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True American
“The actual fuck are you watchin’?” Looking up from your spot on the couch, you spotted your roommate Niall at the door, his friend Mikey trailing behind.   Niall had promised that he wouldn’t be home for the rest of the day so you decided you weren’t going to change. Curled up in a pair of an ex’s boxers and an old football jersey, you had spent a good 6 hours watching Netflix and eating all the junk food Niall had stocked up on.  

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This Sumner landmark on the corner of Main St and Valley Ave is going out of business. The Sumner Food Center has been around forever, and people my age who are from the area still call it Joe’s Market even though it never had a Joe’s Market sign. I believe Joe owned it at one time WAY WAY back in the day and the name just stuck. When someone mentioned the Sumner Food Center was closing I actually had to think for a minute even though I have driven or walked by that store one gazillion times in my lifetime (it’s across the street from the high school and the only supermarket in town–not to mention the “new” Starbucks). It’s a total eyesore, so hopefully something good will happen on this corner. But it was a historical eyesore, so it’s sad to see a bit of local history go. I mean, where will the stoners hang out now?