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"LOUIS Tomlinson’s girlfriend Eleanor Calder is thought to be back in the UK, just days before the One Direction star is due in court." "Eleanor was thought to have been by Louis’ side following the incident but now fans think the fashion blogger has come back to her home in the UK. The speculation started after one of Eleanor’s closest friends Alana Schmeling posted a picture of Eleanor’s dog Bruce on Instagram." - The Sun. Ummmmm Eleanor got papped at LAX and outside her house in London i????

The Sun invented alternative facts before any of us even heard of KellyAnne Conway’s existence so let’s just say I’m not surprised

Boxer Max Schmeling with his unit of paratroopers during the Second World War. Schmeling had been a champion boxer, most famously beating Joe Louis  in 1936 – a victory that was used by Nazi leaders to promote their ideas about racial hierarchy. Schmeling lost a rematch to Louis two years later, and later sheltered Jews during Kristallnacht. He believed that his military assignment (parachuting into the Battle of Crete) was a punishment by displeased German leaders.


- NOV 01 2017

- NOV 02 2017
Vienna, Austria

- NOV 04 2017
Royal Arena
Copenhagen, Denmark

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Oslo, Norway

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Stockholm, Sweden

- NOV 08 2017
Samsung Hall
Zurich, Switzerland

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Arena Geneva
Geneva, Switzerland

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Munich, Germany
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Budapest, Hungary

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O2 Arena
Prague, Czech Republic

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Berlin, Germany

- NOV 18 2017
Mitsubishi Electric Halle
Dusseldorf, Germany

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- NOV 21 2017
Ziggo Dome
Amsterdam, Netherlands

- NOV 22 2017
Forest National
Brussels, Belgium

- NOV 24 2017
Paris, France

- NOV 27 2017
Brighton Centre
Brighton, UK

- NOV 29 2017
The SSE Hydro
Glasgow, UK

- DEC 01 2017
Manchester Arena
Manchester, UK

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Barclaycard Arena
Birmingham, UK

- DEC 04 2017
The O2 Arena
London, UK.
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One evening after Hitler had retired, Max Schmeling, Speer, Goebbels and Ilse Braun settled down to a game of cards; some of them were smoking. On the Führer’s unexpected reappearance, the cigarettes vanished. Ilse Braun dropped hers, still burning, into an ashtray and sat on it. This did not go unnoticed by Hitler who went and stood beside her and asked her to explain in detail the rules of the game they were playing. Then he left. The next morning Eva Braun asked her sister “how the blisters on her bum” were getting on.
—  as told to Werner Maser by Ilse Braun in Hitler: Legend, Myth & Reality.