Here is all we know about The Pepperwood Chronicles

Dedication: “To Anthony Rizzo and the Chicago Cubs, for all we’ve been through. And to my friend Jessica Day for the same thing.” (6x01)

Forward: "Best enjoyed with shrimp cocktail.” (6x03)

Direct Quotes and Excerpts:

  • “Julius Pepperwood loved three things in his life… "his gumbo…his sex, and more of that sweet gumbo. Her legs were as long as the deep….” (6x12)
  • “The sun baked down on Pepperwood’s back as he moved over to the St. Charles streetcar. The driver handed him a brown paper sack. Without opening it, Pepperwood knew what was inside: blood-soaked beignets.” (6x15)
  • “Pepperwood lay on the ground - "in a puddle of blood. "Jessica Night broke through the barricades and ran to his side. ”‘Even though he doesn’t have muscles, “he seems incredibly strong’ Jessica thought, "as she looked into his perfect, sexy face. "Even now, even covered "in the blood of the man they both knew as Schmith, "the two sat in silence in the hot, New Orleans night, "waiting for the words that would never come.” (6x22)


  • Julius Pepperwood
  • Jessica Night - the reason Pepperwood gets out of bed every morning (6x22)
  • Gator - Pepperwood’s best friend and clairvoyant brother (6x12)
  • Schmith - puppy kicking, dirt bag, villain (6x03)
    Jewish sociopath who wears a bolo tie and eats applesauce out of a baboon skull (6x22)
  • Bayou Sue - possible letter sender (6x18)
  • Lady Diamante -involved in underwear incident (6x18)
  • Gay dog - (6x18)


  • "A hard-boiled Chicago cop turned New Orleans detective, racing around on fan-boats, drowning that two-faced DA in a bucket of jambalaya. Finding John F. Kennedy… alive?” -Schmidt (6x03)
  • “New Orleans story about a guy fighting with the alligator within.” -Nick (6x18)
  • “Race. The sexualization of the American handgun. It’s a story about his ambiguous relationship with with justice.” -Nick (6x18)
  • “Pepperwood, he’s a private investigator It’s about a man who has nothing, who risks everything, to feel something.” -Jess (6x19)

Noted Scenes:

  • Highly graphic sexual shed scene (6x15)
  • Scene in the fish morgue (6x18)
  • Transcribed local news: ..”the irony that Pepperwood’s violent world is being translated into sound bites for mass consumption…” -Schmidt (6x03)
  • Dilemma at the fish market (6x19) (thanks @newgirl-videos)


  • “Ah-don’t.“ (6x12)
  • “Kill yourself.” (6x19)

About the Author: Link by @jessicadamnday

Random facts:

  • Fandom name: Pepper-heads (6x18)
  • Inspired Fanfic written by Robbie (6x03)
  • Intended for Blue-collar nautical workers on the coastline of Maine, enjoyed by young adults everywhere (6x18)

Did I miss anything???


Hannigram / Madancy AU

Buddy Wittenborn / Jørgen Haagen Schmith (Evening x Flamme et Citronen)

After he recovers from the car accident Buddy Wittenborn moves to NY where he befriends a quiet Dane who is hesitant to reveal his real name. When Buddy pieces together that the man is in fact Jørgen Haagen Schmith, a renowned fighter in the Danish resitance, also known under his codename Citrone, he cannot understand why he would try to hide his identity.