into the bathroom to brush your teeth. You turned the sink on, pulling your tooth brush out of the holder. You glanced into the bedroom and watched as Tom slipped out of the rest of his suit before sitting down on the bed in just his boxers and undershirt. He slumped forward as he propped his elbows on his knees, his face in his hands. Once you had finished brushing your teeth, you turned the bathroom light off and walked towards your side of the bed. Tom was being unusually silent; before you reached it, Tom spoke.

“(Y/N)” he mumbled through his hands, not looking up. “Are you cheating on me?” he whispered.

You stopped in your tracks. You knew there had been something on his mind, but you certainly hadn’t expected this.

“What?” You gasped. Anger rushed through you, how could Tom think you would do that to him? You studied him for a moment, his eyes hidden behind his hands, his frame hunched over. You had never seen Tom like this before. He was usually so self-assured, confident. Looking at him now he looked so scared and vulnerable. You walked over to his crestfallen frame, stopping and looking at him for a moment more before you knelt in front of him, taking a deep breath to calm your anger as you pulled his hands from his face, holding them in your own.

“Tom, no. I’m not cheating on you and I never have.” You said. Not letting go of his hands you moved to sit beside him on the bed. The mattress curved slightly under your weight, your body leaning into his. When Tom didn’t respond you continued. “I wouldn’t do that to you. Ever… Did - did I do something to make you think I was cheating on you?” You asked worriedly.

He avoided looking at you, his eyes finding a spot on the wall above your head as he took a deep breath. “I’m just never here. I’m not around. I’m crossing the country 8 to 10 months a year. Road trips, tournaments, training… I’m not here to give you what you need.” he said, his voice shaking.

“Tom, I knew what I was getting into when we started dating. I knew you wouldn’t be around as much as I wish you could be but I understa-” He cut you off, finally turning to look at you, pulling his hands out of yours.

“Exactly! I’m not giving you anything you need in this relationship.” He barked, throwing his hands in the air in frustration. “You could find someone better than me. Maybe you already have.” his voice rising as he finished his sentence, his head falling back into his hands.

You could feel the tears welling up in your eyes. You were angry, furious. “I haven’t found anyone else, Tom. How could you think I would ever do that to you?” you blinked hard as your voice broke, the tears starting to fall hot and hard down your face. “Fuck.” You muttered, angrily wiping the tears away with the back of your hand as you rose to your feet, walking towards the doorway.

“How do I know what you’re up to when I’m gone? You didn’t answer your phone when I called you earlier.” Tom continued.

You turned to face him. “One missed phone call? That’s what brought all this on? And you know damn well what I’m doing when you’re gone. I have a full-time job, I volunteer with the girls, I, no -” You ran you hand through your hair. “I shouldn’t have to defend myself. You know me, Tom. You’ve known me for the past 12 years. The fact that you think I would ever do that to you makes me sick.” You muttered before turning into the closet to grab a spare blanket. As you turned the doorknob to your bedroom, preparing to go sleep in the guest bedroom, you heard a dry sob escape his lips. You turned to look at him; he stood up and slowly walked over to you, his eyes red and puffy.

“I know you’re not cheating on me. Fuck, (Y/N). I’m sorry. There’s just been a lot of shit happening in the locker room and -” his voice drifted off as he saw you close your eyes, trying to regain composure. You opened them slowly, looking at the pain on your boyfriend’s face.

“So because ‘shit is happening’ in the locker room I get accused of cheating?” you ask as calmly as you’re able, crossing your arms.

“Schmitty came home from the last road trip to find his girl with another guy. She went on tirade about how he’s never there for her, how there are a million guys who she could be with whenever she needed them. And the thing is, she’s right. She could find another guy - she did find another guy. Just like you could.” He took a deep breath before continuing. “You could go to the grocery store tomorrow and find a guy that works a 9-5 and could be home with you every night. You could go the movies and find a guy who would have time to take you those couples dance classes you always ask me to take you to. You could go the coffee shop and find a guy with a degree, who does yoga, who -”

“Tommy, stop.” You said as you closed the space between you, tossing the spare blanket onto the dresser before lightly grabbing his arm and walking him back over to the bed, both taking a seat on the edge.

“I’m sorry that happened to Nate. That’s really shitty.”

“Yeah, and it just made me realize how easy it would be for you to find someone else.” He said.

“Tom you know I think about this too, right? It’s not like you don’t already have a girls throwing themselves at you… We spend so much time apart; you could do anything you wanted on the road.” It hurt to think about what Tom could be doing on the road. All the insecurities you tried so hard to hide or suppress were springing to the forefront of you mind.

“Babe, I don’t –“

“I know you don’t Tom. I know you don’t because I trust you. And I wouldn’t find someone else out there, there’s no one else out there for me. You’re it. I need you to trust me.” You whispered as you leaned over, entwining your fingers, resting your forehead against his own. “Please, just trust me.”

“God (Y/N), I do trust you.” Tom said, looking into your eyes. He brought his hand to your cheek, caressing it softly before pressing his lips to yours. “Everything that’s been stressing me out for the past few weeks just came to a head and I took it out on you. I’m sorry, baby.” He said, his forehead still resting on yours as he drew you in for another slow kiss. “Please forgive me?” he questioned quietly as he pulled away, sitting up straighter on the bed.

“Of course, I forgive you. If you ever feel that stressed again, just talk to me about it, yeah? We’ll figure it out together. I love you.” You said standing up and walking over to your side of the bed and slipping under the covers. Tom did the same, flicking the lights off before wrapping his arm around you, pulling you closer to his warm body. You rested your head on his chest, his chin on top of your head, your legs tangled with his.

“I love you, too, (Y/N). You’re more than I deserve.”

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gerame  asked:

hello i am here to ask for your gerame hcs please tell me how you interpret their relationship 🙏

[cracks knuckles] Okedoke here we go

Historical Context: They first meet while they are both trying to fashion themselves as powerful imperial nations a la “Sun Never Sets Britain”. America is already familiar with the people of his land since his earliest years, notably learning under a Prussian military officer in his Revolution and welcoming many German peoples into his fold as immigrants over the years. Germany has a deep admiration for America’s idealism and practicality, but finds himself butting heads with his arrogance. Of course America is not willing to budge on matters of self-interest so he’s less than thrilled with the idea of a novice nation encroaching on “his” turf. Basically, despite being otherwise pretty cool with each other, their rivalry influences how they see each other for ages.

Their rivalry reaches a boiling point with the World Wars and the Allied victory brings with it the beginning of another war, the Cold War, and a fresh start to America and Germany’s relationship. America believes in a second chance for Germany, an idealistic but very much tactical gesture. There’s always a catch with that boy… But sure enough, over time, a more genuine friendship forms. They find in working together they have more similarities than differences after all and they find they are always learning something from the other.

tldr; Rivals to lovers, slow burn


  • Germany lives by the motto “Work hard, play harder, in that order.” While he values discipline and hard work, he values his free time even more so. On the other hand, America is the one working on vacation all the time, so Germany has to intervene for his own good.
  • Germany’s humor tends to use a lot of deadpan and tongue-in-cheek. America’s humor is mostly comprised of dick jokes. In spite of their appreciation of subtlety, they’re essentially very childish and can’t resist laughing at a dirty joke.
  • Both of them dress like dads. And they are dads. To two GSDs, a Golden Retriever, a Leonberger, and an American Shorthair cat.
  • They love history of all sorts and are constantly sending each other articles about the subject that they found interesting and memes. So many historical memes.
  • Before Germany allowed America to call him by his first name Ludwig, America took it upon himself to call him every possible bastardization of his last name Beilschmidt; Schmidts, Schmitty, Schmitzel With Noodles, Bro-Schmidt, BAE-lschmidt, Big B, Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, etc. Germany couldn’t take it after too long and practically begged him to just call him Ludwig.

tldr; big, dorky, dog-loving history nerds who live to make each other smile

anonymous asked:

kiss kiss bang bang is one of my favourites!! talk away adrian please do !!


okay so charlie is just… this downtrodden perennially-unlucky guy who for some reason keeps trying to do the right thing even though nothing in his life has ever gone well? and one december night the robbery he’s attempting goes sideways and his partner schmitty gets shot…. and through a series of freak coincidences charlie ends up KILLING an audition for the lead in some new hollywood detective/cop movie so he gets flown out to los angeles for studying and screen-testing

and the studio wants charlie to get some actual fieldwork so they pair him up with an actual detective…. who is, of course, “gay rich mac” mac mcdonald, sporting a smart mouth and smarter clothes. he doesn’t like being taken at anything less or more than face value (decades of institutional and internalized homophobia does that to a guy), but somewhere under all the sarcasm and machismo and general bluster there’s a big soft sweetheart who maaaaaaybe likes charlie a little more than he intended to.

hijinks ensue!!! and it’s not long into said hijinks before charlie bumps into dee, his childhood best friend who skipped town at 16 to come to LA and become an actress. her luck hasn’t been much better than charlie’s has, but they reconnect anyway– which comes in handy when, not 2 days later, dee’s twin brother dennis shows up out of nowhere dead in a motel room. MORE HIJINKS!!!!!!

through this entire twisted fucked-up journey that includes charlie losing a finger and making out with mac to hide the fact that dennis’ body is in mac’s trunk, mysterious actor and benefactor frank reynolds keeps showing up. could he possibly be related to mac’s case or dennis’ suicide?????? this is pretty much a shot-for-shot parallel of kiss kiss bang bang so of fucking course he is!!!!!!!

anyways that’s all i have. except also charliemac is endgame here because harry and perry ended up living together in the original movie while harmony was nowhere to be seen. ALSO ALSO liam and ryan mcpoyle are the two guys who intimidate harry and rip his finger off at the weird sex performance art christmas party