schmidty is the best!

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So for the hs yearbook awards can you do the Caps ... sorry I'm really only a Capitals fan, don't really know any other teams 😅

lmao no worries if you’d said like the stars or something i would’ve struggled to just think of players. also i’m doing the 2016-17 roster for this.

1. best hair

the entire team would have an all-out fight over this one, but ultimately we have to give the shared trophy to both andre burakovsky and justin williams

2. cutest couple

ovi and nicky. hands down.

3. nicest smile

in a shocking turn of events, the winner is matt niskanen

4. most athletic

they’re all athletes so this is kind of hard lmao. but i’m gonna go with tom wilson cause that man is ripped

5. most dramatic

kuzy def he’s the most extra person i know

6. class clown

still kuzy lol. closely followed by mojo (suprisingly)

5. friendliest

it’s a tie between TJ Oshie and Karl Alzner

7. best hugs

andre burakovsky wants all of the hugs all the time. ovi also gives good hugs but they’re close to crushing your bones

8. best dressed

braden holtby. there is no contest

9. biggest flirt

also andre burakovsky. he just wants love

10. best bromance

burky & willy and schmidty & holts put up a good fight but john and karl are still the kings

11. most changed

tom wilson. definitely from a game standpoint.

12. most dateable

i gave this one a lot of thought but probably either andre or TJ

13. most outspoken


14. most likely to succeed

kuzy. the kid’s going places

15. most likely to end up in jail

probably an early-era ovi lol

16. most likely to take over the world

nicklas backstrom will rule us all

17. most likely to become president/prime minister

this one’s tough. am i allowed to say jay beagle lmao

18. most likely to become famous

they’re all famous lol. but i’m giving this to ovi cause duh

19. best person to bring home to your parents

TJ. very put together and likeable, very respectful