Long story:

When I got Ginger and realized she was definitely traumatized by everything – her prior home, being handled by strangers, being relocated, her new home – I decided to make the environment as calm and soothing as possible for her. I knew Persey’s favorite music, so I played that for Ginger (Coldplay’s Parachutes, Sufjan’s All Delighted People, The National’s High Violet). She seemed to start to chill over the next few days, she would move around some when music was on (especially ADP). Then Psychic Temple III came out! AND SHE LOVED IT. The first time she ever came out of the kitchen on her own was while that was on. So, needless to say, I listened to Psychic Temple III nonstop for like a month to get this rabbit to hang out because if the music wasn’t on, she would just sit in her tray. Finally she started to lay down out in the open instead of just hiding under the bed! This whole time, Celia was in heaven because apparently Psychic Temple III is guinea pig opium, and she would be all blorped out all the time. I tweeted this and Chris Schlarb and Ed at AKR both asked me wtf blorp is. I sent them a grainy, zoomed-in photo of Celia flattened out like a pancake (I didn’t want to get up and have her move) to explain. They thought it was hilarious. Then one day, Psychic Temple III was once again on and I was laying in bed reading, and I looked up to see GINGER BLORP FOR THE FIRST TIME! I snapped a photo as quietly as possible. I told Chris she blorped finally, there was rejoicing! There was hand clapping! Ginger blorped thanks to Chris and his super soothing album! We were all pretty stoked. Ginger continued to blorp to his music and then to more music and then even when music wasn’t playing! I made a Psychic Temple “Blorp” album cover of Ginger’s first blorp. Everyone at AKR loved it, we laughed a lot, and history was made.

So, Psychic Temple III was Chris’ last album with Asthmatic Kitty. I wondered why for a while, then found out he was planning on opening his own studio. The studio is officially open and Psychic Temple “BLORP” will be displayed and Ginger is a wholly happy house rabbit no matter what I’m listening to.

Rabbits are sacred.