schmidt is great

The entire class when I say anything remotely snarky/sarcastic to one of them.

Please fire me. One of my campers in our theater camp said she wanted less than 10 lines because she’s only 7. The part she got cast in gave her 5 lines. “THAT’S NOT ENOUGH LINES!” The tantrum lasted from 12:30 to 2:45. So the next afternoon we gave her a 2nd part with 2 more lines so now she has 7 lines. Then she had a 2nd tantrum that lasted from 1:15 until 3:15 “NOW I HAVE TOO MANY LINES!” When we offered her 6 lines by asking one of the other campers in the cast to take one of her lines, she cried and cried and cried until her dad picked her up. Her dad yelled at me for not catering to requests, even though I had no say in casting and no say in the script our director chose.

This is called “The Invisible Friend pt 1; when Faith finds all of Mike’s old things and the memories they’ve shared comes flooding back. Faith realizes how desperately lonely she is being a ghost and  wishes that someone (even Mike) could see her; but Faith knows that it is in Mike’s best interest that he doesn’t remember her, even if it means spending the rest of her afterlife alone and friendless. 

Im kinda upset the ask was deleted but whatever. No point in crying over spilt milk.

The ask basically said “sure, will hear your headcanons for the fnaf security guards.”

Ok, well. Let’s start with the well known Mike Schmidt.

I was never great with designs and stuck with rebornica’s design for a bit. But then i thought “might be better if i just did my own shit.” So this mike design came to be.

typical guy. my mike seems like aa guy who is in college and just needs money to pay off student loans. He is a laid back guy. pretty soft spoken. I kinda hear him with a deep voice. Honestly, he seems like he isnt afraid of anything but he is actually really jittery and nervous.

Next we got Jeremy Fitgerald and Fritz Smith.

Fritz is a big buff woman. I ended using this design as a character in my webcomic. Her name is still Fritz but she has no last name. I kinda got her design as I fell out of the fandom for a while. She is a big hearted woman. Good lord, i want her to break my spine. She really isn’t startled easily.

Jeremy is hispanic. He literally got the job to pay house rent. He didn’t expect to be shitting himself throughout the night. I really feel he wants to get moved to the day job.

Now we have the god damn fnaf 3 security guard. I gave her a redesign.

her name is Patricia. To describe her, she is a big fucking nerd. She got that job because she really loved the storied of the old freddy’s pizza place. Plus she loves horror esq stuff. She is rambunctious. She is quite young, in her early 20′s. I’m honestly in love with this new design. It looks so much better then the last.

And now we have the fnaf 4 kid. I named him Joel.

He has anxiety issues and honestly hates being alone. He has a strong hate for foxy because of his brother. He carries that golden freddy plush around for comfort. He gets scared very easily.

Ye, these are just my headcanons for the main protagonists in the game. Probably not the most detailed. But i tried. - Mod Ink